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  • Angel's Last Song [D. Gray- Man Fanfiction]
    48.4K 1.6K 32

    Allen's innocence has started draining his energy thus he has to eat more than his usual to keep up, but he knows his own body more than anyone else. His life won't last long no matter how much he eats. It's an inevitable faith for the parasitic-type innocence wielders. Will he be able to stay alive until the downfall...

  • Innocent Sorrow (D. Gray Man Fan-Fic)
    57.4K 1.9K 41

    What happens when a new exorcist arrives at the Black Order? This isn't new; they get new exorcists all the time. But this one's different. She's related to another exorcist, and is bound to fall in love with another. So the new question is, what happens when the newcomer starts to love the one person her own brother...

  • Becoming an exorcist (D. Gray Man fanfiction)
    3.5K 95 11

    Kristine plans on becoming an exorcist, but is it too much for her? Dealing with akuma, robots made by the crazy Komui, and the nagging Kanda, can she manage to become a powerful exorcist?

  • Of Light and Darkness
    28.8K 1.2K 28

    Allen begins to go through the change into a Noah, and is scared of being rejected by his friends. Leverrier is breathing down his neck and he has no idea what to do with these new changes. Who will help him and who will betray him? Poker Pair included!

  • 35 Years [D. Gray- Man Fan- Fiction]
    2.5K 68 7

    Neah killed all of the members of Noah clansmen except the first and ninth disciple and was killed by the Millenium Earl instead, but before he died Allen offered himself to be his host until the day Neah is ready to finish what he had started. Now, what if the Allen Walker we know had the recollection of what happene...

  • Project 14 (Discontinued)
    9.8K 267 17

    Chief Rouvelier orders a cruel new test on a human girl using Allen Walkers DNA. The tests became known as Project 14. After it fails time after time, it finally succeeds, but the test subject escapes and tries to live on her own. What happens when she finds out the horrible nature in which she was born? Will the Cent...

  • The Silver Magician
    1K 43 2

    HARRY POTTER and D. GRAY-MAN CROSSOVER: It's been many years since the end of the Black Order as Allen knew it, after he defeated the Millennium Earl. Exorcists were terminated as a project, Allen managing to escape through the Ark as his comrades fell. He made a truce with Neah in his mind, traveling the world in hi...

  • The Lost And Broken
    1K 29 3

    Allen ran from the Order, but why? No one knows, not even Allen herself. She lost her memory and ran from her 'home', her 'family'. The Noah and The Order are trying to find her. Who's side is she going to be on? Why did she lose her memory? Warning: Fem!Allen, Maybe LavixAllen or NeahxAllen.

  • D. Gray Man Asylum
    8.6K 492 16

    FIRST STORY!!! :D let's get to it. Exorcists and Noah. Innocence and Dark Matter. They were just stories to Allen. Stories told my Mana Walker. The man was already unstable and believed his stories. Then his brother died, and these stories became worse and worse. They might even be a nightmare co...

  • Tales From a Broken Home [D. Gray- Man Fan-fiction]
    945 40 7

    The story revolves around the boy named Allen Walker whose intelligence surpasses the average teenager, yet he has no recollection of his past after waking up from a coma five years ago. He was informed that he and his family got into an accident and only him did survive. Because of his amnesia, he spent most of his t...

  • Queen of Hearts (D.G.M.WattyAwardsWinner2014)
    10.3K 622 35

    Highest Rank in Fanfiction: #28 ~#~#~#~#~#~ This is my own continuation of the anime series of D. Gray Man. In my world of stories, this is like the second season to me but just in my world not reality. This is quite different from the continuation of the manga but some of the facts like the Noah has been assembled by...

  • A Thousand Years Dream
    1.5K 74 3

    Is he the 14th? Yes. Did he kill anyone? No. Did he do anything wrong? No. Then why he deserve to die? Because it's fate. Allen as the Second Millennium. Evil!Noah!Allen!

  • The new Noah... D Gray Man Fan Fiction!
    449 9 5

    David Hills is the new Noah, the Noah Of Hatred. He has the power to drive people out of control and even to suicide! Will the exorcists be able to hold out against him or will they be heading out of their minds?! Disclaimer: I do not own D.Gray-Man however I do own David and other characters that I make up.

