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  • Devil's Lake
    459K 23.1K 53

    "Why don't you just do it already? Walk into that lake and get it over with." It had been a passing comment Alison Halse's cousin had made months ago but one she hadn't been able to shake. Is life really worth living if you were too afraid of your own shadow to live it? No matter what she tries, Alison seems fated to...

  • Desire & Blood - The Thorne Siblings
    15.2K 1.7K 46

    [Completed] Anne is a shy, sensible accountant and knows that getting involved with her rich and hot billionaire boss Thierry Thorne is playing with fire, but she is irresistibly drawn to him anyway. The powerful, devastatingly handsome playboy can have any woman he wants--and now he wants Anne, much to the disapprova...

  • Caldwell Chronicles: Death Games (on hold for the summer)
    16.7K 1.4K 23

    Rule #1: Never sleep with a client--especially if he's a hot Russian mobster. Rule #2: Stay far away from your married ex--even if he's the cutest homicide detective around who swears his marriage is over. Too bad Maxine "Max" Caldwell has always believed that rules are meant to be broken--even if that means a whole...

  • Death Games: Private Chapters
    3.7K 177 4

    Supplemental chapters to Caldwell Chronicles: Death Games.

  • The Time Traveller Next Door
    496 84 3

    Clementine Hardy, a fifteen year old girl still reeling from the death of her mother, stumbles across the old house at Port Haven one hot summer's day and discovers that it's not quite as abandoned as everyone thought. There she meets Rupert Holt, an accidental time traveller from the roaring twenties, who is desper...

  • Whisper In The Wind
    368 106 26

    "I promise I'll take care of you no matter what obstacles life throws our way." Ian Valgrave's promise to his younger sister Bethany held true years later. When Ian disappears for a few months, Beth is left to fend for herself for the first time in her life. She isn't as popular amongst her high school peers as she l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Toe to Toe
    307 71 6

    Tia's whole life has been ballet. She's never had any other goal, never let anyone or anything distract her. When injured boxer Chase 'Teflon' needs an edge it's the perfect opportunity to fix the hole in her resume keeping her from NYC. His right hook is deadly, but it's nothing compared to the jab he delivers to he...

  • Vanish (ONC Finalist)
    7.2K 1K 20

    Aled is a gay man in a soldier's uniform. Struggling with the threat of new legislation to ban LGBT people from the military, Aled seizes the opportunity to step though an unknown portal in his room. What will he find on the other side? An alien world... or...? My entry for the Open Novella Contest. Sci-Fi and LGBT V...

  • Unforgiving Shadow ✔
    8.9K 1.5K 54

    Wattpad Featured Story - Beneath what seems a straightforward lifestyle lies a dark secret. Someone is about to enter Alice Bennett's life and drag her to the depths of a nadir she never thought even existed. A quirky, young nurse at the Greenwich A&E, Alice lives an ordinary single life of a Londoner until one evenin...

  • Girl Drowning
    2.9K 700 34

    [From a Featured Author] In the vein of STRANGER THINGS, 17-year-old Sierra and her handful of friends face an unknown menace originating from a new high tech facility in town. After Sierra finds the dead body of the water district manager floating down the river, nearly everyone in sleepy Los Patos, California, succu...