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  • THE BLAST: Shadow of the Woods
    149 10 4

    This is a fanfiction of the book, The Blast, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This will have the character Beatrice, a person you know and love. She, will follow after the mystery of the woods. It is both dangerous and fascinating... almost surreal in nature.

  • A Post-Apocolyptic Journey
    468 44 8

    A "The Blast" fanfiction about a boy named Jacob who abandons his family (both adopted and real) to try and find refuge in Washington DC with some nomads after a series of nuclear bombs cause a manmade apocalypse. Will he make it to Washington? If he does will there be civilization there? Find out in this fanfiction.

  • In The End
    1.8K 100 4

    I always thought the world would never end. But then it did. (Fanfiction entry for The Blast by Sarah Perlmutter!) (2015)

  • Any Means Necessary
    392 19 6

    When the world is destroyed by nuclear bomb one town bands together to try and figure out what happened and make the people pay for what they did. Join our group as they travel through the twists and turns provided by a post-apocalyptic world. This story was inspired by The Blast by SarahPerlmutter. Check out #TheBla...

  • We are Nomads (The BLAST fanfiction)
    601 53 8

    Rebbecca never thought that playing Cops and Robbers would end up with the world ending. Both physically and emotionally when she finds her parents dead in a house or a car and her younger brother missing. At least Becca still has the love of her life, Lucas. But, after surviving a month, they run out of supplies. Ju...