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  • After
    615M 9.4M 102

    Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

  • Mistakes: Vengeance - Book 2 (Unedited)
    84.9K 10.6K 50

    Lindsay won't stop until vengeance is served, even if it takes forever, but she has no idea of the long road that led up to that horrible moment or the enemy from a past she didn't know was hers. Book 1: Mistakes Book 2: Mistakes - Vengeance

    Completed   Mature
  • Mistakes: Book 1 (1st Edit)
    377K 29.1K 90

    Lindsay Cane had a bad feeling about this burglary from the moment Backus Dall contracted Ron to do it. She took one look at the surveillance photograph of the man who was their mark, Casius Cole Stark and every instinct in her body warned her that this wasn't a man you messed with, but as always Ron paid no heed to h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Azeroth Unfolding - Book 3
    8K 666 40

    AZEROTH - A dark, brooding nimbus off the coast of Frostfire Ridge, conceals an enemy waiting for its opportunity to invade. Its far reaching effects have tempers flaring, inner conflicts, families, friends and lovers turning against each other. It is an enemy so powerful, it will obliterate Azeroth and her affiliat...

  • Sorceress
    140K 8K 42

    They came at night, angry and lustful for treasure and slaves. We stood no chance. I lay in bed, completely oblivious. Then I heard the screaming. Aine O'Connell has been captured by Vikings, and forced into slavery. Then one day everything changes.

  • Blood of Azura
    794K 39.6K 47

    Fara's husband, the Prince of Azura, is murdered and she's enslaved by his killer, Theodan, a warrior fighting a war he doesn't believe in - until her. ***** Following the assassination of her husband and the invasion of the kingdom of Azura, Prince...

    Completed   Mature
  • Into the Light
    55.7K 5.1K 58

    ❃ AWARD-WINNING WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ❃ Still reeling from the fallout of the Battle for the Broken Shore, Khadgar learns Azeroth has less than one month left before Illidan rises again as Sargeras's avatar. While the battle for Illidan's soul rages within the Nether, Khadgar must gather the quarrelling nations, find...

  • RED
    632K 38.2K 33

    Falling in love is not rational. It's madness. A beautiful, wonderful moment of magnificent insanity. Michael Faudet. He got down on one knee with his hand stretched to her with a rose. "Kiana Stuart... Will you be my date..." "No." She interrupted, without wasting a second more...

  • Pretty Boy
    6.1K 478 18

    After surviving the disaster that destroyed his home and moving with his sister to the small village of Port Croft, Charlie Gaston has found a new life and developed a bit of a reputation as a heartbreaker. Now he's feeling the pressure to settle down with his on-and-off girl Jenny, but he's not ready - and when Jenny...

  • Fighting the Alpha
    597K 24.8K 26

    PaisleyViking re-publishes her very first book written on a previous account. First published in 2013, Fighting the Alpha was in the Top Ten in Wattpad's Werewolf Category in 2013 and 2014. At the time of transfer from @Secret_Rider's account, Fighting the Alpha has more than 4.9 million reads and 129 thousand...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lost Valor of Love
    1M 13.8K 17

    ❃ AWARD-WINNING PUBLISHED NOVEL ❃ BOOK I OF THE TRANSCENDENCE SERIES ❃ Growing up during the centuries-long conflict between the empires of Egypt and Hatti, the young princess Istara is taken hostage by the King of Hatti to secure the loyalty of her father, the King of Kadesh to the empire. Soon her new life in Hatti'...

  • The Brave One (Completed)
    1.4M 56.1K 42

    Iris isn't like normal girls. She doesn't care about what the latest fashion is or who she wants to court her. In fact, she doesn't even want to fall in love. She just wants to fight and be strong like the men. When one day a law is passed that girls could be knights, she is ecstatic. Not everyone is thrilled though. ...

  • Secret Desires of A Marquess (Secret Desires #1) ON HIATUS
    35.9K 1K 4

    HE WILL STOP AT NOTHING... She, Miss Dionysia Merton is the second daughter of the Viscount Goodwin. A plain beauty, she set her heart out to the exclusive Duke of Hartwell, and become his duchess, but her heart had other plans, as she did not come think that she would find herself falling for someone else... TO MAKE...

  • Death Is My BFF crack-fic
    102K 4K 53

    I honestly don't know. I had a lot of these written in my old notebook so I thought why da fuck not!! :D just some random shit I wrote about DIMBFF,Written by Katrocks247,seriously like the best book ever. But yeah,enjoys! (I don't own the characters,but these fanfics are mine)

  • Heart of Stone (Parts I & II)
    10.1M 491K 127

    [COMPLETE] Some bonds can't be broken, even in death. -- He couldn't endure another heartbreak. "Accepting her would be a mistake," he said. "She's a human. I can't afford to have her blood on my hands." Gwen looked away, and he knew she saw the image that flashed in his mind. The slaughter. Bodies everywhere. The put...

  • Mirror, Mirror {#Wattys2016}
    27K 1.7K 19

    {Highest ranking: #1 in Fantasy} In a world where Mirrors serve as a link between dimensions, Cassandra had always found herself fascinated with the Other side. In particular, she had always been curious towards her Parallel, the carbon copy that copied her movements exactly. That whole other world seemed unattainabl...

  • The Luna's Problem
    13.9K 524 5

    Alana is the Luna of her pack. With her best friend, Taylor, as her beta and a steamy relationship with the head of her security, things are going well... That is, until she finds out something's wrong with her. On top of this, Luna's from all over the country are going missing. And what happens when she finally me...

  • The Assassin
    103K 3.8K 12

    {Note that, true to its title, this story will have some rather brutal scenes and violence.} Beware the assassin. She may fool you, she may tame you, she may even like you. But in the end, she will still kill you. ++++ Locked deep in the dungeons of the kingdom of Helios... ... There is a dark, dangerous creat...

  • Sands of Time
    130K 9.8K 38

    Alix had stared death in the face many times, hungry for its sweet release but never allowed to taste it for too long. Lost in the desert without a hope of survival, she smiled at her demise. She was finally free. Touching the burka shading her skin, she prepared herself for death once again. Death by fire would be pa...

  • The Orsini Bride [PUBLISHED]
    28.5M 813K 42

    "I need you to find me a bride." Francesca Marcolini never expected that the day will come when the handsome devil who nagged her at every opportunity they had the misfortune to meet would barged into her office and announce that he needs a wife and Francesca will be the one who will look for his bride. Marco Orsini...