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  • Charlie's Daughter (A Paul's Imprint)
    67.1K 1.1K 11

    Grace Swan is Charlie's daughter. Charlie had her when he was a senior in high school, before he married Bella's mom. Grace's mother died giving birth to her. Grace is Charlie's baby girl and he cares deeply for her. Three years after her mother's death Charlie marries Renee and has Bella another year after. Grace ha...

  • Love is Complicated ⇒ Twilight fanfiction
    1M 19.5K 54

    After Ariana moves to Forks with her sister Bella she can't help but notice about the weird things that happen around her and in her life. She meets a new guy and reunites with an old friend. Will her and a certain Cullen be together or will a certain wolf sweep her off her feet? I guess you'll have to read to find ou...

  • Imprint to the Quiluete alpha
    125K 1.9K 16

    This is a Sam Uley love story. Emily is a Uley in this book, as Sam's little sister.

  • Twilight wolf pack: imprints
    1.6M 31K 200

    A collection of different wolf pack members finding their soul mates and imprinting on them. This book has been filled to the point where I can no longer add any more chapters, want more? The second book is now available and filled with even more chapters

    Completed   Mature
  • The One
    68.8K 1.2K 21

    What if you found the one? The one you're going to marry, have kids with, and grow old with? What if you had to protect them from the dangers of the world? What if you imprinted? That's exactly what Paul Lahote did.

  • Free (Paul Lahote love story)
    43.6K 853 9

    Paul's imprint and Bella's rebellious half-sister!

  • Imprinted
    63.9K 1.4K 15

    Being the new girl can be challenging especially when I got thrown into a world I thought was only fiction... p.s. This was written on Quotev (by myself) So if you see it on there just know I wrote it there as well!

  • Our happy ending (Sequel to my princess)
    31.4K 995 17

    Rileys back and now she has more to deal with. More than she can handel. A killer brother. A half werewolf, half vampire son. And a war she may not win. I do not own twilight, or any pictures, videos, music and/or links used in this story. Thanks

  • Little Cullen
    502K 12.1K 49

    Rosalie find a little girl in the woods...will she be taken into the family?

  • Mackenzie Cullen
    124K 3K 21

    This story happens 2 year's after Renesmee's birth, therefore she appears to be a 12 year old. The battle with the Volturi may be over, but will a new addition to an already large and powerful coven disrupt the peace? One girl will change the Cullens' fate. This girl will cause the vision that will lead to one Cullen...

  • Imprinted on the Enemy (Seth Clearwater Love Story)
    255K 5.5K 24

    Lacey Jameson-Cullen, turned by Carlisle when she was 17. All she's ever wanted was a mate someone to be happy with, but has never found one. Seth Clearwater youngest pack member yet, never understood what imprinting was all about. Natural born enemies is what they are can love overcome that obstacle?

  • Eleanor Swan (A Emmett Cullen Love Story)
    215K 4.2K 12

    Eleanor Swan is Bella Swan's older sister. Unlike her sister she choose to live with her dad instead of her mom, because she want her dad to feel alone. Eleanor is now a Junior at Forks High School, and is crushing on a certain tall black haired guy. What happens when she goes camping with friends, and something poten...

  • Avoided ~*~*Sequel to Eleanor Swan*~*~
    141K 3.4K 22

    Eleanor has been avoiding conversation with her little sister Bella. She hopes by doing so Bella won't find out her secret. What happens when she finds out her new brother Edward is mated to her? Find out in the sequel to Eleanor Swan.

  • Beyond Love |Paul Lahote|
    2.3K 74 8

    Kathryn Swan was a girl who loved her family but in a matter of seconds, her old life was taken away from her. Broken and permanently scarred she moves in with the only family she has left her uncle Charlie. Now she's faced with changes she didn't even think possible. A Paul Lahote love story. (This takes place 2 year...

  • Little Black
    124K 2.1K 21

    This is a Paul Lahote love story.

  • My Brothers Best Friend. *Paul Lahote Love Story*
    55.3K 1K 5

    Hazel Uley is Sam's younger sister. She had to leave him when their mother died. She was taken by her father Joshua Uley. But now she runs away from her father cause of the things he has done. She knows about Sam and the pack. Shes a trouble maker, a total badass. Will Paul cause her to calm down? Or make it worse?

