SamRothLuver's Reading List

  • Love has No Boundaries (Teacher/ Student Love Story) COMPLETED
    1.3M 22.9K

    WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT R(Rated) For those 18 or Older. Thank you When your gym coach is an asshole to you, singles you out, and makes it apparent to catch every one of your mistakes, what do you do? Now just imagine if he looked like a god, the perfect shaped and toned man for your wildest sexual fantasy, are you...

    Completed   Mature
    3.6M 19.5K

    High school is hard for most people and for Chloe Miller, this is no exception. She is forced to learn the perils of her choices the hard way and the result leads her to building a steel wall around herself that is impossible to crack. Eventually, her mother loses her job and Chloe is then forced to move in with her...

  • Stuck In Between Two Best Friends *Sequel To S.I.A.C.W.H*
    39K 753

  • Who Said I'm Innocent?
    • CaaBooKey
    • 27 Parts
    • Updated Mar 19, 2015 01:19AM
    1.3M 15.7K

    *****TAKEN DOWN! See first chapter***** Tori is as pure as they can get...She never had her first kiss...first boyfriend..or even her first date. So why is this 21 year beautiful college student still single? Why doesn't she want a boyfriend or a relationship? And what happens when she's finally forced into one? No...

  • I Fell In Love With My Stalker (Complete)
    51.8K 387

    This is my story "Some Call It Stalking" in John Green's point of view. This story is based on real life events so enjoy!

  • This Cinderella is a Player
    7.7M 78.2K

    Tiana moves to a new town with her wicked step-mother and evil step-sister Harriet. Call it a modern Cinderella story if you please...but was Cinderella a player? Tiana can wrap boys around her finger within minutes. What happens when she meets Blaze ; the smooth-talker, the heart-breaker and the biggest player in San...

  • One and Only
    6.9M 63.5K

    "I-I think I'm in love with you." My eyes widened and my breath caught as those words left his lips. It was my worst and most beautiful nightmare coming alive. But I couldn't, I just couldn't. "I-I can't, I'm sorry." I started running away, wiping the stray tears that betrayed me and leaked, with the palm of my han...

  • An Arranged Pregnancy with a Jerk
    1.8M 20.8K

    (Sequel to An Arranged Marriage to a Jerk) Allison and Connor are back, and they've been married for nearly a year now. Allison is just settling in to her college life and a new job at a vet clinic when her parents tell her the news: she's pregnant. Of course, she didn't know that. As if it wasn't bad enough that she...

  • My Sexy New Jerk of a Gym Teacher
    14.9M 196K

    I felt shivers and sparks from the contact of our skin. His lips on my neck were leaving a heated trail that created butterflies in my stomach. “I’m not letting you go that easily. You’re mine.” He whispered in my ear. ....His. Oh how I liked the sound of that. His. Forever? Oh god, I hope so. A life with him would be...

  • Wanted | Dangerous Love Book 1 [UNDER MAJOR EDITING]
    1.7M 20.8K

    THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING. PLEASE DO NOT READ IT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. THANK YOU! [Book 1 in the "Dangerous Love" Series!] Elle was a normal girl living a normal life. When her friend Alice asks Elle for a simple favour, she didn't expect to get kidnapped by a hot criminal! Jake is surprised to fi...

  • Biting Jasper
    3.1M 51.3K

    An ordinary life turned upside down as Adam comes back to a small town in Virginia. Jasper is just trying to live life despite his secret, but as it turns out, they both have a dark secret that makes them unique. The opposites collide, turning something pure evil into love and lust. These two individuals become someth...

  • Roommates
    8M 65.6K

    Rosalie Harness is a typical seventeen year old teenager, she goes to school, dates, parties and all other typical teenage things. But there is one thing which is not so typical, she got kicked out of her own house, by her own parents! Not because she is a rebel, far from that, simply because she existed. So when she...

  • Controlled *Being Updated*
    • RainySkky
    • 38 Parts
    • Updated Dec 19, 2015 04:34PM
    2.1M 31.5K

    Sophie Anderson is your normal teenager, going to a normal highschool, having great, supportive friends, and can't wait to graduate and go to college. With her mom always on business trips for a job that pays more than enough, Sophie is usually left to fend for herself. All she has is her dog, Naomi. Ricky is a murde...

  • Behind that Innocent Smile Lurks Fangs, Why can Only I See This?
    • MissMercy
    • 18 Parts
    • Updated Jun 11, 2011 08:15PM
    39.7K 436

    My new foster brother is not as innocent and perfect like he appears to be and he certainly doesn't act like a brother to me. Behind those sweet pink lips are a pair of sharp fangs and behind his electric blue eyes lurks the desire to not only drink human blood but somehow he decides that he has to have me. What the...

  • I Doubt I Will Survive Living With These Guys
    150K 1.4K

    Formerly "Living in a House Full of Guys...Will I Survive? I Highly Doubt It. Alexis Ryan's lives with her brother and his ten friends. Living with a house full of guys can be quite interesting. Especially when her brothers best friend starts showing interest. Will she survive living with these guys?

