• Viviendo la Secundaria al máximo (Traducción)
    • Souls_reader
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  • Thriller Suite: New Poems
    • MargaretAtwood
    • 5 parts
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    In Thriller Suite -- appearing serially for the first time on Wattpad -- Margaret Atwood has gathered these new poems inspired by her long history as a reader...

  • Something I Will Never Forget
    • Mona101
    • 1 part
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    This is a vague poem about something that happened to me during middle school. I have not included the main reason why this happened just because I do not thin...

  • The Green Eyes
    • HedgeHogsRule
    • 6 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
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    Eliza Ross is just a typical high school junior. She works hard at school and is close with her friends. But when she goes running one day, she finds herself b...

  • The Samson Brothers -The Revelation
    • ellsiebrooks
    • 28 parts
    2.3K 55

    I have so many questions, so many things I have to know. I try, God how I try, to push them to the back of my mind. He looks just like Sammy, he acts just lik...

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  • Crisis
    • TheSahazinator
    • 7 parts
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    A SHORT STORY FROM THE 1.2 BILLION PEOPLE SERIES It was the 26th night of November 2008. It was the night which changed the mind set of every Indian across...

  • Cliché Mania (A Parody)
    • MiZzYx1991
    • 2 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
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  • Zachary
    • ChellyBell
    • 23 parts
    • Updated 4 months ago
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    According to her father, Nicole Robinson has lived a extremely privileged life despite their modest middle-class status. To help his daughter begin to apprecia...

  • One Last Wish
    • shea_me925
    • 5 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
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    A year. That's all what Sharon's got. And when you have to do all those things you ever wanted to do before you die, an year does not seem a period long enough...