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  • Inspiring Messages
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    This is basically a mix of lectures, poems, stories etc. I found some of these through WhatsApp, twitter and Islamic books and I thought it would be good idea to share them with everyone.

  • Everything about Islam
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    Doesnt every individual have the right to be correctly informed about the religion they so famously call 'The One which Preaches Terrorism??'

  • Emaan Boosts
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    AssalamuAlaykum, In this book I've decided to put together a collection of poems, inspirational stories and reminders about Islam. I do hope you'll benefit from this and change your ways accordingly. Please share with your friends and family. JazakhAllahair x

  • Islamic Short Stories
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    Read about goodness. Spark an inspiration.

  • Islamic Stories & Many More
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    Assalamualikum! Jazakallah for reading these little short stories, poems, Quran verses, and nasheeds. None of these stories belong to me at all. I've found them online, and I hoped to share them with you. :D

  • The Night Journey
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    The journey of the Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad pbuh, by night from the Holy Mosque in Mecca to the farthest mosque in Jerusalem was a miracle granted to Him by God. Also known as the night of Miraaj, lets go through this wondrous night in this short article.

  • Sunnah is My Style!
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    Have you ever felt so frustrated that you feel like kicking those lofty fashion-controlling guys and their switching styles when you find that your new hairstyle, which you got after much begging and coaxing your parents, just went out of fashion? And what about that special celebrity-like dress which you bought after...