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  • Be a Spy or Die
    60 4 2

    Paige Camery seems like your average 13 year old girl. That is, until she was told she had the potential to be a teenage spy. Paige isn't sure about accepting, but she has no choice. In just one minute, Paige's life gets turned upside down. Paige is having trouble coping with her new lifestyle, with all this new tech...

  • Life Beneath Dreams
    36 8 3

    When what you build, all falls down. Because one person thought otherwise. What if the thing you created eats away at every thing little by little. What if you were the one teaching it what it knows? If that's what bothers you most, then the fear is within you. The darkness is within fear. The darkness will consum...

  • Run, Run, Run
    20 4 1

    Run through the city, run through the country. My dad was a thief, I'm a thief, someone hates me, someone framed me... I need to try to find out who did...