jc83189's Reading List

  • The Arrogant Professor
    29M 544K

    "Would you stop it?" I screamed at him letting my anger to consume me. "Stop what?" He glared inching towards me, making me walk backwards trying desperately...

  • Falling For The Fallen
    512K 12.6K

    ⚠️ CAUTION: UNDER CONSTRUCTION , CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN ⚠️ Copyright © 2015 by imnotshortimfunsized Life is not guaranteed. It's not something we've e...

  • Alpha - Forever Book 1 (Sample of published book)
    29.5M 803K

    Seventeen-year-old Scarlett Hayes is living her life by her own rules. Losing her parents at a young age has made her strong and fiercely independent. She kn...

  • Monster Marks
    303K 10.1K

    I was taken away from the only place I called home. I was used as a blood-bag to those filthy creatures with fangs, just for money. I guess I should feel lucky...

  • Beautiful Possession
    • vanisiya
    • 22 Parts
    • Updated Dec 31, 2015 03:43PM
    632K 17.9K

    Just when Aliberra Rose had decided to finally settle down mentally after seven years of her best friend's disappearance, that same lost friend decides to make...

  • Struck (A Vampire Novel) ✔
    11.2M 372K

    [Completed] Elysia's life is turned upside-down when she's abducted by supernatural creatures with demonic eyes and threatening fangs. What's worse is she has...

  • Sway(Wattys 2015)
    4.9M 181K

    Rogue winters a beautiful 17 year old And Ivan Stone the greatest and most feared vampire to ever live What happens when their worlds collide Will his ne...

  • Just One Little Bite
    865K 28.6K

    "Just one little bite and I can drain all your blood," he states while planting kisses along my neck. "Better yet I'll drain your blood, kill you, then change...

  • Mine
    3.4M 84.7K

    Alexia is a member of the Blue Moon pack and she lives with her mother,father and brother in the pack's house. Soon,when one of the biggest celebrations for...

  • Pain & Pleasure: Perplexed Love {Wattpadprize14}
    3M 34.5K

    Kyla Johnson is a girl who is forced to move from her home city of Sacramento, California to Seattle, Washington because of her fathers job. She hates the fact...

  • Sweet Madness (Editing)
    9.4M 168K

    (2012 Watty Award Winner for Most Popular in Horror) Angeles has a dull life. There is nothing exciting or thrilling about her. However, that was until she met...

  • Chained (ON HOLD)
    4.9M 69.3K

    Never look into his eyes. Never let him touch you. Never speak to him. He will consume your soul. He will extinguish your dreams. He will turn you into nothin...

  • I Married The Prince Of Darkness (Winner Watty Awards 2012)
    3.4M 49.4K

    My life changed completely once i turned twenty one. My friends and i went out to celebrate my special day but i didn't realise it would be the last time i wou...

  • Never Have I Ever
    20.5M 265K

    Aria has always laid low in school with her tight-knit group of friends. When she meets Nash at a party, he's rude, he's blunt, and he's got more baggage than...

  • The Purest Blood
    • alysssssa
    • 22 Parts
    • Updated Aug 17, 2012 03:25AM
    479K 6.5K

    I blinked and he was in front of me, his breath hot against my ear. “I will be back for you, Katherine. Count on it.” His words sent shivers down my spine and...

  • Stalked
    170K 2.6K

    Being stalked is no joke. But when it involves a tall, dark and hot werewolf, it becomes that much more dangerous. Nadia never liked the werewolves to begin wi...

  • Conduit
    • Hope-Adon
    • 29 Parts
    • Updated Jan 22, 2012 12:22AM
    2.1M 23.7K

    Amisra has lived seventeen years without ever meeting any man, but she knows it's a matter of time before she faces-and kills-one. A life as a warrior in a seg...

  • For Hating Me You Sure Are Possessive
    41.2M 496K

    Logan is nothing like his brother Maver; Kara's best friend. He's straightforward, crude and just an over all menace. So, when Maver moves in with his brother...