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  • Hunting Down The Deadly Twins
    11.7K 452 8

    (A spin-off to Meadow Falls) Ever since Bree got the news of Brad's death, she's determined to hunt down his murderer. She has found out that the top werewolf hunters of all time, The Deadly Twins are most likely to be her little brother's murderer. Let's just say things have gotten out of hands when she reached Meado...

  • Never Too Old To Meet Santa: A Short Christmas Story
    488 10 1

    Penny never believes in Santa Claus or Christmas. Will she ever believe in Christmas spirit?

  • Meadow Falls - Book One
    2.4M 67.6K 92

    (Formerly known as The Hunter in Meadow Falls) Nothing is the same ever since we moved into a small unheard town called Meadow Falls. By us, I mean my twin brother Nate and I. My name is Melanie and this is my story. UNDER MAJOR EDITING. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Current cover created by KimZahra.

  • Searching for the Loch Ness Monster
    7.5K 315 22

    Kaya Harrison has been dreaming to see the Loch Ness Monster since forever. That was all she wants. When Kaya finally reached the town of Loch Ness, everything has turned upside down. She did not expect being accused of stealing, chased by Scottish people, getting lost in the middle of the woods with a redhead who is...

  • We Can Dance All Night: A Short Story
    854 17 1

    Emma has no idea what she has gotten herself into when she agreed to accompany her sister, Wednesday to a dance. This short story is filled with not only hope, but also love. This short story is an entry for Scholastic Writing Competition 2014.

  • Summer Gone Wrong
    1.9K 90 7

    Why did every thing have to go wrong in my life? Especially during the summer vacation that I have been waiting for so long? Here is the list of what has temporarily ruined the one and only Maggie Eriksson’s life: 1. My cousin who has been my parents’ dream daughter is staying over at my house for one whole summer. 2...

  • Solstice
    22.6K 753 16

    Sophia Rhys-Deaux has absolutely no idea why her mother kept her and her brother away from visiting her grandmother and aunt in Australia. When she won a plane ticket to Australia, Sophia is finally going to find out why. It is part of who she's supposed to be: A Werewolf Hunter.

  • Gurney City - Book Two
    1.9M 52.1K 92

    (Formerly known as The HQ Agent in Gurney City. It is advised to read the first book before reading this book) Who would have thought that I'm still alive? Apparently, I'm not supposed to be dead in the first place, just disappeared off the face of Earth. Here I am, waiting for my briefing on my new life. A life that...

  • Cursed
    8.1K 307 16

    Anthony Weinbach is cursed to time travel since he was ten years old. In the present, he's a famous singer in a band called 'Rebellious Lads' but in the past, he's Sir Anthony Johnson. Anthony is given the task to protect Princess Lia by King Eli of the olden Elopura. That's when he finds out, he's not the only one w...