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  • Chained (Rewritten)
    5M 6.1K 1

    Never look into his eyes. Never let him touch you. Never speak to him. He will consume your soul. He will extinguish your dreams. He will turn you into nothing. Do not let him get to you. Do not trust him. Do not fall for his words and false promises. He is a master of lying and King of persuasion. Who is he? Read...

  • From here till Whenever! {Ezra and Aria}
    3.8K 60 3

    It's from Season 1 to end of Season 2 - Have not seen three yet. Aria and Ezra deal with the complications. Written my way. Ezra's view.

  • Pretty Little Liars: Ezra Fitz's Story
    8.8K 131 2

    When you love a girl, you would do so much for her. But when it's over, who would know the whole story? Here is what I would like you to see before I leave.

  • Tales from the Tower World
    80.7K 987 23

    The Towers were constructed to preserve both or species and our history. The earth has been exploited, mined, ravaged and polluted to the point that survival of the human race is threatened. The governments of the world collect, sort and their people accordingly. Some are used for their intellect, their strength and g...

  • Born This Way
    30.7K 298 26

    When Toby Marshalls goes back to college, Aria Montgomery finally feel's free from the deal she was blackmailed into. And, she's free to focus on her 'secret boyfriend', Ezra. But even with Toby out of the picture, he leaves something behind. Or does he?

  • Dear Diary - Aria Fitz
    36.5K 540 36

  • Its A Secret So It Stays A Secret
    20.3K 380 10

    (Romance & Teen Fiction) Seventeen year old Melissa Collins is a nerd, or atleast that's what others say, but Melissa dont give a damn what others think about her, but will she think the same wen her biggest secret will maybe be revealed by the one and only bad boy and popular guy Mason.

  • Don't Look At Me With Those Judgy Little Eyes (Currently under revision)
    9.5K 91 10

    Aria Montgomery originally lived in the state of Pennsylvania, living the frightening life of losing her best friend, Alison. After her mother, Ella, finds out about the affair between her husband and another woman, she moves Aria, Mike, and herself to Mystic Falls, hoping to escape everything they left behind in Rose...

  • Pretty Little Liars (ON HOLD)
    154K 1.7K 6

    Alison, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily are four best friends. But when Ali goes missing on thier slumber party all hell breaks loose. The girls get mysterious text messages of a blocked number, 'A'. They are pretty sure Ali is 'A' until Emily's friend's mom finds Ali's decased body in her backyard. Now 'A' has gotten...

  • The Girl
    994 40 4

  • Scarred for Life
    5.5K 120 10

    Sienna Karlay seems like your average teenager, but her life is far from it. She is constantly teased by the 'popular' group at school and would be a loner if it weren't for Paige her best friend and her Brother Zach. Her mother wont even look at her. But what happens when Sienna is kidnapped by the Tynan pack, the ro...

  • Set Fire to The Rain -- Completed
    2.1M 24.1K 31

    Hope was born bearing the mark of the Lyric. She has known all her life about the odd shaped birthmark on the back of her neck but never knew what it truly stood for. Her eighteenth birthday arrives and strange things begin to happen causing Hope to rethink her priorities in life. Before her concerns centered aroun...

  • The Blue Page
    4.4K 283 12

    Darling has an addiction and lives life in an irresistible daze. No one is aware of her passionate pain until...

  • Finding Avery Potter
    40.4K 846 26

    Once, I never thought anything would ever change in this boring town. Now I know better, and I only wished it was true... Avery Skylark... a simple, smart, unique, pretty, misunderstood 13 year old, used to think of her town, as a place where nothing ever changed. Then she encounters strange and mysterious Albus Dumbl...

