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  • carmen - l.s.
    18.1K 915 5

    in order to get money, a promiscuous teenager must play with older men's hearts. warning: this book will contain mature content that may not be suitable for certain readers. this includes, but is not limited to; explicit sexual scenes, explicit language, cheating, frequent mentions of the sex industry, underaged drink...

  • blind :: muke au
    3.9M 158K 33

    ❝i'm blind,❞ luke muttered. ❝nice to meet you, blind. im michael.❞ © 2014 michaelsvans {#1 fanfiction - 9/28/14} {#8 teen fiction - 9/18/14} cover by @michaelclifford

  • hypnotic //l.s
    49.5K 2K 4

    in which Harry is a psychotic killer hired to kill Louis, but instead becomes attached to the tiny boy. but it's not Harry's fault Louis' hypnotic.

  • goodness gracious ◆ ls
    46 2 2

    ''i don't care if the room was full of art, why would i look at painted ceilings when i already know that the most beautiful colors are in your eyes?'' :: larry stylinson fanfiction

  • raining in paris :: cake au
    8.5K 722 11

    "it hurt-- looking at them hurt." in which an american calum meets a french luke in paris, france.

  • sex tape » ziall
    11.6K 316 3

  • pink panties [stylinson] ((discontinued))
    116K 5.8K 15

    boys in panties is harry's thing. © Iizzygrant, 2015 Disclaimer: this story has been discontinued, if you wish to make translations for it, you may do so.

  • mute » zouis
    43K 2.4K 13

    ❝funny you're the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving.❞ or the one where Zayn is a mute and Louis teaches him to use his voice.

  • Star67 « Ziall
    255K 14.2K 25

    "He's the type of boy who has the power to take your heart and shatter it into a million pieces and take every organ out of your body and empty your veins onto the bathroom floor but damn if you ever get the chance to be held I swear you will never feel more full."

  • spoiled brat ; nouis
    56.2K 3.1K 15

    "please daddy," "anything for you baby doll," or the one where niall is completely in love with louis and despite their rough patches he knows he'll always be his spoiled brat.

  • toys || l.s
    379K 12.9K 15

    all his life, louis has been a bit off. while his friends were ecstatic to grow up, louis dreaded it. he wanted to stay little forever. he wanted to play with dolls and play dress up with his sisters. as he grew older, louis began to understand nothing is wrong with him. he just enjoys to stay young and pure, unlike h...

  • underage » l.s
    175K 10K 21

    "i-i mean, i like.. guys. older. l-like you.." / DISCONTINUED / *** [age difference] © wokeful

  • Lolita {l.s}
    169K 6.1K 15

    Lo•li•ta noun A precocious young girl.. Or in this case, a young boy who lusts after older men and has older men lusting after him.

  • Let's Have A Baby! ☼ larry mpreg (OLD VERSION)
    222K 10.5K 43

    "lou babe what's it say?" "it's negative... again." all rights reserved © 2014 @ lovinglirry

  • The Gay Project
    1M 40K 50

    "I feel like I should suck your dick." "That's the point." Reached #1 in Larry Stylinson au ❤️ December 2020

  • My House
    746K 32.7K 52

    "You're going down, Styles."

    Completed   Mature
  • accidental boner ϟ stylinson
    141K 5.8K 7

    in which; harry accidentally calls his teacher “daddy”, and his teacher accidentally gets a boner because of it. //lowercase intended//