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  • Call of The Witch: Heaven or Hell Trilogy - Book one
    6.4K 125 20

    "I'll see you in hell, sweetheart" and with that ending line she went flying through the air. She felt the glass of the panoramic window shatter as she hit it and the crash muted out everything else. As she hit the pavement outside the coffee shop she saw from the corner of her eye that Damian lifted up...

  • Bye, Bye Virginity
    27.5M 326K 28

    Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother’s best friend Damen Hurtz decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desperate attempt to gain his acceptance she allows him to take the one thing every girl values most…her virginity. After that night, Damen constantly begins acceptin...

  • Death's Funeral
    1.1K 47 7

  • Black Equation - The Forgotten Ones
    2.8M 15.8K 38

    It was a life she never dreamed, a love she never expected, and a tragedy she never knew existed. Faye Summers is sassy and childish, not to mention extremely self-centered. Insanely talented at seventeen, she shone brighter than her other star counterparts, leading a life that glittered like gold. When sooner she rea...

  • A Guy's Guide to a Girl's Heart By Us Girls
    1.3K 10 2

    This is for all the girls out there that feel like guys just need a guide to help them in relationships and just in general to getting a girl to like him. This is also for all those guys out there that really need help and don’t know what to do about their girlfriend or a crush. Well, we are here for you.

  • Glamour (Rae Wilder #1)
    1.3M 6.8K 10

    Book One: Rae Wilder has problems. Supernatural creatures swarm earth, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Stalked by a handsome fairy who claims she is like him, demonkind, she thinks maybe it was a mistake breaking the rules by going over the Wall into demon territory. Plunged into a world of dark magics, fi...

  • Roman Roommate
    2.9M 49.5K 33

    Greek Mythology. Third installment in the Cupid series! Evie wants nothing to do with the romance business. Love will come along when it does and she does not want to be told otherwise. Her fallen angel boss has a son coming into town for business. Needing a place to stay, Evie's boss begs her to let her son stay wit...

  • First Draft, no longer avaliable. See Forever Tide: My true Identity
    67.8K 543 34

    Growing up not knowing her roots, her true family or her destiny. Emilae learns of a fate beyond her dreams, and a title that is hers alone. A story of love, betrayal, and sacrifice.

  • Cupid's Granddaughter
    10M 121K 33

    Greek Mythology. First installment in the Cupid series. Amore, Liebe, Amour, No matter what language you say it in it means love and it's Peyton's job. Her grandfather is Cupid and he's hired her as his newest apprentice against her own will. And now he says that he wants to hand the business over to her? No thank yo...

  • A and D (PUBLISHED)
    41.3M 720K 51

    "He's a jock. I'm not. He's popular. I'm not. He's good-looking. I'm not. And have I mentioned that we're the best of friends? So he loves me... as a friend. Too bad, because I don't just love him. I'm in love with him." -Dakota Evans ____________ Dakota's sarcastic, Aaron isn't. Aaron's a morning person, Dakota most...

  • The Dragon Chronicles: Book 1: Sea Of Lava
    1.6K 33 11

    There was once four gems, made for four elements Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Salataru has three of them Nakataru gave his life to protect the fire gem. It has been in the Sea of Lava For millions and millions of years now. The Sea of Lava Is a hidden volcano that nobody has seen. Although, Salataru knows where it is...

  • The Art of Illusion
    4K 241 15

    We all know that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. And some of us know that the Matterhorn may have a basketball court at the highest part. But. You're. WRONG. So then what's up there?

  • Not all Teens can Love
    16.2K 142 21

    A girl moves away from everything she has come to know and love including her best friend Aaron Docks. Chloe has a hard time coming to terms with the movement. She makes new friends, and even finds herself a boyfriend, however she remembers Aaron too much. She began to push everything and everyone away. What happens w...

  • Adventurous Emotions
    274 9 3

    These are poems I have based off of my emotions and feelings, and sometimes emotions and feelings can feel like a roller coaster.Read it or Delete it.

  • It's Not COMPLETELY Wrong... [[On Hold]]
    1.1K 24 4

    Ian was just a teenager who preferred solitude. He'd been rough around the edges since his brother, Jared grew up and moved out. Thinking they could soften him up a bit and give him company, his parents decided to adopt Riley. A girl far too eager to drop her past and find new happiness. She tries to brighten up the p...

  • Dragon of Legend: Destiny (Published)
    7.4M 45K 39

    Facing the most powerful man in the Lands armed with nothing but a sword and the hope that she could prevail, was not the direction Akira saw her life going in. After witnessing her family's death she had stayed away from it all, living in hiding. Yet when she discovers that her dragon is a Dragon of Legend and togeth...

  • Unwritten Future
    642 28 3

    Lindy is an fun,easy going girl who loves to have fun. Adrian is the new kid at Lindy's high school. He is fun,lovable, and always happy. When the two meet what will happen? What happens when they are stuck with the challenge of saving the world?

  • Quest to save the universe
    352 10 1

    When Lindy and Adrian get stranded in the woods, they find a book. it's about the past,present, and future of the universe. Will they be able to save the universe in time?

  • Save.Love.Betray.
    393 8 3

    Devin St. Claire just lost her dad. Now, her mom has turned to drugs, and her brother is nowhere to be found. She struggles to keep up with school, in addition to everything else going on in her life. So what will she do when she gets an offer from a strange man she has never seen before? He offers her money, a govern...

  • Supernatural//[ON HOLD]
    35.7K 608 20

    Jamie Kyle doesn't believe in werewolves and vampires. But when her crush and next door neighbor turns out to be a creature straight out of her fantasy books, she has a hard time accepting the truth. But once she does, her world is thrown into chaos. A war is waging and she's the prize. Can she really stop history fro...

  • Changing
    88.7K 1K 27

    Taylor is your average 11 year old, until she starts getting splitting headaches, and with these headaches come powers that she never wanted. Her world is turned upside down when she first realizes that she can change into beasts, giving her great strength and the ability to fly. The road to accepting herself is not a...