  • Demon's cry
    2.6K 116 20

    A boy who has had a harsh childhood is sent to the orphanage. Rejected by all, even his living relatives. He has no one and is easily picked as a lab rat. There he lives a living hell, and discovers things he rather had not discovered. This is Lucifer Heaven's story.

  • Pained Life
    6K 263 9

    When Allens noah begins to show he ignores it and continue working as an exorcist with his friends,but when signs show towards everyone around him Leveirerr takes him in to be trialed for heresy and treated as a noah.How will Allen continue surviving?

  • Exorcists & Demons
    284 5 6

    After Allen destroyed the Millennium earl, things went back to the way they were. Except! There is new members to the Black Order. They are Lou Fa, Nia Winston, and Charlotte De Vincent. Lou Fa works in the Science department, Nia Winston is a nurse, and Charlotte De Vincent is the new exorcist. Allen and Lenalee are...

  • The Secret ( Book #1. D. Gray-Man)
    8.9K 394 26

    "Your secret will destroy you and others around you." - Hevlaska Ryo has a secret. A secret he can't tell anyone. But when a boy gets to close to him, the secret spills. Now, Ryo and the boy have to keep the secret from everyone else or it may be life or death for him.

  • D. Gray Man RP (INFO ON THE STORY)
    341 15 1

    The info for my DGM RP/FANFIC!!

  • Vampires are Indifferent
    543 48 6

    Allen and Celty are vampires(Celty is made up). Exorcists call them monsters/vampires/Akuma. Allen still has his cursed hand and eye. Lavi and everyone else are exorcists( I mentioned Lavi first because he's in the first chapter). Rated T just in case of upcoming chapters. And some words.

  • D. Gray Man~Secrets of The Order
    49.5K 1.4K 28

    I'm Akira Walker, yes, I'm related to Allen Walker, not by blood though. He found me on the streets. I'm about to join the Black Order. Allen nii-san joined a year ago. I miss him. Since the time he found me on the streets, he's been leaving and then coming back again. Some dude named Cross Marian always leaves with...

  • Ch219, Continued
    1.1K 51 16

    Apoclyphos attacked Kanda and destroyed Timcampy? The Earl is fighting Allen and Johnny. 'Mana is the cause of everything' The Earl states. What does he mean! this is pretty much a 'what happens next' story. please give it a try, if you don't like the first chapter, you can stop. if you do, and keep reading, you have...

  • D. Gray Man: Broken Wings (DISCONTINUED)
    1.8K 57 3

    The arch angel Faellon is exiled from heaven to protect her from the Earl, but it puts her in more danger. Swordsman Yu Kanda is ordered to protect her at all times, which he dreads. Slowly, Faellon helps Kanda open up more, and the two fall in love. But when the Noahs get their hands on her and reveal the truth about...

  • Fake Mission (Allen Walker One-shot)
    1.7K 45 1

  • Exorcists (A D. Gray Man Fan Fic)
    9.5K 200 17

    It's been a year since Allen Walker and his friends saved the world from the evil forces in the world, now two new exorcists are joining the Black Order in hopes of becoming exorcists. Hikari and her best friend Jazzy are best friends for life and they soon learn of their new powers when they battle fierce Akuma and d...

  • The New Road of The Bookman Apprentice (D gray man fanfic)
    803 23 8

    (does contain spoilers for anime and manga) Lavi is now living as Jason, a simple man who lives in an apartment with his grandfather in an inn, working at the Asian archives in China. Even though Lavi has changed names multipule times before he can't seem to get his mind off of "Lavi". How will Lavi fair when Komui an...

  • YOUR HIS SISTER?! *A D.Gray Man -Allen Walker- Love Story*
    13.1K 454 9

    Hello my name is Misuto Tenshi. I don't have the same last name as my brother because we are half brother/sister. Anyway I'm best friends with Allen Walker and I'm currently looking for my br- Wait. Why am I telling you this if you can just read it? NOW STOP READING THIS AND READ THE DANG STORY!!!