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  • Live Love Laugh Ft Diggy Simmons
    17.9K 356 34

    Erica and Diggy's 3 year relationship comes to an end after Diggy finds out about Erica's big secret. Will they let the past ruin what they could have in the future or will this secret bring them closer? Watch as the drama unfolds and unthinkable events start to happen.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Deadly Attraction Not So Deadly
    29.1K 907 23

    You and Daniel are finally able to move passed the hell you've been through. Pretty soon, you'll be living the life you've been dreaming about. The fancy cars, big houses...the fame. Will that change anything? Will your relationship last? Read more to find out.

  • Separated (Editing)
    112K 3.8K 26

    YN and Diggy Simmons relationship failed after constantly being in the public eye and Diggy's constant infidelity slip ups such as cheating. After 2 months of being separated Diggy does what he has to in order to get back into his family's life.

    Completed   Mature
  • From A Dream To Reality (Sequel)
    90.5K 2.9K 32

    Just when things began to fall right into place... My sequel to A Dream Come True is nothing but the reality of dating musician, song writer, and actor Daniel Dwayne ''Diggy" Simmons III. If you're looking for a fairy tale, well, you've got the wrong book in your hands. Now, lets pick up where I left you...

  • Trying To Love Again (A Diggy Simmons And Yn Fanfic)
    162K 4.7K 22

    Yn (Your Name) & Diggy both have major trust issues. Dealing with school & their personal lives have really taken a toll on both of them. Will they finally come together and work out their problems together? Or will their personal and emotional problems keep them distant from each other? Vote & comment. [COMPLETED]

  • Wait No More
    102K 2.5K 46

    read guys

  • Daniella Do'Monique Simmons daughter of Diggy Simmons
    393K 3.3K 77

    He left threw me out and tries too get back into my life never knew his daughter and now he wants forgiviness because he was young dumb and stupid oh trust me you wont be let off easily.Im grown and wiser and im not just settling for anything thats sounds good i want to see blood and effort. BECAUSE YOUR NOTHING BUT A...

  • Love or Fame?
    254K 2.5K 182

    When Diggy and Lexi are focused on getting far in their career, finding love is something they never really focused on. Now that they've met, they instantly fall for each other. But will they choose love? Or will they choose fame? Read more to find out!

  • Recovery (A Diggy & Yn Trilogy)
    96.3K 3.8K 30

    THIS IS A TRILOGY BOOK BOOK 1: Trying To Love Again (A Diggy & Yn Fanfic) BOOK 2: Life After Pain (A Diggy & Yn Sequel) Things have been a little hectic after everything that happened. Will things ever be the same? All of your questions will be answered. Why did everything go down like that? Find out as Yn, DJ, and Di...

  • You Deserve Better (A Diggy & Yn FanFic)
    158K 6.9K 44

    What happens when Yn (Your Name) meets Diggy Simmons? She already has a boyfriend, Chad, but what if their 'perfect' relationship starts going downhill? Lies will be told. Secrets will be kept. Friendships will be tested. Enemies will be made. Yn and Diggy will soon realize that their lives aren't as great as they use...

  • Not Good Enough ~A Diggy Simmons Love Story~
    83.3K 2.3K 67

    People say opposites attract... Differences can bring out the best in your partner. It can break the cold block of ice that may be wrapped around ones' heart. Maybe even loosen the tension and stress from ones' emotions. People also say, when you fin...

  • (Diggy Imagines)
    134K 1.9K 19

    For mature audiences only........