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  • Snapshot (Alexbelle)
    85.7K 2.2K 46

    Alexander Ludwig. New, attractive rising Hollywood star. Isabelle Fuhrman, young actress attempting to make her break in Hollywood. When the two both are cast for the Hunger Games, they quickly bond with each other and the rest of the cast. After filming is over, one of them makes a small mistake that ruins the friend...

  • The Bad Boy's Nanny
    8.3M 316K 55

    Ivy Lynch has been babysitting practically her whole life. She is known around town, getting job offer after job offer. It pays. This summer, she receives an offer to be a full-time nanny for the Kennedy family while the mom goes on a mission trip to Haiti. Unable to turn down the job due to the promised payment, Ivy...

  • Undercover Star
    389K 11.4K 46

    Logan Myers has it all; he's a widely famous actor and world-known singer (not to mention teen heartthrob). He's never lived a day when he wasn't famous and has thousands of screaming fans everywhere...except maybe Churchwood. When Logan becomes tired of his life under the microscope, he begins to act up. His many rid...