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  • Twisted ➠ anakin skywalker x reader {2}
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    "I don't believe that for a second." { Story playlist, any suggestions may be left in the comments: } {the star wars universe does not belong to me, s/o to george lucas u gr8, jolly man}

  • What Secrets Do The Shadows Keep? || The Phantom of the Opera || Book Three
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    || Book 3 of "The Shadow's Melody" || (Based off of the Alternate Ending of "The Angel's Shadow") I can not possibly tell you just how happy I am in the life I have now. The life with my Erik. My wonderful Erik. The man I have wanted since I was a child and dreaming about the masked man I had seen onstage at the Opéra...

  • Kingsfoil [Thranduil]
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    Love has the power to heal the deepest wounds. #ElvenKingsNeedLoveToo Set during Lord of the Rings. Thranduil/OC Thranduil's not afraid to do whatever necessary to push back the darkness threatening his forest. The hands of the king have the power to heal, but will it be enough to save his kingdom...and himself? Thi...

  • Meum Miraculum
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    He was powerful He was terrifying Said to be cruel and unjust Terrifyingly possessive He had the world, but to him she was his world. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his miraculum.

  • Valentine's Day: CUPID'S MATCH SEQUEL
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    Roses are red Violets are blue The match has been made I'M COMING FOR YOU... Happy VALENTINE'S DAY, Lila... *** Valentine's Day is the eagerly anticipated sequel to Cupid's Match - the Watty Award winning Paranormal Romance with over 30 million reads online! Cupid's Match is now a published Audiobook with Hachette, an...

  • Philophobia (Jonathan Crane, O/C)
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    Philophobia: the abnormal, persistent and unwarranted fear of falling in love or emotional attachment. The risk is usually when a person has confronted any emotional turmoil relating to love in the past. Jonathan Crane walked out of Cassandra Jackson's life just as their love was beginning. She was left to pick up...

  • Rise of Rain - Sequel to Tower Falling
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    Everything was falling apart. Patience was wearing thin; Henley's had completely run out, and she left. It'd taken them more than a year to join the Eye, and now that the Horsemen had been accepted into the Eye's ranks, a year has passed and nothing has come out of it. Dylan says to be patient, that the Eye has a plan...

  • Pansy ▲ Daniel Atlas
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    ❝I'm sure we'll be seeing each again, Agent Ellis.❞ ❝I'm sure we will, Atlas.❞ In Victorian England, the Pansy was once used for secret courting. Any display of love was looked down on, and so, the Pansy was used so that lovers could communicate. It was used to convey many a feeling that was not...

  • W A R [dceu]
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    »Sequel to H E L P "I hope you forgive me, Bruce, but I have to do this," Kira raised the gun. (I do not own DC characters and plots) (My first language is not English) (Gifs aren't mine) »post BvS {I'll edit it when it's finished. So sorry for mistakes}

  • Pharaoh's Heart
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    Aneksi's life has been upheaved ever since entering the Palace as a consort to the Pharaoh. Her journey continues as she struggles against the odds to maintain a life of peace and happiness while fighting to stay beside the Pharaoh. //Sequel to Pharaoh's Bride// Copyright 2017. Including cover. Do NOT steal. I WILL ta...