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  • The Midnight Boys
    709K 26.3K 10

    They reminded me of Peter Pan's Lost Boys, wild and rebellious, but all grown up in a way that could only be described in one word: sexy.

  • Miss Mayhem
    61.5K 1.7K 40

    "Sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I don't like the face staring back at me," she whispered, looking down at the floor. Her feet were small in front of his and it was then that she realized how close he really was to her. He frowned, asking, "What about when you look in my eyes? Do you like what you see, then?" ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Seat Filler (Wattys 2015 Winner - HQ Love)
    1.9M 85.3K 35

    Lincoln Parker worked as a seat-filler, you know, those people that fill the seats when celebrities need to go to the bathroom during award ceremonies? Life as a seat-filler was pretty sweet with it's guaranteed autographs and selfies with stars but what happens when in the midst of trying to fill, he falls on one kn...

  • Sophie's Secret
    2.5M 27K 16

    After shedding 30 pounds of baby fat, Sophie Sinora has grown into an insecure teen in bloom. To make her life more complicated, Sophie can sometimes read minds. Sophie's BFFs, AJ and Krysta, are also 'gifted' with paranormal abilities. Keeping their gifts secret proves difficult, as their powers are strengthening, ma...

  • Take Me Home | ✔
    11.1M 431K 59

    the road trip of a lifetime. [ cover by blissom / trailer by blissom ] [ started march 30th, 2013 - ended february 18, 2015 © paulina r. all rights reserved ]

  • No Capes
    11.7M 510K 32

    "Why wear a mask?" I whispered as my fingers brushed the satin garment that revealed only his enigmatic eyes. "No one can find out my real identity," He replied, his gaze pouring into mine, "Anyone could be behind this mask. Besides, it keeps me safe." I held my breath, realizing just what could happen if he left t...

  • Her Bookstore Boy (slow updates)
    12.6K 682 5

    Sabrina has always been in love with books. After seventeen years, she has finally realized how the perfect relationship only exists between the pages of her stories. Even though, she can’t help but wonder when her prince will come through the doors of the bookstore she loves so much. When someone finally does come th...

  • A 2
    450K 23.7K 34

    The story of Avalon continues.... Cover by the awesome MayTijssen

  • Playing With Fire
    4M 95.7K 75

    "Rule number one," He whispers, pulling back to look me right in the eye, "Never let your guard down." He flashes me a cunning smirk as I stare at him, stunned at what he had just done. Only, he makes a mistake of turning to see what everyone else ahead of the bleachers is doing. I smirk and take a step back forcefu...

  • Spitfire in Love
    6.1M 298K 29

    In a sick way, I prefer nightmares. I hate good dreams because I know when I wake up, she won't be there... Rule Number One: Keep your shit together. Love of my life: Kara Cammilla Hawthorne. Rule Number Two: Stay away from the love of your life. Last words I said to her: Don't justify your love for me when you know...

  • Word Shards
    13.5K 581 106

    Poetry is my body's immune response to life.

  • Stealing the Groom
    3.7M 124K 39

    Eleanor "Elle" is fun and outgoing. She's a talented young girl full of dreams and life...which makes her the exact opposite of what her stuck-up snobby family wants her to be. Although Elle's been "disowned" for leaving behind the Mercer family name and fortune to pursue her dreams in Florence, Italy, her older siste...

  • Made With Love
    4.7M 35.2K 20

    My name is Julie Quinn and I've been a New Yorker all my life. Life was good. I was swamped with work doing a job that I loved and I was dating the best boyfriend I'd ever had the pleasure to. I have always been a strong-willed and independent woman - or as my best friend puts it "control freak" - and even more after...

  • Dark Blue
    166K 6.6K 18

    "Because I really don't have a future. I don't believe in myself. I'm not sure if I know myself anymore. That's why I come up here, because I am scared." ~ What would you give to not have to tread on eggshells everyday, scared off tipping the balance? What would you give to be able to believe in yourself just once? Wh...

  • Death Is My BFF (Book 1 - Watty Award Winner 2011) *ORIGINAL SERIES*
    19.4M 652K 53

    This is the first book of the Original Death Is My BFF Series, which has been OPTIONED BY SONY PICTURES TV (YAY) and won the Watty Awards in 2011! *** Death came knocking at her door. Well actually, he pounded. Faith Williams has always been a little odd, but never before did she think she was one of a kind. Enter Dea...

