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  • Finding the Missing Piece: Book 2
    270K 12.6K 121

    Katniss and Peeta, now engaged, are heading off to college to begin their Forever and Always. They have gone through a lot but they now have a fresh start. Of course there will be struggles but they are, as usual determined to make it work. That's what you do when your in love, right? You make it work. Find about the...

  • Finding the Missing Piece: An Everlark Story
    412K 19.6K 123

    Katniss Everdeen is a sixteen year old girl. She feels life is going great with her family, friends and life in general, but things take a turn for Katniss the night before her first day back to school since her summer break. Soon she realizes she's missing something. This is the story of how Katniss Everdeen finds th...

  • Just A Dream: A Tragic Everlark Story
    9.4K 518 13

    "Then They Handed Her A Folded Up Flag And She Held On To All She Had Left Of Him" - Carrie Underwood "Just A Dream" ♥Complete♥

  • Finding the Missing Piece: Book 3
    206K 12K 126

    Katniss and Peeta have experienced a lot together. There's been extremely good days and extremely bad days too, but with each day they continue to grow together. Marriage is finding a way into their relationship as well as some new friends. There will be more drama, romance, humor, bad days and of course good days too...