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  • My Bully is my Brother and Mate
    92.4K 3.6K 16

    Melody-Emily Ebony; Constantly bullied at school, she wants to fit in. But when school ends, her mother gave her away. One thing Melody-Emily knows is that her mother wasn't thinking straight.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hello, My Name is The Crazy Witch
    24 0 3

    Luna Leaf Winter is new in town with a special trick up her sleeve. Well, trick meaning turning people into frogs. WARNING: Slight use of cussing. PG13 Otherwise.

  • Cutie and the Crazed
    33.8K 2.1K 14

    Years of isolation had made Chrissy give up on being rescued from her prison in the creepy old house somewhere in the mangled dark woods. And if she can't be rescued, she certainly can't be saved - from the curse forcing her to wear a mask for the rest of her life that is. So when a handsome stranger seeks shelter dur...

  • The Bone Princess
    30.2K 1.3K 8

    While running away from their abusive father, seventeen-year-old Sadie and her six-year-old sister Tabitha accidentally slip into a sinister house on a hill. Horrors beyond their wildest imagination lurk behind every corner, but if they want to make it out of Allerdale Hall, souls in tact, they’ll have to overcome the...

  • Pumpkin Patch Princess
    348K 17.2K 32

    A fun, magical fairy tale perfect for fans of THE PRINCESS DIARIES or ELLA ENCHANTED! Noelle Simpkins is sick of working for her parents. Sure, her dad runs a booming pumpkin business and her mom's the greatest shoemaker in the land. But pumps and pumpkins get OLD after a while, and at 14, she's ready to see more of t...

  • Lover's Masquerade
    315 18 2

    Molly Hooper has known what it's like to fall for the legendary Sherlock Holmes, she has been beaten by the hand of Jim Moriarty, and has now been involved in a failed engagement with her ex-fiancé Tom. Now, untrusting and unwilling to let herself become subject to the tragedies of love, Molly must make a choice when...

  • Call Me Ella (ft. Niall Horan)
    13.7M 387K 40

    Yes, I lost my father and he was the best man in the whole world. Yes, I have a stepmother who is a witch and whom I hate most passionately. Yes, I have two stepsisters that are a pain in my arse and who lost their brains when they were little. Yes, my life is like a cliché from a bloody fairy...

  • It's Just Ann
    1.1M 80.9K 48

    Let's get the facts straight. I am no heroine and I will never bring pride to my family. I am what you could call a failure. My grades? Average. My social life? Average. Talents? Hmm... well, I think I have none. I'm not exceptional in any way and I know I'm a disappointment for my father. And in this day and age ther...

  • Princess Charming (#1)
    578K 11.8K 30

    You know those fairy tales, where the prince sweeps the princess off her feet? Where he saves the world, at the end of the day? Well.... She's rich, popular and eccentric. He's poor, painfully shy and an outcast. She has guys trailing after her. He's never even had a friend in his life. She has the best, most loving f...

  • Heirs of War
    1.2M 703 7

    Seventeen-year-old Zelene doesn't believe in magic or prophecies. When she's told she is part of the prophecy foretelling five powerful girls bringing peace to the war-torn worlds, she scoffs. The idea of other dimensions layered on top of the world she lives in is almost as ludicrous as the idea that she might be abl...