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  • Across Two Worlds
    156 9 4

    What happens when two people die at the exact same time? They're bonded, landing in the same place between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Caught halfway through, Sage Tinsley and Cinder Cadwell meet in a place called the 'In-Between.' But instead of sorting out their past and moving on like most...

  • Teen Titans: The Eternal vs. Mortal Love Story - Book One
    205K 3K 52

    * A/N - This Fan Fiction takes place from about Season 3 to Season 5 of the Teen Titans TV series. This is a FAN FICTION - Not everything in this story is accurate and true to the nature of DC Comics story lines. My name is Amber Zar-El. I'm a seventeen year old runaway. I needed to start my life over. I didn't want...

  • Two Different Worlds, Two Heroes : Percy Jackson and Harry Potter [EDITING]
    1.2M 23.8K 35

    Two different worlds collide as Percy Jackson, demigod and Harry Potter, wizard comes face-to-face after having dreams about each other. They are both in the middle of a war and could just be each other's solution to saving the world. [Set in Harry Potter's fifth year and after the Olympian war in Percy Jackson, right...

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender; Book One: Water
    35K 812 20

    When Katara and Sokka, two children of the South Water Nation Tribe, discover a perfectly preserved and mysteriously alive, girl inside a huge sphere of ice, their lives change forever. This girl is the now mythical 'Avatar', the only human being in the world who can bend all the elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air...

  • Heavenly Poison
    2.4M 63K 32

    Damien and Sebastian are both Legens— a supernatural creature which only a select few know that even exists. After getting kicked out of their homes at a young age, and being considered “freaks” by their parents, Damien and Sebastian make it their business to find adventure and live life to the fullest. Despite the h...

  • Superhuman
    9.9K 313 9

    Cody has been on the run from the government since he was 13. You see, Cody is different. He can do things humans shouldn’t be able to do. He can blow anything up with his mind. The government is trying to eliminate him because they believe he is a threat. While on the run he meets the beautiful small town girl Grace...

  • Diary of a Teenage Superhero (The Teenage Superhero Series Book One)
    2.9M 24.6K 41

    A teenager wakes up in a seedy hotel room. He has no memory of his name or his past. A man lies dying on the floor next to him. Someone starts pounding at the door. He runs. He is chased. While staying one step ahead of his pursuers, he begins to assemble the pieces of his life. His name is Axel. He is the victim of...

  • The Return of the Avatar
    116K 2.9K 30

    Sky is unique, but she doesn't know it. Forced to join an academy for Elementals, she makes new friends and meets a new boy. Her new best-friend and roommate is Hannah, a water bender. Then there's Drew, a player, a heart breaker, an ass. Sky struggles with fighting her love with Drew. Sky's unknown past is catching u...

  • X-Men: The Falcon (Book One)
    238K 7.5K 29

    The world is cruel, dark and foreboding. There is no one she can trust, no one she can rely on except the people that locked her up. Daniella is a mutant that has been chained up in a laboratory in Germany, and sees no plausible way to escape. In her imprisonment, she learns of a school for people like her in America...

  • Bend My Life *Legend of Korra*
    10.4K 245 8

    Hikari just got to Republic City from her home in what used to be the Fire Nation. She's a firebender, but can't control her bending at the least since her father never got to teach her. She has to find a teacher, but at the same time in Republic City, there's an Anti-Bending revolution, which could put her in serious...

  • Paranoia
    2.2M 14.8K 32

    The game is called paranoia. Everyone gets a name. The object of the game is to 'kill' that person. This time, the game was taken too far. And now, someone has to die.

  • Loved to Death
    108K 1.4K 1

    Jonathan Hill is home alone on a stormy night, babysitting his baby sister who won't stop crying. When he finds her room door oddly locked, it's only the beginning to a horror filled night.

  • FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1
    17.9M 532K 71

    "*Completed*"I froze the first boy I ever kissed. And I don't mean he got cold feet..." Megan is pretty unhappy when she's forced to move to a tiny, freezing town in Canada. It's going to be totally boring, right? Things heat up when she discovers that she possesses a growing power that's becoming more and more diffic...

