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  • Floor x reader
    4.9K 502 3

    I guess you could fell hard. Don't ask why I decided to make this. It's for all the clumsy people out there *cOUGh* MEE *COugH* and your never ending relationship with the floor.

  • 100 reasons why humans are weird
    10.7K 877 30

    100 reasons why I think humans are weird! WRITTEN BY A HUMAN FOR HUMANS. And potatoes. 【warning! Offensive content, if you're a butt hurt person, don't read. No one gives a flying fuck about your beliefs. (Jk)】

  • Always raining here
    14.6K 336 13

    OKAY FIRST OFF. 20 pages per chapter. AND! IT IS NOT MY ART Credit to hazel and bell. I'm just re-posting it because the website glitches on me, but I manage. So I wanted to prevent that from happening to others. Continue ~

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden Identities (Chat Noir x Reader)
    4.2K 165 4

    This was requested, but nonetheless I think I'll have fun writing this :3 I always wanted to make a superhero story. - (Y/n) wasn't necessary a normal girl. Then again what do people consider normal? She has a miraculous. A little Arctic fox-looking Kawami. (sorry, had to use my miraculous OC's theme to be specific)...

  • S E A L has hacked your author.
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    Hey kiddies! I'm just here to entertain!