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  • Jeff the killer love story : Konna [COMPLETED]
    78.1K 2.5K 24

    Konna was just a girl. A plain simple girl, except she had her fair amount of problems.. One night her and Jeff's paths meet. But she always asks herself one question: why.. Me? Why her indeed... Her life is crap.. Accept for one of her best friends whom she's Never actually met.. Until she runs into the infamous Je...

  • In His Eyes (a jeff the killer love story)
    47.6K 1.5K 13

    Taylor was just a normal girl who lived with a mom and a sister. she was the bad girl in school, the kind that always did stuff just for attention or for fun. Taylor read creepypasta stuff but didn't think they were real. Jeff was a mass killer who had no love in his life and only killed people. he lived in the creepy...

  • Jeff the killer love story :OLD AND CRINGEY: (EDITING)
    31.4K 841 30

    Hey guys I am making a Jeff the killer love story!

  • A Jeff the Killer Love Story [FanFiction]
    54K 2.1K 16

    Cold, tired and alone. I've been walking for about 2 hours now and it's getting dark, I'm used to it because it's not like this hasn't happened before. My parents don't care for me, why should they? I'm just a 'stupid 17 year old' as they put it, no one gives a damn about a girl who doesn't do well at school, or doesn...

  • You Don't Scare Me. (( Jeff The Killer Romance ))
    251K 7.9K 28

    When Jeff breaks into Livia's home, there is only one thing she can think of. Oh my god, it's Jeff the freaking Killer, in her house! The daranged CreepyPasta addict just can't seem to drive herself away.

  • I love Jeff the killer
    103K 2.8K 36

    Emily is awakened one night by a strange teenage boy. Who happened to be gorgeous, but What happens when she falls in love with Jeff the killer? and What if He loves her too?

  • Go to sleep love (a jeff the killer romance)
    90.2K 2.3K 30

    Allie is A normal girl... Until she meets Jeff.

  • Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)
    6.6M 167K 82

    Elizabeth always knew she was a special sort. Her family and friends knew too. She's an introvert and feels like a weirdo wherever she goes, even in her own home. But what happens when she encounters a man known to the world as a notorious monster? Jeff the killer. She never thought he was real; only stories told at...

  • Creepypasta Summonings
    29.1K 688 5

    Disclaimer:These aren't real,it's just a joke like book. So you can use it in a sleepover and get someone to dress up as the character to prank everyone.(probably best to use someone that they didn't already know of)

  • Heart of Fire- ON HOLD
    404K 22.6K 9

    Rule 1: Trust no one Rule 2: NEVER hesitate, especially when it comes to killing Rotters Rule 3: Trust no one Rule 4: Your survival backpack stays on you at all times Rule 5: Trust no one Rule 6: Always carry more than one gun Rule 7: Make sure your guns are loaded at all times Rule 8: TRUST NO ONE 18 year old Camille...

  • Bleeder [Blood Magic, Book 1]
    626K 25.3K 41

    (Completed) What if everything you knew about yourself was a lie? Mildred "Mills" Millhatten had a good life: close-knit family, fantastic friends, decent grades and even a not-totally-annoying kid brother. You might say it was the best kind of ordinary. So nothing could have prepared her for being taken and cast into...

  • Confessions From My Dead Mother
    455K 2.4K 50

    Lessons get learned and sometimes they are learned by those in need of them most. When the most popular girls in school takes a few wrong turns she has a lot of hard lessons to learn and a destiny she must fulfill.

  • Edge of Darkness (Confessions Book 2)
    10.2K 144 10

    Cat Marshall is no longer your average teen. When her mother passed away a series of bizzare and frightening events changed her forever. This time around Cat must return to school and try to get her life straight. Once again she's pregnant with her child, a child returned by the fallen angel Lucian, a child concieved...

  • What Have You Done Alice!
    1.8K 86 2

    These are two totally different dark and wicked versions of Alice in Wonderland. Have you ever imagined Alice sleeping with a super sexy Mad Hatter... Or she getting intoxicated and killing brutally the White Rabbit? Check them out. Only for the wrecked minds of adults!

  • Pentagram
    65 4 3

    It Was All Because of A Pentagram on her wrist Julia and Ella was best friends until Ella draws something demonic on her wrist.