  • A Supernatural Tale
    22.2K 443 16

    When the apocolypse is just finished brewing and about to boil over, the Winchester brothers, make a discovery in a small town on the outskirts of Ottawa. Who are these extreme feminists and why is Castiel so intent on finding them and what do they have anything to do with God.

  • The Human Xenocide
    397K 8.5K 47

    (For book 2 Search for "The Human Retaliation" by Freelove) Lilly was a normal girl, until one distraught day when she shot herself in the head with her Grandfathers Revolver. Then everything changed - Dark deals for a second chance, Ghouls, a kid she names Pop, a traveler called The Wizard and much more. Death follo...

  • Chained (Rewritten)
    5.1M 10.8K 2

    Never look into his eyes. Never let him touch you. Never speak to him. He will consume your soul. He will extinguish your dreams. He will turn you into nothing. Do not let him get to you. Do not trust him. Do not fall for his words and false promises. He is a master of lying and King of persuasion. Who is he? Read...

  • I Didn't Know I'm a Rogue
    1.1M 30.7K 29

    Tyler has been kept in the dark. She knows virtually nothing about werewolves and she rarely ever gets to shift. Then, men break into her house, slaughter her parents, and bring her to a house where she is locked in the basement and tortured for being a werewolf. At first, they wanted information, but then they just w...

  • The Alpha Meets The Rogue
    51.7M 1M 41

    Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away from an Alpha, she ends up kidnapped by another one. The exception for this was one: this Alpha was her mate.

  • The Makeover
    12.2M 144K 57

    Ugly. That's what she was. And then a year later, she's stunningly beautiful. Beautiful is an understatement actually. What do you do if the girl you teased is suddenly the hottest thing to ever walk the earth? Addison learns that when you suddenly become drop dead gorgeous that people aren't always what they seem. Cu...

  • Unwanted By Him (On Hold, sorry!!)
    244K 3.3K 15

    What happens when your mate not only rejects you, but physically hurts and humilates you in school? The only logical thing- you run away! And tha's just what Angelica Wood does, but she didn't plan on running into a small pack that accepts her, heals her broken heart, and changes her completely, nor does she expect go...

  • 7
    8.6M 98K 36

  • Papa Don't Preach! (On Hold)
    453K 8.7K 10

    Their eyes had met from across the crowded room, music blaring in the background. Sparks flew, passion flared and it took one single night in the heat of the moment to wreck 17 year old Rachel Warner's life. She's pregnant with Jason Reinhardt's child, the school's imfamous bad boy but what if the rumors weren't compl...

  • Undefined
    3.6K 117 7

    It's summer, and all Skyler wants is for her next-door neighbor, Alex, to think that she is girlfriend material. When Alex invites her to spend a week with his family in Atlantic City, Skyler sees a glimmer of hope that Alex might like her as more than his best friend. Told in her point of view, Undefined is sure to m...

  • He Saved My Life
    59.6K 1.5K 11

    'Right now I was on top of a tall building about to end my life. At the time all I could feel was pain. Life didn't seem important anymore. I was a 17 year old girl, lost. I looked down. I could hear cars honking and see people moving about. All I could think about was the pain. I lifted my foot in the air about to ju...

  • Lessons On Love
    9.2M 136K 32

    “I’m going to get straight to the point. I want you to make me fall in love with you.” Camila Jones is fearless. She’s also uncontrollably fierce and overly ambitious which tends to be a bad combination. When she unexpectedly fails an audition due to her inability to express love, she’s forced to reconsider something...

  • He Saved Me
    11.5M 147K 48

    Isobel Davis will never forget the night she was snatched into an alley and brutally raped while a knife was pressed against her throat. She will also never forget the boy who saved her. But even though he saved her that night, how can he save her from the nightmares that follow, waking her up in the middle of the nig...

  • My Life with the Walter Boys [Wattpad Version]
    78.6M 1.7M 57

    NOW PUBLISHED BY SOURCEBOOKS FIRE! Sixteen-year-old Jackie Howard knows nothing about her new guardian Katherine Walter when she moves from New York to Colorado. After discovering that Katherine has twelve boys, Jackie fears that living in the Walter house isn't going to be easy. It's just icing on the cake that the b...