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  • Haiku #Wattys2015
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    Haiku pertaining to beautiful nature. #Wattys2015

  • Miss Selainious
    19.6K 2K 29

    A Potpourri

  • Journey Home
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    Journey Home c.2013, Olan L. Smith Journey Home is a collection of poems that is a personal search for my spiritual home. I go about this search with the tools of poetry using the English language as my map. Love, peace and freedom, Olan L. Smith

  • Angels of Life
    280 30 12

    Back to back with the poem book 'Demons of Life', Angels of Life explores what's arguably pleasant within life focusing on people; choices and lifestyles. Will'o'Stars ©

  • Transfigured
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  • Poetry
    9.8K 433 25

    Just a collection of a poems with varying themes. I hope you enjoy.

  • eight
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  • Step into their Shoes
    2.8K 153 15

    A series of narrative poems which recount tales that once charmed me. Welcome... and join me as I step into their shoes.

  • Footsteps
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    Come, come, join me in this journey.

  • 9 Poems From ASPECTS OF LOVE By Strider Marcus Jones
    9K 165 9

    Aspects Of Love is my first published collection of love and other poems. I hope you enjoy reading these poems and your comments are welcome on those you like. ASPECTS OF LOVE By Strider Marcus Jones~Publisher Poetry

  • Passages
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    Exploring pathways of the creative journey.

  • Prayer
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  • Autumn's Dance
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  • 40 Poems From POMEGRANATE FLESH by Strider Marcus Jones
    619K 3.2K 40

    This collection of poetry features 40 of the 75 poems from my latest book Pomegranate Flesh. You are most welcome to vote and comment and follow me. The poems in this collection show Strider’s gift of being able to weave words into creative and surprising configurations. He manipulates words to do his will, taming th...

  • 14 Poems From WOODED WINDOWS By Strider Marcus Jones
    12.6K 252 14

    Selected Poems from my fourth book WOODED WINDOWS By Strider Marcus Jones ~ Book Poetry ~ Publisher http://www.lulu The poems in this book reflect on my journey through life, love, the Arab Spring and Occupy Movement. As a socialist and one of the 99%, this book is about love, social revolution and the eternal strugg...

  • Flowery tales
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    My truce with the Haiku...

  • Dimensions of Silk
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    Duet poem,Olan started with the 1st line I did the second and so forth until the end

  • Haiku Inspirations©
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    The butterfly and cherry blossoms are beautiful objects of nature, full of magic and symbolism. They inspire us to embrace change with faith and hope, and to live our brief lives to the fullest.

  • Ravishiea
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    Completed   Mature
  • April .. Till Then
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    April .. Till Then

  • Poetry
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  • ~ Gypsy ~
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  • Rhapsody
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    La musica eleva l'anima ed ispira l'immaginazione. Si tratta di una serie di poesie con temi musicali. Music uplifts the soul and inspires the imagination. This is a series of poems using musical themes.

  • Amor deliria nervosa
    1.3K 41 1

    What if love were a disease? Love, the deadliest of all deadly things - it kills you when you have it and when you don't. Choose to be infected. A poem about forbidden love. Inspired by Lauren Oliver's Delirium.

  • A Flower
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  • Depth Charge - illuminations
    633K 2.2K 22

    For years, man has looked to the sky to find out if life from other worlds really exists, if we are not alone. The answer is a solid yes, but, we were looking the wrong way! Unbeknownst to us, we had already made contact, but did not know what we were looking at. Planet earth was inhabited many years before humans cam...