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  • On Set
    964 37 12

    Daisy Belle, an actress in London, has the perfect life. The amazing boyfriend, the career and the personality. She wants to make it to the top but the only way she has made it this far is because of her cocky co-star James Wetherly. Will she ever be noticed on her own? Or will Mr Wetherly always be by her side?

  • The Future: What I Wish For (ON HOLD)
    592 10 6

    Living in a small town with no family, Alice Lexington has a life where the closest people to her are the Kensington twins. Will Alice ever get her chance to live up to her dreams or will her jealousy and pure anger for Anna Jeckels get the better of her? How strong can Alice be? Watch my friend Alice as she fights f...

  • A Smile Of Affection [Student/Teacher] (Original)
    123K 799 29

    Meet Rachel Miller, you could say she's an ordianary teenage girl. You see, she has this best friend Benson, who is really down to earth and handsome always there for her and Rachel has had the biggest crush on him for god knows how long, but he's no Mr perfect. And all thats anout to change when a certain some one co...

  • I Can Touch the Clouds
    1.8K 53 15

    Pippa is girl who thinks her life is perfect just the way it is. She hates going for unnecessary goals. But when her best friend Cal starts pushing her further and further away she relises that its time to start kicking down the boundary blocks. Will her new sudden rush stop her from falling or will she never be happy...