iLuvzNyReu's Reading List

  • His Dark Touch (On Hold)
    3.8K 102

    Everything Lissa touches, fills her head with images. She pretends not to be clairvoyant but when she touches Julian's hand she see's he's a vampire, and he kn...

  • Battleground Eden: Anointed
    258 11

  • Scars forever
    1.1M 11.9K

    ** Completed but not edited** Lyka was a certified loser. She was the most badly treated she wolf in her pack just because of her bigger size. She loved the id...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Transition Guy Theory
    • Suzyyy1
    • 30 Parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    37.6K 592

  • Owned or Not On Hold
    19.8K 311

    The owner of a successful incense and oil shop has just discovered the one stench that she can't get rid of and is about to find out the hard way that just lik...

  • The Cowboys Mate
    34.7K 682

    Cassi who believes in fairy-tales, and happily ever afters, thinks she found prince charming. But when her prince is KIA, and her fairytale turns out to have...

  • Garden of Shadows (UNAVAILABLE - seriously, there's nothing)
    8.7K 195

    Syren is the daughter of traitors: her mother is a White Heart where as her father a Black Heart. After her parents are killed, she's been taken in by her uncl...

  • Icy Shores
    3.5K 140

    Excerpt : Did you really think I was letting you go?" "W... what do you want?" He chuckled, as he pressed closer to me, I could feel his breath on my lips as...

  • A Werewolf chose Me as His Mate, It's Weird Because I'm a Vampire
    198K 2K

    The vampire and the werewolf races normally keep apart and therefore the peace is kept between both races however one day I was guidided into a cave by a werew...

  • The Jasper / #Wattys2015 WINNER
    115K 2K

    Erin Baine receives a gift from her Grandmother called the Jasper, an amulet that controls a pack of werewolves. The ruby was meant to trap the beast's soul in...

    Completed   Mature