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  • The Movement
    200K 3.3K 65

    Troy Duckworth is a successful businessman whose random act of charity turns him into the monster he once despised. With the diehard effort of a dangerous homeless man, Troy rediscovers his genius mind, tragic childhood, and the unstoppable revolution he helped create. Undergo the adventures, adversity, and twists en...

  • Encore [Completed!]
    184K 7.6K 65

    France 1890; and the oldest Opera House in Paris is about to be torn to the ground - taking the nightmares with it. Enter young Charlotte Daae who, after running away from her home, finds herself draw to the ancient building. Here, in this very building Charlotte finds a being like no other. A man who could set her so...

  • Awareness
    485 36 1

    A weird dystopian bureaucracy satire. Much better than it sounds.

  • Ausweg leben
    1.5K 72 14

    Daniel hasst das Leben mit seiner Mutter. Er will sie nicht verzweifeln lassen. Er kann sich aber auch nicht den ganzen Tag nur verstellen. In der Schule wird Benedigt Streber genannt. Zu Hause verzweifelt er. Er vermisst seine Mutter. Dorianne hat ein cooles Leben. Jeder mag sie. Das Leben bringt sie daher aber noch...

  • Sci - Fi Short Stories
    6.6K 368 12

    Collection of Sci-Fi Shorts: FINDING THE TRUTH: [Sci-Fi: Candlepunk] Catalina de Aragón, Infanta of Spain, grew up believing there was no truth except God's. But deep inside her heart, she has many questions. In a world where the so called heretics had a deep knowledge and technology, she could not help but to wonder...

  • Proudly British
    1.6K 40 7

    Got those perceptions of Brits - pale, ghastly and frustratingly polite? Hop right in to my catalogue of British stuffs, misperceptions and my own personal musings. See that orange button at the bottom right that says "Start Reading"? NO. Don't click it, whatever you do, do not ever ever try that.

  • Just Business
    15.3K 512 15

    Gilbert is a male stripper. Francis owns the club, Gil works there every evening along side Alfred, Mathias, Antonio, and Feliks. His wife, Elizia doesn't know that is his line of work. Gil and Elizia's marriage is failing, and she cheats on him. They fight and she moves out of their home. All Gil has now is stripping...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wound Up in Hetalia
    144K 3.8K 13

    Haven't we all dreamed of going inside Hetalia? Well now you can! In this story you, as the character, have the time of your lives doing anything you want. But it is also said that you have a powerful and secret power. What could it be?

  • Bésame?
    10.7K 488 5

    All he wants is a kiss. Was that too much to ask for? Join Spain on his quest to receive a kiss from the one he loves, Romano, and all the misadventures that just so happen to tag along. What's a Spaniard to do? "Bésame?"

  • A Wilted Rose-Hetalia Murder Mystery Fanfiction
    15.3K 479 17

    FACE Family Fic: Set in the 1920's, France is an artist with a passion for life, who does as he pleases and thinks nothing of it. So when he is poisoned and killed, America sets off to uncover the truth behind the murder, and prove England's innocence. And when he looks, he finds that his supposedly calm life hides je...

  • Survival
    396K 4.1K 6

    The Mayans were right.....almost. On the 23rd of December 2012, the Earth witnessed beautiful harmless meteor showers all round the planet. Beginning on the 25th of December, the world did end for the humans. The earth did not implode, the stars did not come crashing down, no giant tsunamis hit the coastlines nor did...

  • Bella and Cissy on Life and other 'intresting' topics......
    346 10 2

    Join Bella, Cissy and other very interesting characters and real people....If you have any questions or topics that you would like to be featured in these conversations then please message me! :)

  • Pia Latte
    1.2K 35 10

    Starting her second year at Ichiro High, 15 year old; Kiyoko Nakashima finds it completely different to her first year. Now with more friends, she realises relationships are hard to balance, especially with her new co-workers at her new part time job at a cafe, Pia Latte. Things get really twisted and bonds are tested...

  • The Lost Crown (Hetalia fanfiction)
    15.5K 404 22

    America is sick, and the only country who might be able to help him is Seychelles. England sets off on a journey to ask for her help, with his comrades, Scotland and the ever annoying Sealand to save America before its too late. Witty banter and disastrous occurences included :)

  • Ib
    32.8K 799 15

    A girl named Ib, visits the art gallery with her parents, after contemplating different works made by the famous artist, Weiss Guertena, she notices that something had changed. *Based on the horror game "Ib", all the names of the characters are given credit to Kouri.

  • Tales of the Iron Cross
    2.3K 94 3

    Three parts long, different stages from Prussia's and Germany's lives. Just brotherly stuff. One part is little Ludwig and Big brother Prussia, one is from WWII and one is Berlin Wall

  • The Lara life: Story of new aging.
    100 3 4

    Country girl, Lara's life is turned upside down when her family decides to move to the city! Starting a new school, she doesn't know what crowd to follow. that is until she meets Ally-Jay, who gets Lara into all sorts of things, some putting her life at risk!

  • Neptun: A Love Beyond Time
    5.5K 172 22

    [Pink Floyd] "Now, does not matter to me how much my life is a shit, how much people hate me or fear me, how my past haunts me, how get along with others is difficult for me, how much is difficult to accept 'certain' and 'cons' that throw me down or how much loving you makes me hurt." Such a person looked away and mur...

  • Be Brave, Be Smart, Be safe! ( A Hetalia Fanfiction)
    7K 200 15

    " Be Brave, Be Smart, Be Safe" Were the words my brother said when I was send away from Scotland. I didn't want to but he wanted me to go to safer place then there, but I m not so sure that where I was going were that much safer than there. The only thing I know is that I' m going to one of his brothers and stay ther...

  • Letters From Russia
    164 4 1

    Read it and find out. ;) I'll give you a hint. Russia. Letter (Eventually), Person. Yep.

  • Hetalia ~ Chance Encounter ~ England x Wy
    1.4K 29 5

    [Is only rated PG, oops~!] A bored gentleman in search of new literature... a young artist in search of uncommon materials... plus a fluffy, squishable rabbit and a FLYING MINT BUNNY~! What will come of their meeting?! DISCLAIMER: I don't own Hetalia, Britain, Wy, or Shelf Indulgence (if a real bookstore under that n...

  • Why We Cut Ourselves
    28.9K 1.7K 1

    A poem I wrote about why peole cut themselves. Taken from self experience.

  • A very potter musical lyrics
    8.1K 186 11


  • Plastic
    14.7K 738 1

    ❝Life in plastic, it's fantastic.❞

  • Everything Changes
    78 3 3

    Hazel and Amber Farrow are normal teenage sisters. The only difference is, they have a broken past. When the murderer of their mother finds them once again, they try to pick up the pieces. Will it all work out the way they planned, or will they be following the never-ending path to nowhere for the rest of their lives?

  • You never knew me till now....Don't Mess With Me.
    20.2K 969 17

    Feliciano Vargas has been faking pretty much his entire life. He's been playing innocent and hiding the fact that he's strong, to take the others by surprise and rise to the top. He is confident that he will rule the world and will stop at nothing to do so. Anyone who gets in his way, will regret it dearly. He's a...

  • |Resurfacing|
    6.2K 148 1