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  • A Dreamer's Destiny
    15.4K 585 20

    Katherine is a teenage girl who was very happy with her life untill one day when her dreams, that were just a part of her nights till now, started becoming a reality. Dealing with her biggest fear of loosing her loved ones she has no option but to believe her mysteriously dangerous dreams.

  • Midnight Allies Series (on hold)
    43K 604 24

    Summary - Brown haired and jade green eyes... not to mention the head of her school's cheerleading team, Claire Rexene, a not-so-normal, hyper, tantrum-throwing (when neccessary) teen goes off to enjoy a vacation of her life in California. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe not so much. A certain advice on this...

  • Cruel Passion (Book 1 and 2)
    3M 22.2K 40

    It's hard to fall in love but even harder to fall out. Kim is starting to fall for her boss. The most sexiest man a live. It was at that moment when he had asked her out for dinner that she had expected something to happen and it did. It did happen, her dreams of getting in to bed with the sex god were coming true .Un...

  • :Kidnapped: And all he say's is 'Sorry'?
    125K 1.3K 12

    "You want to know my story? Most of it's locked up in some confidential file floating around the system, but I'll try to fill you in. I'm a murderer. Still want to know my story? Not by choice. It's never been a choice. But right now I have the chance, between doing what's right, and doing what's easy. My name's Ry...

  • Soulmate to the vampire prince? NO WAY!
    149K 1.2K 21

    Ariel, a teenager finds herself removed from not just the normal life she is used to but also becomes a vital point in a circle which would determine the entire existence of a vampire world. Clay,a vampire prince finds his whole life become complicated after meeting the mysterious Ariel. Dracken, a dark-life vam...

  • Meeting My Family & the Others
    178K 2.2K 28

    Tracy Simons finds out she was adopted and that her real parents wants to see her. She's confused and hurt that they would abandon her. When she reaches Claifornia and meets her parents, older brother Scott and younger brother James, she immediately falls in love with them, howeer hte hurt is still there. Her new fami...

  • Im a vampre werwolf forced to marry the half-blood prince of Djetjoerg. EEEEWWW!
    1.1K 9 2

    After Reagan found out that she was a product of her mother's teenage indiscretion and her so-called fathers reason for her abuse, so she went to her boyfriends house for comfort only to find him sleeping with another girl ~Credits to Crimsonnebula for the amazing Summary~ In-case you're wondering, this story is a...

  • The Black Blade saga (Book 1)
    388 10 1

    Chapter 1- Deadman walkin "I was sixteen years old when I died" thinks Sid as he walks down the street with dirt falling out of places dirt shouldn't be. "I feel so much sorrow for I know no one anymore. My life is over. All the things I built destroyed in one single day with one bullet. I should of just went to s...

  • Age is just a number-a teacher student love affair
    68.9K 466 12

    Ashley Rose is a normal girl. Her friend disappeared a year before she went to New Zealand for a year. She meets a guy named Noah O'Conner. He's the perfect guy. A but too perfect. But soon later she realizes he's her chemistry teacher. They try and stop seeing each other but it's too hard for them to stay away. Ashle...

  • Kill me with a smile (on hold)
    314 8 6

    what would you do if a serial killer was killing everyone close to you? i bet you wouldn't try to find him. and thats just what Lizzy does. she is going to get to the bottom of this and fast she wants to know who and why he/she is trying to kill everyone she loves. the only thing she didn't know is that she may be fal...

  • Tough Girls Have Feelings Too
    117K 1.4K 26

    She's the school badass. He's the school player. Is this going to be another cliche story about a badass and a player falling in love? I think not!

  • Mad House
    2.3K 92 19

    Helena A. Baker is a patient at Manson Asylum, but she was never crazy. She wants to be free from the horrible place, after raising a little hell first, of course. But she can never leave as long as the asylum is run by the clever and pure evil Dr. Argentum. Before she completly loses her mind, her dreams slowly begin...

  • Spies, guys, and guns(On hold)
    34.9K 514 14

    Angel miller is the daughter of a white house security guard.Not only has 16-year-old angel miller been accidentally kidnapped by guy spies. Everyone shes knows thinks shes dead.No one seems to remember what happened that night at the white house ball when she was held hostage.And to top that off,she has been sent to...