  • The Scars Brought us Closer
    10.9K 833 48

    Love is beautiful, love is light, love is kind. Love grows from beauty and flourishes from radiance... right? But what about darkness? Can love grow from shared fears, shared demons, shared pain? When Austin and Dani, two people as flawed as they come, are introduced by their mutual friend Abbie, sparks fly. But thes...

  • Mating Season
    89.4K 4.4K 7

    She's the heat-seeking missile headed straight to his heart... An ancient rivalry between two werewolf packs caused Amber to live the majority of her life within a pack that was labeled the strongest in the northern hemisphere, but as the hated Omega, not knowing she was destined for greater things, for the blood of a...

  • STALKING SAPPHIRE (Sapphire Dubois: Book 1)
    2.3M 51.2K 30

    Despite the illusion Sapphire Dubois presents to the rest of the world, she is not just your stereotypical 22-year old Beverly Hills heiress; she hunts serial killers. While her fellow heirs spend their nights with trending celebs and drugs at the hottest club, Sapphire secretly spends hers luring, capturing, and anon...

  • Forever and Always, Olive
    10.7M 371K 35

    I was dared to ask him to homecoming. I didn’t actually expect him to say yes. + + + New town, new school, new friends- a new start. It’s all Olivia could really ask for. Having to move in with her extremely cheerful aunt and her snobby cousin, Olivia’s taken by surprise. It’s a change, of course. But is it a good on...

  • Listening To Lucas
    683K 34.5K 39

    There is a difference between listening and hearing.

  • Forever Grace (an Ever After romance) (EXCERPT ONLY)
    965K 22.6K 16

    Grace Daniels would be the first to admit she's in over her head. Caring for three nieces and a nephew while hiding from a vicious enemy has her living on the razor's edge. And just when she thinks she's found the perfect sanctuary, the arrival of a new neighbor jeopardizes her peace of mind-and their safety. Police o...

  • Take Two
    420K 20.3K 25

    Love and death may be opposites, inverses and incredibly contradictory- but they do have something in common. They are the only two things that have the power to change Zoe Finley. The death of her twin brother stripped Zoe of her genuinely positive outlook on life, but the love of Carter Jacobs may be the only thing...

  • The Kissing Prank
    216K 6.5K 9

    Noah has never been the type to express his feelings. It isn't that he doesn't want to, the poor guy just can't. He freezes up at the thought of telling his best friend, Emily, he has loved her the moment they met each other. But when he finally gains enough strength to show his feelings, they are definitely not recip...

  • Lessons On Love
    9.2M 133K 32

    “I’m going to get straight to the point. I want you to make me fall in love with you.” Camila Jones is fearless. She’s also uncontrollably fierce and overly ambitious which tends to be a bad combination. When she unexpectedly fails an audition due to her inability to express love, she’s forced to reconsider something...

  • His Delivery Chick
    2.8M 103K 13

    "It was basically love at first sight, but without the love and plenty of sightings." Semi-calm, cool, and collected Maxine Lane delivers pizza. Obnoxious, headstrong, and sort of endearing Nick Tanner likes pizza. A match made in heaven right? Well, not exactly. cover by @roastedpiglet

  • The Cell Phone Swap
    107M 2.4M 49

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. B...

  • All's Fair in Love & Seduction
    5M 76.5K 18

    She hopes to gain his affections For Miss Elizabeth Smith, sharing her first kiss with the charming Lord Derek Creswell is nothing short of a dream come true...that is, until she is spotted by one of the most influential gossips of the town. With scandal nipping at her heels, to avoid total social ruin, Elizabeth mu...

  • Proposing Bliss (Bliss Series Book 2) SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY
    1M 7K 5

    He has the girl. He has a ring. He has a plan. Proposing to the woman he loves cannot be any easier, or is it? Levi and Veronica are back with surprises that will have you screaming at your screen, or throw you into a crying jag. Read the second book of the Bliss Series. © 2015 MichelleJoQuinn

  • Cupcake Kisses
    13.4M 392K 23

    They were never supposed to fall in love. In fact, they were probably never even supposed to meet. But life does that sometimes; it brings you someone who unexpectedly turns your world upside down. For Ella, it all began on the last day of summer, in a small bakery on the edge of town. With three teenage boys, a plas...

  • RIDE
    1.3M 60.4K 43

    Evelynn Marsano has been gone for a year, but very little has changed. Her brother's still a legend in underground races. The same girls still hate her. The same boy still makes her heart race and resolve weak. But this time she won't let him get close enough to hurt her. Not again. Not like before. Westen Burke jus...