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  • Alice: Recovered Memories
    8.8K 67 13

    Alice and Jasper are happily living in Forks, WA, with their vampire family. One day, they meet two other vampires who hold the key to unlocking Alice's forgotten human past....

  • Forgetting Me
    1.2K 28 8

    It's been 10 years after breaking dawn and for two years Edward forget their anniversary TWICE. He has a new car and he takes care of it more than he does anyone else. Bella is Fed up with his BS and does something to stop it.

  • ...
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    429K 7.9K 12

    The guide for dummies on how to write the hottest story on wattpad. Learn the tricks of the trade from the loser. I have tried many a times and have learned from my mistakes. Read to find out how to reach the pinnacle of the What’s Hot list. Total money back guarantee! (’cause let's face it,you’re not paying me any) W...

  • NightMare. An Alice and Jasper lovestory.
    2.9K 35 2

    It's been about 2 years since The Cullens had got away from that encountry with the Volturis, but what they dont know, is that another nightmare has yet to come and this time it isnt gonna be easy....

  • how the cullen family could of be form
    15K 147 18

    the cullen family and how it could of formed. in different way with a lot more drama and understanding. with most of the cullen still falling inlove. and more twist than the others.

  • An Arranged Pregnancy with a Jerk
    1.9M 23.5K 24

    (Sequel to An Arranged Marriage to a Jerk) Allison and Connor are back, and they've been married for nearly a year now. Allison is just settling in to her college life and a new job at a vet clinic when her parents tell her the news: she's pregnant. Of course, she didn't know that. As if it wasn't bad enough that she...

  • ADAM
    20.8K 381 11

    ((((previously known as ADAM- My painful journey )))))This is a story of how Katy lives through her abusive marriage with a sick psychotic husband, Adam. With the help of her friend Kalin, shes sure to survive. Right? Well not every story has a happy ending.

  • My Escape
    1.1K 79 16

  • Strange Fate... I Love, You Hate
    7.1K 99 18

    He's your typical player, and trouble maker...Always wanting to have a good time. Everything about her is average; she comes from a poor background, has two younger brothers and her dad with her. He’s everything she hates about a person; she’s everything he can’t stand in a girl. So what happens when she meets him...

  • Rebirth (Twilight Saga - Pregnant with the next generation)
    813K 9.9K 31

    The Cullen females become pregnant under the 'Ubertas Luna" (The Fertile Moon): a rare event that only occurs when a vampire with fertility powers is born under a crescent moon, the same shape a vampire bite leaves on its victim. There is no precedence for such a birth, or child. How will the Cullens escape the scruti...

  • Unwanted
    4.8K 48 7

    Nina is an angry child. she has never met her parents and every other family she's had have rejected her. Her childhood has been filled with anger and depression. But when she decides it's time to find her parents, she discovers things that put her life so far into perspective. And the shocking truth behind the reason...

  • The Long Road Home: The Journey of Alice & Jasper
    107K 1.2K 18

    This is the story of Alice and Jasper, told in their own points of view, from their independent beginnings until their meeting and eventual joining of the Cullen family. I have tried to keep it as in-canon as possible, I know there are some bugs/inconsistencies, but I will be re-working it once the story is completed.