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  • Let's Play A Game, Alpha
    5.8M 207K

    [Wattpad Featured Story] "When will you accept me?'' Lucian murmured against my skin. The wonderful feeling only grew as he stepped closer, the thick muscles...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bad Boy Stole My Bra
    62.2M 1.4M

    Picture this: You wake up in the middle of the night, swamped in your star wars covers and completely and utterly groggy to the extent that you look like somet...

  • Bets and Players
    1.5M 30.6K

    Being best friends with an overprotective basketball captain, Chris, Callie hasn't had much experience with guys. But when a tournament starts and brings over...

  • B is For...
    56.7K 1.6K

    Jadore Clemmer wants one thing: fun. With a new scenery and new people, she gets just that. She’s a carefree, optimistic, blunt, easy to get along with girl wi...

  • Rogues on the Run
    • CeCeAnnT
    • 28 Parts
    • Updated 6 months ago
    581K 16.3K

    If the Purgatory or Alpha Beckett thought I would go down without a fight, they thought wrong.

  • The Fag Swag [boyxboy]
    1.6M 43.3K

    When she determines that he’s too nice for his own good, Nick Bradley’s best friend Molly decides to toughen the gay boy up. Sadly for Nick, Molly’s method is...

  • Prince Charming? Hah! More like Pompous Arsehole! [BoyxBoy]
    378K 3.8K

    Adam is his school's star soccer player who is a whole ball of quiet surprises, while Xavier is the complete opposite. He is also his rival schools star soccer...

  • This Cinderella is a Player
    7.5M 73.2K

    Tiana moves to a new town with her wicked step-mother and evil step-sister Harriet. Call it a modern Cinderella story if you please...but was Cinderella a play...

  • The Other Potter: Book 5
    284K 8.7K

  • Love Me Like You Mean It
    998K 13.2K

    Sid Mattews had a hard life ever since she was born. She isn't the best looking shewolf, she's slightly overweight but does that bother Sid? No, but what happe...