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  • Dancing with the Devil
    1.2M 22.5K 26

    To move on from her past, an extraordinary girl must tear down the walls she has built to protect herself. Mackenzie Douglas seems to have it all: good looks, a great boyfriend, a passion for biking, and a little sister who worships her. But under the veneer of perfection lie the emotional scars of her childhood, infl...

  • Melting A Frozen Heart ~ Levi Ackerman x OC ~ Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
    657K 18.8K 55

    Chisaki Matsumoto a bloodthirsty soldier who lives for the sole purpose to destroy the titans. But as straightforward as her plan is, not everything in the Survey Corps as it seems. Her encounters with the fated Corporal Levi changes everything as she knows it. She learns to acknowledge the sacrifices that must be mad...

  • Lashton: My Sister's Boyfriend
    1.1M 37.9K 73

    Ashton Irwin is at the edge of a breakdown for a high school student. His grades are low, his friends are starting to exclude him from their hangouts due to some stupid rumor and what's worse...His sister's boyfriend is...Acting a little strange lately? 【ファイヴ・セカンズ・オブ・サマーのファンフィクション】 [boy x boy] {Lashton Fanfiction/Five...

  • The Devil's Son + Redemption
    809K 11.5K 48

    The Devil's Son blurb: Amelie is blind since always. Her life has always been following a predetermined pattern, had always been boring and ordinary, and she'd never managed to get any real friends, since people think she's a freak. Only her family has always been there for her. But she meets Ethan, and everything ch...