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  • Our Song
    5.9M 134K 35

    Leah is beautiful, outgoing, and popular. Because of this, she's gotten everything she's ever wanted. Except for one thing. All she's ever really wanted was to please people, but she never seems to be able to. Unlike her friends, she doesn't care about any of the superficial things that seem so important. To Leah, if...

  • He Saved Me
    11.3M 142K 48

    Isobel Davis will never forget the night she was snatched into an alley and brutally raped while a knife was pressed against her throat. She will also never forget the boy who saved her. But even though he saved her that night, how can he save her from the nightmares that follow, waking her up in the middle of the nig...

  • Getting It Straight
    5.4M 106K 33

    Fiona Pearce is the kind of girl who can never say no to anyone. As long as she can do something to help out, she'll do it in a heartbeat. So when her father faces a problem and asks for her help to find her missing brother, Finn, in a school where he works at, she's more than willing to extend a hand and go the...

  • PS, I Love You (Completed)
    2.2M 53.6K 30

    From eight year olds to eighty-eight year olds. Letters from Liam.

  • Shattered to Pieces
    49.9K 1.4K 51

    Lydia, Naomi, Ryder, and Calvin have been best friends since they first met when they were seven. They stick by each others side through thick and thin, so when Lydia mysteriously goes MIA for the first week of sophomore year; it's safe to say the friends are more then concerned. Following a chain of tragic events, Ly...

  • The Girl Underneath The Mistletoe ~Harry Styles love story~
    906K 15.1K 31

    Summer is 7 years old and goes to her first Christmas party, where she meets a surprisingly, nice 7 year old boy named Harry Styles. His piercing green eyes, straight-ear length, light brown hair and his charming personality sucked Summer right into him. When they meet each year at this one Christmas party, Harry alwa...

  • Living While We're Young
    4.6K 129 5

    (1D fanfic) It all started with Alyssa and Faith's Summer Bucketlist. If Alyssa and Faith didn't thought of doing a bucketlist, then they would have never met the five guys who changed their lives completely. The bucketlist was supposed to be done by Alyssa and Faith only, but when they were doing one of the things o...

  • Silent Love (Completed)
    11.1M 254K 51

    It was Luna's first day at her new high school as a senior and the small and soft-spoken girl immediately catches the attention of the schools mysterious and quiet bad boy, Hunter. As their somewhat unusual relationship blossoms into something more than friendship, the jealousy and possessiveness within Hunter starts...

  • Just Somebody I used to know (Zayn Malik)
    145K 2.2K 9

    Hannah Heyward needs to face the facts: She's dead. There's no way she's coming back, to live, to laugh, to be with the people she loves. But then she's given a chance, a chance to say goodbye to the one person she loves most.

  • Heartless ( 1D Fanfiction)
    505K 6.9K 23

    "You're not allowed to fall in love with him. It's for the saftey of our clients." Easier said then done, When you're pretending to date a member of One Direction. Kayla Blue's life is complicated. With a father who's always coming home late, no mother and no social infulence whatsoever it's no wonder she grows up to...

  • Torn and Broken
    235K 4.1K 44

    ***Sequel to Kidnapped And Tortured*** After being placed in a foster home for a few months because of her mother's arrest, Hannah Evans gets adopted by a man named Simon. He tells her about his five sons, not bothering to mention that they are One Direction, the boys she spent time with back in that dreaded house. N...

  • Kidnapped And Tortured (One Direction fanfic) (In Editing)
    227K 3.2K 15

    *In Editing!* Hannah Evans isn't your average teenage girl. Thanks to her mother, she is practically a doctor now. Her mother likes to kidnap boys, doing unimaginable things to them, then giving them to Hannah to fix up. Now Hannah has five new patients. She does all she can to keep these boys safe. Will it be enough?

  • How to Be Stylish
    9K 226 8

    Meet Kelsey Corter. Hard core fangirl of the famous band One Direction, with a soft spot for a certain curly haired member. Kelsey believes herself to be in love with Harry, and to win him over, comes up with a plan to get him to fall in love with her. With only four easy steps, and her best friend Mia Turner to help...

  • Into the "Unknown"...
    3K 125 33

    17. An age that most kids celebrate but not here, not in London. Amelia Adams that's whose fault it is, all the youngsters are classified as "freaks" we can't stay with the rest and once we come of age, 17 we have no choice but leave our families, homes and all that we ever knew. I'm here now "Into the unknown" and...

  • Bad Girl VS. The Player
    11.3M 118K 27

  • The Ransom (One Direction Horror/Romance)
    73.6K 873 24

    Kidnapped. More like pop-starnapped. One Direction gets kidnapped and brought to my fathers warehouse, by none other than. My brother. Making one of the boys fall in love with me is taking it a little far, even if our parents JUST died in a car crash. But, when the boy that supposed to love me - I have no idea which o...

  • Demonic Temptation
    1.9K 102 2

    When he thought that life couldn't get better he dies. Tragedy is cast upon his life that day when he looses everything and heads towards the sky. His entry in heaven is denied but not because he didn't deserve it, yet because he's to good. He learns he's an angel and not just any angel a guardian one. Not wanting to...

  • Once Upon A Tragedy- A Harry Styles FanFiction
    2.1M 20.1K 32

    Shailene's life couldn't be more perfect!... She had the perfect husband, a beautiful daughter, a nice house. I mean, c'mon! Her husband was Harry Styes for crying out loud!! He belonged to the biggest boyband in the world and he was all hers! And Shailene still wonders out of the millions of girls Harry could've had...

  • Dating 1D
    17.5K 452 8

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the new Dating Show Series, Dating 1D. Chosen with the idea to start a dating show to help the boys find the girl of their dreams, created by Simon Cowell. Starting with 15 girls and ending with only five, the chances of ending up with Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles...

  • I was Sold to My Dead Brother's Best Friend
    15.8M 196K 44

    Was Originally: My parents sold me, to my dead brother new best friend. My brother disappeared when I was eight, after a while we just assumed that he was dead. On my eighteenth birthday my life fell apart as my dead brother turned out to be not dead at all. What's worse was that my parents did something that I will...

    952 20 17

    Kayla and Jessica have been best friends for as long as they both can remember. They could barely spend time apart. That is, until Kayla gets a boyfriend. . Kayla makes her boyfriend, Jason sound like he super man and Jessica doesn't understand why Kayla likes him so much. That is until Jessica gets locked in a room w...

  • Stuck on a desert island with Zayn Malik ( One Direction /Zayn Malik Fanfiction)
    2.4M 42.1K 42

    Everything started when Sarah,Mona and Madeleine went to Spain. a little holiday trip after their graduation. Summer. Pools. Hot chicas. parties. Hot weather. Cheeky Guys. Just like that one that Sarah met during her last day in Madrid. It wasn't really a meeting or a date . She hated him , he hated her. And the s...

  • Autumn Leaves (Closed for now)
    374 20 3

    Flash forward to 8 years ahead and Dylan Davies could rarely remember her best friend's looks, his laugh, and even his last name. Living a majority of her life in the country side, she’s grown up with the same people in the same exact place. But now, an old family’s back in town-- the Style's residence. Here, she com...