  • Alex Swan
    12.8K 299 10

    Alex swan much like her sister had gotten caught up in a love triangle with a vampire named Emmett Cullen and a werewolf named Paul lahote

  • To Fall in Love (a Paul Lahote love story) #wattys2018
    34.9K 546 11

    Ellery Kingsley Cullen. If you asked the mundane teenagers of Forks high school their opinions of her you would hear: beautiful, gorgeous, stuck up, unsociable. If you asked her family the same question you would hear: sarcastic, funny, intelligent, awkward, loving, wise, talented. If you asked her you'd get two answe...

  • Jasper's Deaf Mate (1) (Rewrite in Progress)
    163K 2.9K 14

    Serena is Bella Swan's deaf 16 year old little sister, who dislikes nothing more than hearing people. What would happen when she meets Jasper Hale, the only hearing boy that gave Serena his time and energy? Would Serena accept the fact that he can hear, or would she continue pushing him away like she does to everyone...

  • Another Cullen Imprintee ~Paul Lahote love story~
    203K 4.5K 36

    Isabella and Edward Cullen didn't only have Renesmee infact, they had twins. Renesmee and Addison Cullen are both twins, they love each other to death as do Bella and Edward. Jacob imprinted on Renesmee but will anyone imprint on Addison? oh yes and it's none other than our hot head. Bella kicked Jacob who was her chi...

  • Love Comes from Unexpected Places
    6.8M 169K 97

    Charlie Swan's niece comes to stay during New Moon. Paul Lahote/OC

  • An Unlikey Imprint (Emmett Cullen LS)
    1.4M 33.2K 50

    Taylor Lahote is the twin sister of Paul Lahote, she is the first girl to ever join the pack and much like her brother dislikes the idea of imprinting. She enjoys life as it is without being tied down to one person, what happens when she fines her imprint and he turns out to be a vampire but not just any vampire a pre...

  • Him
    241K 4.2K 42

    Authors Note: I wrote this when I was really young and it isn't the best. You have been warned! -------------------------- Savannah Elizabeth Carter and her family are forced to move to Forks, Washington because of a hurricane. Luckily her cousins, Seth and Leah, and childhood best friend, Jake, live close by. She h...

  • My Saviour (Paul Lahote imprint story)
    59K 1.7K 11

    *On Hold* Raven was a ordinary 18 year old girl from forks until a bear kills her father and brother. She's taken in by the Cullen Clan. And here begins the journey through different super natural beings and powers. Including Imprinting. Paul Lahote: he imprinted on her but she just wants to be friends. Thing is, s...

  • The adopted Cullen
    194K 3.8K 20

    Maya is 4 years old and has had a very disturbed past. Being a rape victim which she doesn't know what it means make her very sensitive to people helping her change or bathe. She is very picky. The one thing that springs a red flag to Carlisle and Esme is it's girls she won't let near her. Stephenie Meyer owns Twi...

  • Twilight Imagine & Preferences
    392K 6.8K 23

    Book one ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Y/n)-your name (H/l)-your hair length: long, midden, short (H/c)-your hair colour (E/c)-your eye colour ~~~~>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<~~~~ I don't own twilight or there characters.

  • Falling for the hothead (Paul Lahote)
    108K 2.6K 9

    16 year old Beth moved to La Push because her stepfather wanted to be closer to his family. On her first day of school she might just get in the middle of a fight between two guys at school. One of them being Paul lahote the hothead. What happens when he meets this blonde haired beauty and has trouble controlling bot...

  • Twilight Wolf Pack Preferences
    491K 7.4K 33

    A book of preferences based on the Twilight Saga's Wolf Pack. <3 (Taking Requests)(SLOW UPDATES)

  • ❌ Sucker For Pain (Emmett Cullen Love Story) ❌
    208K 4.2K 35

    ❌❌ DISCONTINUED ❌❌ Ashley (Ash) Swan, is the younger half sister of Isabella (Bella) Swan. She is the main reason that Renee and Charlie broke up. She's a generally hyper girl but has a dark side that she shows to people who are mean to her and those she cares about. "I can't promise to fix all your problems, but...

  • The Cullen Twins (Twilight)
    92.4K 1.9K 10

    I know it's going to start like every other story intro with the whole what if the Cullen's didn't just have Renesmee but twins! The Cullen's knew they were having twins but they didn't know what genders. But they promised they would love them both equally and they actually kept that promise. What if Renesmee twin cam...