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  • Ambrosio
    268K 12.4K 24

    "He's eternal." /// His eyes are filled with enough hate to burn the world, and enough coldness to freeze anyone. The sudden air around him reeks of death, as it clings to him like a dark aurora, suffocating anyone around him. His chiseled good looks give him the face of an angel, a fallen one. And as I rest my eyes o...

  • Apollo- discontinued (for now)
    273K 12.7K 8

    All Rights Reserved | (re-written version) After bodies start ominously dropping all across the country, packs become fed up with the constant killings. Nobody has any idea how it's happening, and the unknown assailant is relentless. Picking on lost pups, pregnant she-wolves and even the strongest of pack warri...

  • Breathless
    283K 4.5K 32

    When Autumn meets Adam, she feels the connection. Every time they pass each other, she feel it because they are soulmates, right? Adam Is the alpha of the biggest pack in North America but Adam denies everything and tells her she is crazy. He keeps his werewolf a secret. He is a mean, cold hearted man but even he can'...

  • Vincent Territory
    13.5M 525K 64

    Highest rank - #1 in werewolf Alexis Michaels is a normal teenage werewolf. After her parents' mysterious disapearance she was left in the care of her Alpha where she was constantly taken advantage of. One night after being continuously beaten by a pack member and almost raped, she runs away She ran far but because o...