cattchatt55's Reading List

  • Big Fat Liar (Available Amazon Kindle/ Ebook)
    • xxWhoAteMyCookiexx
    • 9 parts
    8.7M 30.5K

    Callie Picket,the-fat-girl-next-door has a big fat secret. Well, a secret she's been successfully hiding from her oh so sexy apartment neighbor Chris Walker. I...

  • Facsimile (In Editing/On Hold)
    • 1AnonymousGirl
    • 2 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    740 68

    In a small town somewhere in South Dakota, a population of only about one thousand stands. When the teenagers of the town begin to go missing, they only assume...

  • The Change
    • Hollykinz
    • 53 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    44K 656

    Change: the act or instance of making or becoming different. Change is hard, isn't it? In fact, it is one of the hardest things someone can do. I used to thin...

  • A Shattered Soul
    • JudeHawkins
    • 6 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    416 15

    Taegun Pryce is a rogue Black Ops agent who saw his team and best friend killed by the henchmen of terrorist who helped conspire the 9/11 attacks. Now Taegun i...

  • Alex & Me
    • Immortal_Iris
    • 13 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    11.2K 274

    This story is about Zoey Smith's life. How she meets Alex Brandon when she's five and how they become the best of friends. She realises she has feelings for hi...