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  • Away We Go
    264 9 2

    They're coming for us. We can't escape, they see everything. Just when you think you're safe, look behind you, they will be there. I didn't have a chance.

  • The Imaginary
    17K 971 26

    Since meeting Silver Fade, a being who calls himself an Image, thirteen-year-old Jake Blackwood's life had gone abnormal. He starts seeing spirits. His imaginations come true. And now, he has to find the "key," all for this stranger he calls his alien friend.

  • A Letter 2 Years Late
    22.1K 696 31

    Tressa Bae was an ordinary 12 year old. She lived in Canada and attended a french immersion school. But everything changes when a mysterious owl shows up on her 13th birthday. Not only are her parents fake, but her real birth parents seems to have dissapeared off the earth. She is thrown into a world of wizards and wi...

  • Macie
    16.2K 719 6

    "Everyone loved Macie. She was that cute quiet girl next door who had memorized everyone’s birthdays and favorite colors. She knew your favorite songs and she would sing them when you walked by just to make you smile. She was the one you went to when you wanted a laugh, or a hug, or a just someone to talk to. She seem...

  • The Future isn't Bright
    34.3K 1.1K 30

    A choice, a desire, a new world; all of these are faced by Donna, a teenage outcast in a world beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

  • A Cure for the Blind
    99.6K 3.3K 58

    There are a lot of secrets and dark intentions in St. Agnes - the perfect setting for disgrace. All he wanted was to make them pay the ultimate price. His mistake: he forgot that his biggest ally is just as hungry and unforgiving as him. (Beautiful, enchanting and awesome new cover by the extremelly talented x_Luminou...

  • Pyschotic Heart (ON HOLD)
    3.8K 141 6

    An unusual, breathtaking, bittersweet romance between the girl who was unbreakable and the boy who, through his psychopath charm, changed that. __________________________________________ Credits: Cover: ExpiNumber2228 Editor :soulessobsession

  • An Ugly Romance
    3.2K 191 1

    A modern, twisted retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

  • I Swear I'm Not Crazy
    161 12 1

    Let me start by assuring the readers of this triumphant tale that, despite popular belief, I am not daft, maniacal, or lacking anywhere in the mental conditions of my body. At nineteen years of age I am far advanced past anyone mentally. But he made me do it. I am nowhere at fault. So why am I running? What happens if...

  • The Forest (Short Story)
    2K 25 1

    'A village is almost suffocating for an Ash and a Willow; you both belong in the forest.' With the words of her father ringing in her mind, Willow sets out on her journey to her beloved forest where she spent so many of her childhood days. Only now the tragedy that once occurred there, taints her memories with bitters...

  • Hitman (on hold)
    461 20 7

    John Jackson. Hitman. John has a case that takes him back in time, to his childhood, and his self-discovery. Delve into a killer's mind as he tackles his hardest case yet.

  • The Apocalypse Scenario
    563 33 5

    Here is a quick history lesson its 2029 and the world has descended into chaos. The rich had built a gate around inner city of every major city in the world leaving those like me in the gutters outside the city. My name is Kat Panthera and I have lived outside the gates all my life fighting off the criminals, the hu...

  • The Lores of Lyra - Rising Star [Book I]
    596K 20.9K 27

    [Watty Winner 2012, Fantasy / Teen Fic / Adventure / Romance] Stars. For millennia, humans have stared up at the sky watching them light up the night. Unknown to most, they've been watching back, protecting us and keeping us safe from dangers. However, in the land of Astron, two girls are struggling to keep themselve...

  • Memoirs of a Fallen God
    265K 4.7K 32

    Once I was a god. Worshiped. Revered. The huddled masses cast themselves at my feet, heads bowed and eyes wide. Save us, they begged. Spare us, they pleaded. And, fool that I was, I tried. Now I am nothing. Fallen. A bitter memory of an age long passed. A broken old fool too stubborn to die. This is my story. My r...

