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  • Possibility (Lauren/you)
    85.9K 2.9K 26

    You are junior in high school with your best friends Dinah and Ally. You are also a werewolf/vampire. Dinah and Ally know about your secret. What happens when one day you meet a green eyed beauty? Will you let her in and tell her your secret?

  • Bad, Bad, Bad (Lauren/you)
    127K 4.5K 39

    You are a SHIELD agent who is 19 years old. You were recruited when you were 8 years old. One day you are on a mission and you happen to run into Lauren Jauregui. What happens when you fall in love with her?

  • Is This Real (Lauren/You/Camila)
    10.3K 421 3

    All eyes have been on Y/N Carter since she was born as she is the only child of Beyoncé and Jay Z, she always felt a immense pressure to be as successful as her parents and she always wanted to make them proud. Y/N is now the most famous, successful and richest teenager in the world, she sells out stadiums within minu...

  • Popularity or my nerd? camila cabello/you
    160K 3.6K 33

    have you ever had crush? Camila is the popular girl ar school, dating the coolest guy, Austin Mahone,but no one knows who is her crush? the boy that always gets bullied in school. this is my first fanfic hope you like it!! please read it D:

  • Let the adventure begin (Camila/You)
    80.7K 2.2K 48

    Y/N is a 18 year old girl who was left at the age of 16 to live alone. What happens when all your years of hard work putting up covers on YouTube finally pays off will you redeem not only your dreams but the cute brunette that's in that dream.

  • The Player Fifth Harmony/you
    157K 5.6K 28

    Young, Smart, and Kindhearted if only you had the looks and the personality to go with it. At the age of eighteen your senior in high school with low expectations, few friends, and ultimate insecurities one day after school you meet the one and only person who will change your life as you know it and make you complete...

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  • Love Yourself
    22.2K 608 6

    Y/N Y/LN,a Starbucks barista Lauren Jauregui,1/5 of Fifth Harmony

  • Try Hard (Lauren/You)
    89.8K 2.7K 18

    Y/n Y/ln is Alpha of the StoneWood Wolf pack The Royals. She's dangerous, so people say, and knows her way around. She is known at StoneWood High as the hottest, most dangerous girl in school. Everyone knows not to step to her. She ends up saving a new gorgeous green eyed girl from her school from rival pack and thi...

  • Lauren Jauregui pics!
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    Anyone wanna tell me if these pics are ok? Or something? I think she is awesome........and cool!!

  • My Lifesaver
    94.3K 2.8K 42

    A continuation of my Lauren/You imagine from the imagine book

  • Jauregui Effect
    40.8K 1.5K 11

    You're a professional softball player and you go to the club after winning your first game. While at the club, your eyes land on a certain person you've never seen there before. You soon find out that someone is Lauren Jauregui from a famous girl band called Fifth Harmony. Before you realize it, you're head over heels...

  • Instagram (Lauren/you)
    144K 3.8K 13

    You and Lauren meet in Instagram and she dms you. You g!p

  • My Famous Five Best Friends
    172K 7.1K 53

    a fifth harmony/you fic. When you meet your idols, fifth harmony, at a meet and greet, you instantly connect with them. Next thing you know, you're hanging out with them, calling them your best friends. You love these girls more than life, and would do anything for them. *I need a good cover for this and i am not tec...

  • Psychology Major (Lauren/You)
    20.2K 919 5

    Y/N Y/L/N. English Major. Lauren Jauregui. Psychology Major. After they hit it off at the bar and spend a night together, Y/N sees Lauren again, but this time at school. What will become of their budding relationship when Lauren isn't the same girl Y/N met before? Will she give up trying, or succeed in the end?

  • Saved (fifth harmony / you)
    190K 4.9K 34

    Y/n L/n is 16 years old and lives with her abusive family. The only people keeping her alive is the one and only Fifth harmony. You have new neighbors, what happens if they are your idols? One night they hear screaming from your house. Will they help? Or leave you to die? Read to find out (I promise it's going to b...

  • Twitter Lauren/You
    147K 2.5K 23

  • Going Nowhere ➳ C.C/L.J
    241K 9.6K 29

    You are dating two girls from Fifth Harmony. Can you guess who? Yes, the allusive Camren. You love both of the girls with a passion, and you don't even know how you got into this mess. Through all the bullshit and drama they put you through, you'll love them no matter what. What a crazy adventure, being in love with t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine- (Fifth Harmony/You)
    188K 6.9K 4

    You are a badass with tattoos, nose piercing, tongue piercing, some ear piercing but your a nice new student in Miami High School and then some 5 hot girls are head over heels for you. Who among them is going to be your girlfriend? Is it Ally? Is it Camila? Is it Dinah? Is it Lauren? Or is it Normani? Or is it all? re...

  • Lauren/You - Love Before Dawn
    127K 4.9K 22

    Summary : You are a vampire, a 341 years old vampire stuck in the body you had when you were 18. You don't respect the rules that have been established by The Order - the head clan of vampires which controls the others - you don't live with the clan that has turned you, you are by yourself. Well almost, considering th...

  • Lauren/You - My Guardian Angel
    252K 8.4K 28

    Summary: Fifth Harmony are an amazingly famous girl band but sometimes the pressure they get is too overwhelming and they end up doing something stupid. That's what happens one night when paparazzis are too pushy. Because of their acts, their manager decides that it is for the best if they retire for a year in order t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Some Changes (Camila/You/Dinah)
    36.4K 1.1K 14

    A girl's journey to find true love