• The Hybrid
    4.3M 170K

    "Do you really want me, all of me? I'm not like other werewolves or vampires. I can't mark you, I can't fully shift into wolf form, I have a beast inside of me, Genevieve. Is that what you really want?" *****Best Ranking: #1 Vampire 5/13/2015 **** ((ROUGH DRAFT))

  • Amnesia
    57.8K 3.5K

    Cameron Black can't believe his luck. One minute he's hanging out with his friends at an exclusive party. The next, he's in front of the woman who has haunted his dreams for seven years. Not just any woman. Chloe Camille Tramell, the only woman who has been able to break through his dark heart. All Chloe wants is to...

  • Princess ↣ Kylo Ren
    • lovelypaws
    • 36 Parts
    • Updated May 14, 2016 06:52PM
    256K 12.1K

    In which a bounty hunter falls for the biggest darth vader fanboy COVER BY THE AWESOME DINOLUX

  • Unwanted Allies- Dr. Jonathan Crane Story
    44.6K 1.3K

    When Lilah Doute receives a visit from her stepfather Carmine Falcone, she quite distressed upon learning about her new houseguest and even more so when she works out what he's really like. Dr. Jonathan Crane/OC Warning: This is set before Batman Begins and may along the way include other villains. May include to...

  • Infatuation (Yandere Boys x Reader)
    • MaskCover
    • 61 Parts
    • Updated May 22, 2016 07:09PM
    218K 11.9K

    After the six new boys meet (Y/n), they begin an unhealthy obsession over the female and soon take it too far. There's not much chance of her escaping their thoughts or hands but she's definitely going to try when she's had enough.