  • Torture
    10.6K 252 1

    The government must improvise when death is not enough.

  • We Came As Heroes (Watty Awards 2012!)
    911 79 4

    "KARMA is the messiah of our corrupted world. No one questions it, talks about it, or disrespects it. If you do, you're dead." The year is 2058. ten years ago, the start of a rebellion caused the start of the next world war, and the start of the corruption of society. Countries, Cities, and Continents were dest...

  • Findley's Fate
    760 32 13

    Society is in good shape, there is no real crime to speak of, everyone is working and no one is going hungry, seems perfect. right? Well almost! And that "almost" is about to be brought out in a big way when a journal is found and read by a high class youth. The contents don't exactly paint the perfect picture of thi...

  • Love Letters
    584K 12.6K 53

    J: I've been writing letters to a complete stranger and he's been writing back. Maybe a pen pal wouldn't be such a bad idea after all, my only friend has moved away and out of contact and I can't live without talking to someone, even if we've got no idea who we are to each other. T: When I first read her letter, I fou...

  • Skyfall
    2.4K 73 1

    A steampunk short. The age old battle between the Sky Pirates and the Troglodytes comes to a head. Can Talen and Marn finally end the war or will steamtanks, titanic squid and wheeled warriors merely prolong the battle? A steampunk novel based on four photos for ForbiddenPlanet's SciFi Short Story Smackdown. Round 2...

  • Quantum Parenting
    22.5K 937 7

    Facial Hair Confuses Babies. One of a number of random observations from an unprepared, unreliable and probably mentally unstable parent (although a small minority of the mental health board decided in my favour, I have the certificate to prove it). This thingy, diatribe, publication, list, call it what you...

  • So You've died. Now What?
    399 11 10

    Let's face it, dying sucks. There's no two ways about it. I have no clue where I am, who I can trust, or what's going on. All I know is that I'm traveling with a guy with blood red eyes and an amazing fashion sense, a way too serious cutie, and the most out going, bubbly, girl I've ever met. I've got a crazy homicidal...

  • ( JOKES ) Stories from Africa
    618K 13.9K 83

    Funny stories, jokes, practical jokes and messages collected by an African to preserve the dying art of story telling in our Generation.

  • The scheme of a lifetime
    136 7 6

    A saga of my dreams as I continually wake up and fall back asleep.

  • Southern Belle
    745K 13.9K 33

    Belle Wilkes is miserable living in her small town in the south. Unlike her family and friends, she actually wants to make something out of her self, and she isn't content with what her family considers 'normal life' after graduation. When an acceptance letter from Stanford University arrives, Belle leaves her town be...

  • Harry Potter Instant Messaging
    334K 9.7K 5

    This is just a fun...blurb I guess. It is my idea of online chats between all of the Harry Potter characters, if they had instant messaging. I claim no rights to any characters.

  • The Nymph Queen - ON HOLD -
    1.4K 71 4

    Levanna Lilith Lucian had always been an orphan, found on a church step when she was just a day old, she was raised in Hanwell Academy for the gifted. A school for those who had talents beyond the norm. Levanna had accepted being the freak of Hanwell until the arrival of Ace and Sunshine Malory. The brother and siste...

  • The Named
    2.8K 168 16

    A boy without a name / A man without a purpose / A girl without a love / A people left helpless. Together they'll ignite a flame / In the heart's of the blameless / So when push comes to shove / They will battle the heinous.

  • Burning Fire
    2.4K 165 9

    The sudden death of her mother leaves Kara Phoenix devastated but the discovery of her father throws her ever more. Especially when the reason behind why her mother had runaway becomes apparent. Now Phoenix is thrown into a world full of magic, death and unbelievable power. Will phoenix survive her destiny or will she...

  • The Caged Bird Doesn't Sing Anymore
    2.6K 247 1

    Write a prompt from the the point of view of a birdcage whose occupant just died.