• Being Gorgeous (ROUGH DRAFT! Re-Write) Warning: Many mistakes
    • SimplySteph
    • 25 parts
    1.5M 13.8K

    Avery Willow thinks she's ugly... How could she not? When she has two siblings with undeniable beauty, Ones the Queen Bee of the school and the others the typi...

  • Awake - Book One of the Spinner's Curse
    • GrimReader
    • 26 parts
    3.4M 28K

    Everyone is hiding from something; a secret, a lie. Mine just happens to be a curse, one bestowed upon me before my first birthday; a curse that says I'm suppo...

  • Tone Deaf
    • TheMightyPen
    • 26 parts
    • Updated 3 months ago
    1M 21.7K

    “Tone Deaf”. Just the name of the band will cause practically any teenage girl to swoon. Practically any. Ali couldn’t care less about the band or the “hip-hop...

  • "Two Lives, One Destiny" A Percy Jackson Love Story
    • WalkinBallOfSunshine
    • 35 parts
    172K 2.7K

    Selena and Serena Montgomery were no ordinary twins. They were demigods. After being rescued and brought to Camp Half Blood, the twins thought they finally fou...