cellist24's Reading List

  • Winterval
    2.4K 179

    for the winter-weary

  • The Gardener of Nahi
    447K 5.2K

    "One of, if not the best paradox novels I've had the good fortune to read. An incredibly well written work..." -MarkTaylor281 "A beautiful and powerful stor...

  • Five, Seven, Five Haiku Senryū
    • rosaimee
    • 61 Parts
    • Updated Feb 09, 2016 03:00AM
    13.2K 1.1K

    Random collection of Haiku and Senryū

  • Lens: A Series of Haikus (Season 1)
    6.8K 294

    From the corners of the earth to the corners of the heart, Lens is a growing collection of haikus. A chance to rejoice and relive our happiest memories, an opp...

  • 5 Reasons Why God is Real
    5.6K 113

    Historical evidence that Jesus Christ really rose from the dead.

  • Alexandria
    1.1K 20

    The love between Mark Antony and Cleopatra is one of the most intense love stories the world has ever seen. In this story some of the most notable figures in a...

  • Anathema - Book One in the Cloud Prophet Trilogy
    2.2M 12.8K

    Reychel is a slave girl surrounded by magic, lies and manipulation. Her best friend disappears in the middle of the night leaving Reychel to face her fifteenth...

  • A Christian's 30 Day Challenge To Deeper Living
    88.9K 1.9K

    This is your challenge: grow spiritually, do things you didn't know you could, and delve into a deeper relationship with your Creator. There is no room for wi...

  • 7 Advanced Tips to Improve Your Wattpad Stories
    184K 7.3K

    There are hundreds of fantastic books about writing for hopeful authors to choose from, but most of them are boring, complicated, and bogged down by filler. Th...

  • 7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Wattpad Stories
    241K 10.4K

    Welcome Wattpadders! This book will be short and to the point. I won’t bore you with mundane grammar rules or the crap you learn in English class, but I will...

  • Writing Tips
    • PaigeD
    • 8 Parts
    • Updated Jul 01, 2014 04:45AM
    2.3K 65

  • The Gael's Apprentice (on hold)
    903 46

    In the elder days of Britannia, the chivalric code was slowly dying, and the knights of Britannia posed a major threat to the sleepy, peaceable townsfolk of Hi...

  • My Awkward Fairy Tale
    78.4K 1.9K

    ONCE UPON A TIME, in a land not-so-far away, there lived Princess Eve. She isn't your ideal Disney princess. She doesn't have long, flowing hair, or a drop-dea...

  • The One True God
    563 32

    There is only One God, and He is the all powerful, all knowing, and excellent God! There is just no one else like Him!

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation - "The Haunting of Orgala 512"
    520 14

    It's Halloween on the Enterprise, and Data begins seeing phantom crew members.

  • X-men: World of Gray
    • Niralle
    • 45 Parts
    • Updated Dec 27, 2012 09:17PM
    82.8K 1.9K

    Six months after Cuba, Charles Xavier is building his school for “gifted” youngsters. The threat of nuclear war has been brushed aside like a bad dream. But...

  • Am I Really Safe? (Sequel to Help Me) ON HOLD!!
    1K 71

    Skyler, Jared, and Collin are finally safe from the Institiute. Or at least it seems that way. Life can be cruel when you haven't been in contact with it for y...

  • Help Me
    20.7K 364

    Skyler Adaya has been trapped in a dark cell, chained to the ceiling for an unknown length of time. As her captors take an intrest in using her for their goals...

  • X-Men: Eternal Flight (Book Three) ON HOLD
    13.6K 410

    "If you ever feel as though it seems the darkness will drown the light, remember, that in the presence of light, darkness has no choice but to flee from it." ...

  • X-Men: Dreameater (Book Two)
    22.4K 584

    A strangely powerful mutant named Gerard Stevens is out to destroy the world to create a better future (or as he calls it). He has kidnapped Warren's parents a...

  • X-Men: The Falcon (Book One)
    166K 4.7K

    The world is cruel, dark and foreboding. There is no one she can trust, no one she can rely on except the people that locked her up. Daniella is a mutant that...

  • Life After the Cure [ON HOLD]
    • raihanmoi
    • 8 Parts
    • Updated Oct 06, 2011 09:43PM
    15.9K 341

    Loosely based on the X-Men movies- Alex was injected with The Cure when she was 19, and today, 4 years later, Alex seems just like another young heiress. With...

  • A Forever Love
    3.1K 94

    The combining of stories that reveal my relationship with Christ and the hardships I -and others- embrace for Him.

  • Diary of a Teenage Superhero (The Teenage Superhero Series Book One)
    2.7M 16.2K

    A teenager wakes up in a seedy hotel room. He has no memory of his name or his past. A man lies dying on the floor next to him. Someone starts pounding at th...

  • Circuit
    2.7K 55

    Analeigh Clarence has awoken. Awoken in a city where everyone is controlled by The Government... literally. She has awoken in a place where all citizens are in...

  • The Lord of the Rings: A Different Perspective (The Fellowship of the Ring)
    30.7K 907

    Azaelia Caittel is a young Hobbit girl; headstrong and visionary, with a reputation more unruly than her tangled blonde hair. When her friends are faced by the...

  • Trust in the Lord
    517 26

    God can do all things. HE is the almighty and ever faithful God. We just have to trust in Him because He can do all things.

  • Be watchful
    186 9

    The mouth is a very powerful tool, how we use it is extremely important. Knowing the power of our words, it is up to us choose- Positive or Negative. ...

  • Life is a journey
    261 15

    We all want to get to the place God has planned and purposed for us. But, the question is are we doing it ourselves or letting God.

  • Show no regrets
    139 13

    Alot of things have happened that could just weigh us down. know this, the devil would use our feelings against us. But, when we know fully well and understand...