  • Only a vampire can love you forever.
    6.3K 120 6

    Jayde Sylvester, a British 18 year old girl, moved to Mystic Falls. She loves the town and its inhabitants, but I'm not so sure she'd love it once she finds out there extra-curricular activities

  • Kidnapped at 14... Can I Go Home Yet?
    16.8K 349 11

    Ebony had the nice life of having a basically rich dad, until she gets taken by a soscyopath and his friend. All seems fine in the beginning, but what about the middle and end? What happens there? Find out, laugh, cry, get angry. All is within here, oh and, you might get tricked by looks :3

  • The Life of Natalia Potter ON HOLD
    4.4K 117 14

    Natalia Potter Is just a servant for the Malfoys. Or so they think.

  • The Dark Heroine: Dinner With A Vampire
    9.9M 53.8K 21

    The sexiest romance you’ll read this year… One moment can change your life forever… For Violet Lee, a chance encounter on a darkened street draws her into a world beyond her wildest imaginings, a timeless place of vast elegance and immeasurable wealth – of beautiful mansions and lavish parties – where a decadent group...

  • Secret Existence (A Harry Potter Fanfic)
    1.5M 25.8K 30

    Take a second and imagine that Harry Potter had a twin sister. This would leave you with alot of questions I'm sure. Did she die? Why didn't Hagrid take her too? Why is she never mentioned? Its actally rather simple, and it also happens to be true. Her name is Sky Potter, and today is your lucky day because she is goi...

  • Back Home Again
    1.8K 33 7

    Elizabeth Crawford never planned to be gone 7 years, but now she is returning home with her son 6 year old Carter, after breaking up with her abusive boyfriend Jason Carlisle. Tucker Biltmore was once the love of her life and he felt the same about her. They were best friends and after spending an amazing night toge...

  • Wait I have to kill...who?
    409 14 5

    Tara Green has a problem. A big one. Shes in love with the boy she has to kill. Three years ago she met Jason. And Bane. She falls in love with Jason. A killer for a drug lord. Bane is sent to kill him. But insted they recruite Tara to become an assassin. So she does. Now when she is sent on a mission that involves ki...

  • The Cellar
    24M 469K 33

    For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers can't survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out...

  • A and D (PUBLISHED)
    43.1M 776K 51

    "He's a jock. I'm not. He's popular. I'm not. He's good-looking. I'm not. And have I mentioned that we're the best of friends? So he loves me... as a friend. Too bad, because I don't just love him. I'm in love with him." -Dakota Evans ____________ Dakota's sarcastic, Aaron isn't. Aaron's a morning person, Dakota most...

  • Falling Apart - Copyright © 2011
    32.4K 224 15

    Karneyah is a young girl living the life of a normal teenager. She is an aspiring athlete and a straight A student. She has experienced heartache before and doesn't want to feel it ever again. She feels as if the whole world is on her shoulders when her circle of people she trusts, starts to get smaller. Someone speci...

  • The Heir
    12.5M 181K 51

    For as long as Jessica can remember, she wanted to be a part of a family. She has never had a home, always on the run. And all of a sudden, her wish came true, she is sent to stay with her mom. But she convinced herself she hated them all, especially when she came to know her half siblings had not only the life she sh...

  • My Hopeless choice ✔️
    2.3M 49.4K 41

    Suspenseful, thrilling and adventurous... Join Fleur in her adventure to discover the mysteries of her life. Enjoy the road coaster of feelings she will experience in her new school. She will meet new friends and her life will change after an unexpected encounter with a specific arrogant boy.

  • The Stripper ✔️
    11.3M 220K 42

    She's the girl who uses her body to entertain men, she's the girl who gets cash inside her underwear. She has special reasons to get naked in front of dozens of men. One night, after one meeting with a misterious boy, her life will change.

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Dangerous
    352K 4.7K 17

    After getting kidnapped by an amazingly good-looking boy -named James King-; Layla Green finds herself getting sucked into dreadful predicaments that are caused by James and his gang. By joining James and his team, Layla will, not only have to put her well-being into danger in order to protect others,but she will also...

  • Bloody Mary
    165 4 1