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  • The Keepers Amulet
    4 0 1

    This is the opening chapter of a new book I'm working on. Its posted here as a sample only and may change in the final book.

  • It Pours
    4 1 3

    Luke is ready for the Summer. He is starting his job, making new friends, and trying to catch the eye of the girl of his dreams. Soon he begins to discover himself and question everything he though he knew for certain. In a town as beautiful as it is mysterious, Luke must make a choice. What path would you choose...

  • Live Heroically
    19 6 5

    They say that books are the door to adventure. For Hal, that adventure was more than he bargained for. What started as an attempt to save his GPA, quickly turns into mystery and a chase for survival. There is no substitute for a great teacher, but sometimes the lesson will surprise you.

  • Strokes of Alizarin Crimson
    21 3 1

    Passion can sometimes become obsession. Art at all costs can be deadly.

  • The First
    698 40 13

    "I am glad it cannot happen twice, the fever of first love. For it is a fever, and a burden, too, whatever the poets may say." ~Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca You were the first one. And no matter how hard I try, I can never forget.

  • Dreaming of The Forever Kind of Life
    399 12 12

    Sequel to Dreams of Guys Named Frank and Monsters, you kinda do have to read it before this one but if you don't wanna go right ahead...this is about a girl and what she battles in life. Will things ever turn up? What happens when the world turns deadly? Will she find what shes looking for and more? What can ever make...

  • Blunt (ON HOLD)
    1.3K 70 1

    Blunt Instrument, the Hand of Gamon, was one of the most accomplished and successful hitmen in Hell, specializing in assassinating other Dark Princes at his master's behest. Controlled by Gamon's will, he was the perfect killing machine in his master's name. But when he wakes one day to find his master dead and hims...

  • U.N.E.
    566K 16K 28

    The year is 2043 and the nations of the world find themselves almost powerless against an unknown enemy known as Unknown Entities, or U.N.E.'s. The Worlds best weapon against these hideous creatures from space are the giant Mech's and their pilots who stand on the front lines and fight a never ending stream of U.N.E...

  • Cherry Blossom Sanitarium: School for the Dead
    333 11 2

    Chadwick S. Collins has been on the verge of death since his birth. Having reached his last days alive a special medical facility which specializes in experimental treatments for the terminally ill has accepted him for care. Already prepared with one foot in the coffin, Chadwick has found that this new place is a lot...

  • Discovering Nicollette
    6.5K 198 29

    Nic is a sad woman with a sad life until the past comes to change everything and gives her love... and a nightmare she can't wake up from Story is erotic in nature and has sexual scenes.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Imaginary Boyfriend
    526K 11.7K 33

    Annalise Caine never had a boyfriend before. Not because she's plain, simple, and boring. The real reason? Her standards are too high- she prefers fictional characters over real men. Her solution to her loneliness? Create her own perfect boyfriend with the help of her favorite fictional characters. What will happen wh...

  • The Dimensional Escape
    1.3K 46 7

    500 DE, or 500 years after the Death of Earth, a prison broke free of Aeonian Jail. She was the most wanted creature in the facility. She must not be released. No one must know about what she knows. But will fate allow the truth to be hidden inside?

  • The Rule of Seven
    1K 75 2

    Middleton Sanitarium is the medical world's best kept secret. Hidden deep in the Rockies, it houses only the most twisted and disturbed individuals. Evyn Mayr has been working as lead graveyard for six months at Middleton and has come to terms with the nightmares, the screams and the insomnia. But when a strange man e...

  • What would happen if a zombie tried to eat a vampire? {Watty Awards 2012}
    1.3K 81 6

    After recent strange events, five random people try to figure out a way to stop the killings happening around them. They are all in danger. They are all being hunted by a vampire who is gaining a lot of strange characteristics.

  • The Ultimates (Watty Awards 2011)
    25.7K 586 24

    Arckine Harris is part of an elite group called the Ultimates. They are very few of them. They run the world. They do what others can't. Even the world's leaders answer to them. They do what they say. They fight wars the world shouldn't know about. But when a recent, secret war starts Arckine will have to go behind en...

  • Dreams of Guys Named Frank and Monsters (On Going Series)
    369 22 2

    (the beginning is made to be fast paced) It started out like a normal welcome home party, goofing around, laughing and dancing. then the t.v. tuns on and something happens that will shock the world for years to come. will everyone escape this? get saved? or are we all doomed? also the epilogue for this is called :Dre...

  • Luvaine's Notebook
    941 21 13

    Greetings, faithful followers and curious readers! This story is full of one shots and short stories - now and then there are just random snippets and ramblings from when my writing muse strikes me. Consider this like my messy folder that I keep stashed in a drawer of my desk...

  • The Peacekeeper
    10K 161 25

    Sixteen year old witch Chloe Brooks has been living with her best friend Shelby Rachel for the past three years after a mysterious new leader Balhim of the supernatural realm took over. Chloe and Shelby were sent to be the guardians of the gates to Aaru and had a sworn duty to keep the peace between worlds. That all...

  • Lycit
    4.3K 107 10

    The world of Naltyre, home to all magical &mythical creatures. The place we are all connected but cannot visit. Griffins, Mermaids &Dragons. Witches, Vampires &Werewolves they all exist in Naltyre. Some humans have been lucky enough to travel to this world and relish in its marvel until evil overthrew Peace. Alistair...

  • The Child's War (On Hold)
    346 29 2

    He was only two when they took him away from his family and put him into that concentration camp and four when he had managed to escape. It was 1940 and Michael was lost in the middle of Germany, beaten and bruised, prepared to face his death at the bottom of a black well in the middle of a dead forrest. That was unti...

  • Chronicles of V
    746 48 4

    Vincent Ashling Jr. has a reputation in his family for being an arrogant rich kid with no respect for anyone and anything but himself. To top the cherry on the cake, when his mother dies and leaves him a mystery house he had known nothing about, the rest of her inheritants grow jealous and upset. However, the home Vin...

  • P.H.O.B.I.A.S. (Paranormal Home of Biologically Improved Attributes to Society)
    98.3K 2.4K 26

    Hey readers! Do you think that your school, college, or job is the worst place in the world? Well, think again! Here's your wake-up call. Welcome to P.H.O.B.I.A.S., a "home" for children that surpass human normalcy. Gen M1, one of the oldest "students" in the program will show you the life of a paranormal. Follow her...

  • Chaos
    417K 12K 37

    The Agents. A secret society that kidnapps, tortures, and experiments on shifters. The Shifters. Trying to live life before the fey decided to tell the world about their existance. Trying to make a safer world for their children in the chaos. Chaos. Chaos? Well, no body actually knows who she is. What her motives are...

  • Shattered Mind Saga
    607K 9.3K 72

    Come along and learn all about a boy name Ian Robertson. Or is his name Nian, Jude, Tam, King, Loki, Hades, fact is there are many Ian. What one will rule the body is anyone's guess.

  • Missed Alert (Prologue)
    727 26 4

    Seven high school seniors have been keeping a secret about their past in the shadows. They thought it would never come back to haunt them, but someone else knows about it, and it wants revenge. Three years later, they start receiving mysterious e-mails, and text messages threatening their lives with their greatest fe...