  • The Truth is Out There
    5.2K 393 6

    Isabelle was living the perfect life, captain of the cheerleading team, a great boyfriend and amazing friends. But when Isabelle finds her best friend’s-Lily- broken body at the bottom of the cliff her world comes crashing down. Everyone believes that Lily committed suicide, Lily’s family, Lily’s friends and even the...

  • The Lady Killer (MOVED)
    1.2K 15 3

    At the age of 23, Annaliese Gordon is one of the most dangerous women in America. Killing was her thing. Hookers, that is. Or those close to it. After a personal experience, Annaleise is all for getting rid of women who seduce taken men. She's just more literal than most. Leaving a red rose on or near the dead body of...

  • Sometimes It's tough to Be A Girl
    1.1K 43 9

    Sonia is a girl who loves to play soccer,but is forbidden to play in her country, if she does serious consequences will be held,but she doesn't care. For this girl makes her own female team and practices everyday until she is forced to stop by the government. So she decides to join the boys team, and be disguised as a...

  • Imagination Overdrive Book One
    322 8 4

    In a time long after the world is destroyed, Chuck-Riley is living her normal, everyday life, until she finds a random dead lady in her bathtub. That is when her life starts to get weird... This is the first book in a series of books, all based off of dreams and nightmares that I have had. At the end of each book I'll...

  • Diffrerent Than Others
    2.4K 23 16

    A school full of Angels and Demons, each one all of them are determined to keep man kind safe. Four girls get caught up in love, hate, horror and guilt. Students from the school start to diserpear, humans die Mysteries deaths and there world and human world collide. It is up to the four girls to put the it back togeth...

  • Friends alike.
    11.1K 200 22

    Gemma and Jack Are both heading to the same summer camp , on the same plane ..... Not knowing that they are about to encounter , LIES , FRIENDSHIP , MAYBE LOVE ? Are these two going to acctually make it to camp ? And what secrets will the people they meet along the way Hold ? Friends alike : Author : Pjstringfello...

  • Be My Superman
    58.1K 708 27

    **WARNING** This is not a Superman fan fic and has NOTHING to do with the actual superman! All Skye Adams wanted was to live the normal life she had yearned as a child. That's not really possible when you're a crime scene investigator. Not that she didn't love her job-she did, it was the consequences that came with...

  • The Muses
    43.5K 479 7

    Piper Sharpe is having prophetic nightmares, and when girls start disappearig from her high school, she is the only one who knows what terrible fate has befallen them. But what is the connection? Will she be next? And most importantly, how will she stop it from happening again?

  • The Animal Within You
    117K 3K 41

    Meet Caitlyn Garcia, a 15 year old girl living in New Jersey. With only a family of two (herself and her father) the days flash by, adding onto Caitlyn's boring and quiet life. That was until she turned 16, when a teenage boy crashed into her life, changing it drastically. Having to change schools, meet new people, an...

  • Aquarious, Queen Of The Sea
    1.3K 45 3

    All her life, Aquarious Capricornus has been shuffled from orphange to orphanange. But when her evil caseworker just gives her away to a man, Aquarious doesn't know what to expect. But, it turns out this man, Cameron, is the key to her past-and future. Can Aquarious handle the truth of who she is? Can her and Cameron'...

  • That's My Girl; The Snow Baby
    4.7K 81 9

    Single 23-year-old LeiAnn Barker is driving home in a blizzard when she finds a lump on the side of the road. That lump turns out to be a 2-year-old girl with purple toes and fingers. The little girl is unconscious, but wakes up Christmas morning, reveaing her purple eyes. Meanwhile, the police and FBI have been looki...

  • Transparency -In Need Of A Overhaul Due To Character Continuity Issue
    261 5 7

    Ava Moore has spent her whole life living in her older sister's shadow. And she's okay with that. She'd rather go unremembered in her town. She works two jobs in a effort to make enough money to escape her home town, and all that's in it. Everything is going according to plan until she meets a certain boy by the name...

  • Lies, Love, & Trust .
    1.1K 23 22

    Two teens , Kaylee and Jake , who had been best friends since they were babies, were no longer babies. They were both now heading into the 11th grade and both very attractive young people. Feelings start to evolve and peers glare with envy as their relationship progresses from best friends to lovers. Everything is fin...

  • Behind Those Walls
    59.7K 719 35

    Brianna is independent and strong. Everyone she has ever loved has left her. Her circle of trusted confidants are few Anthony is looking for a fresh start. He wants to start over after 13 years in the big city. Can the two be friends again after so long and parting on bad terms?