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  • POSSESSIVE 2: Iuhence Vergara - Completed [PUBLISHED!]
    16.4M 328K 25

    |PUBLISHED under RED ROOM.| Grab your copy now for only 120 pesos in any NBS or PHR Store. | "I blackmailed you, romanced you, hell, I even kidnapped you. Even if I have to be the devil himself, I will, just so I can have you." - Iuhence Vergara Eight years ago, Iuhence meet Mhelanie Tschauder in his mother's birthda...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ceaseless Fire
    3.2M 90.6K 53

    [ARDENT SERIES #1] This a dangerous kind of love. A love that is like a fire that can't be ceased and kept on spreading around your heart until you finally burnt down into powders of ash.

  • Dare to beat the beast (COMPLETED)
    478K 13.9K 15

    TEASER: Numbered Child Series # 2 "To be my woman is both an honor and responsibility, Miss. If you were to be my woman, you will use your body to please me and you would always make sure that I am satisfied because I am very hard to please. I want you to show me your body, your everything rather." DATE OF COMPLETION...

  • ZWCS#4: Price of a Kiss
    519K 24.5K 18

    "How can I be friends with someone I want to kiss all the time?" ZETA WEIBLICH COMMUNITY SERIES: a series collaboration of Frappauchino and YGDara. ZWCS#4: Price of a Kiss -Brooklyn Tori Jimenez

  • Crossing the Line
    214K 12.5K 24

    "I tried really hard to keep my distance. I have too much to lose if I cross that line. But still, I crossed the line. I stepped over the boundary and I just have to face the consequences." - Mella Illustre