  • Being The Player (Being #2) rough draft. Warning-Many spelling and grammar mistakes
    3.3M 39.3K

    Daniel Willow is a player. He has been one since the beginning of freshman year. He played "The Game" that all boys at Morton High know the rules of. To put it short, the boys use the girls like tissues. The more girls you get the higher you get on the social ladder. None of the girls know about "The Game" until Kari...

  • Surviving the Andersen Brothers
    7.2M 88.8K

    My name is Jasmine Clark and my life is set for a drastic change when Social Services learn of the neglect my mother inflicted on me after my father's untimely demise. I am taken away from my home and sent to live with an old friend of my father's; James Andersen, his wife, Lilly, and their seven sons. Living in a hou...

  • Brutally Kissed
    1.7K 48

    When Lacy was only 14 her mother was shot to death. Now, 2 years later, Lacy is enjoying her Summer Break with the Wilson family, her new foster family. As summer goes on Lacy meets Archive. Archive is handsome and his uncle owns a private beach house on the beach. As Lacy gets surprisingly closer to Archive, she star...

  • Looking After the Harrison Boys {Old version!}
    • farttart
    • 14 Parts
    • Updated Dec 17, 2011 12:10PM
    783K 12.7K

    (Please don't read this one! A newer version will be uploaded sometime soon. But just to let you guys know, some of the events in this one may occur in the new one! :D) Amelia is broke - no not heart broken, actually money broke. After losing her only job, she is left with no money in her account and with the date...

  • I Want Mr Baker
    4.7M 25K

    Riley Spence starts another year of school. She goes back to school forgetting about what has happened over the past two years. She expects everything to be the same old boring school. But what happens when she falls for a new teacher? He's handsome, young, funny, smart and immediately connects with Riley. But Mr Ba...

  • Dangerous Love
    2.2M 37.6K

    Rose Montgomery, 18, is thrust into the dangerous life of gangs after she catches the eye of the most dangerous gang leader in Brooklyn, NY.

  • I Met Him in Jail.
    470K 5.1K

    "It was my future on the line," he shouted "what was I suppose to do!?" He ran his hands threw his hair desperately. He paced back and forth, he kept avoiding making any sort of eye contact. "What were you suppose to do?!" I charged at him, balling up my fist ready to land a nice one on his face. "Not betray me! Not...

  • ~Our Love is quite the Taboo~
    183K 1.3K

    Aaron Davis is about to teach a certain student a lesson she won't soon forget. There is something oddly familiar about this new Human Behavior Teacher, Cindy Moore just can't seem to figure out what. At first she is turned off by his nosiness, but she finds there is more to this teacher then meets the eye. Unfortunat...

  • Late Summer Rain
    5.3M 92.6K

    It was pity that first made Dannie speak to him. She had known Ryan since she was a kid, but he had always been the popular Golden Boy, and she had always been the tomboy that didn’t mind not having any friends. It was odd, she had thought, that all the popular kids who had once kissed the ground he walked on, didn’t...

  • The Kissing Booth [Sample; entire book available now]
    3.4M 30.2K

    [This book has been published by RANDOM HOUSE UK and is now available as a paperback in the UK, USA, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and more. The ebook is also available. Check out Amazon to see if you can grab a copy! This is a sample of the book, not the entire thing.] Meet Rochelle Evans. Pretty, popular - a...

  • Free Falling (SAMPLE ONLY)
    1.7M 11.7K

    **** This is a sample only!! The story is being published on 15th May 2013 so I am not allowed to leave the full version up on Wattpad*** <3<3 Kirsty They say that your school years are supposed to be the best years of your life, and that you should make the most of them because you’ll miss them when you’re all gro...

  • Player vs. Player (in current edit)
    2.8M 50K

    At age 16, Alex's heart was broken severely by the only boy she felt loved her. Now she's back and he left an everlasting change. She's dropped the glasses and books and now, she's smoking hot. Only, her parents take this transformation as a sign of rebellion and ship her off to boarding school. But what will happen w...

  • All Bets On Her
    11.3K 255

    Hayden Annabelle Chimes is forced to move from her hometown to halfway across the country. Being the "new girl" anywhere is always difficult, and her situation is no exception. She is the envy of the girls and a sex object for the guys. Bets are made and games are played, but how far will everything go?

  • The Jerk Who Kissed Me
    • kimmio
    • 16 Parts
    • Updated May 31, 2014 12:37AM
    410K 6.9K

    What does a girl do when she meets the sexiest guy she’s ever seen in her life? Of course drool the whole shebang, but what happens when he does the most unforgivable thing in the world? She does the smartest thing known to all women: forget him, he ain’t worth it. But what if a summer of forgetting is short lived whe...

  • He Saved Me
    10.7M 123K

    Isobel Davis will never forget the night she was snatched into an alley and brutally raped while a knife was pressed against her throat. She will also never forget the boy who saved her. But even though he saved her that night, how can he save her from the nightmares that follow, waking her up in the middle of the nig...