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  • Ask Allen Walker
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    I'm not Allen but I'll do my best DISCLAMER I DONT OWN D.GRAY MAN!

  • Wonderful Days-a D-Gray.Man (old)
    11.8K 394 18

    Allen has been alone before. It wasn't new to her. She found herself suddenly alone once more after Mana's passing. Soon after she is taken into the Noah Family and taken care of by the Earl as a part of the Noah Family. Parings: PokerPair Contains: Fem! Noah!Allen

  • My Final Goodbye
    15.7K 738 12

    D-Gray Man Fanfiction. Allen can’t take the pain anymore. All of his friends don’t trust or like him anymore. Allen just wants all the pain to stop…But will joining the Earl’s side get rid of all the pain?

  • Cellphone
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  • Return: a D. Gray-man fanfic
    17.8K 745 10

    Upon the awakening of Neah, Allen is sent far away and all communication is cut off from him. 2 years later, Allen returns with a mysterious girl who accompany's him wherever he goes. Lavi, Kanda, and Lenalee are determined to find out what had happened to Allen the last 4 years and the identity of the girl. ON HIATUS...

  • The White Demon - D. Gray-Man
    45.9K 1.5K 20

    Allen Walker made a decision that would twist the future. Never meeting General Cross in the first place, Allen took Mana's words to heart. He would keep walking. Allen simply stood up and walked away, continuing his life on the streets, for that was the only one he has ever known. Encountered one day by a stranger wi...

  • Allen's Past [A D. Gray Man fanfict]
    5.2K 185 4

    Allen has became unconscious and now for some strange reason, he remembering is past. There he discovers what his parents were like and why he was abandoned. ~{This is a D. Gray Man Fan fiction for those who do not know}~

  • D-Gray Man
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  • Fallen Angel: a D. Gray Man Fanfiction
    4.9K 179 8

    Dawn is a new innocence accommodator, soon to be exorcist, and she will play a VERY important part in the prophecy. Can she fulfill her destiny while protecting her friends?

  • Innocent Hearts (Allen Walker love story)
    14.1K 521 15

    Cassia was a normal girl before her parents died. Overcome by grief, she didn't want to leave their sides. Soon enough, the Millennium Earl comes to her, saying he can bring her parents back. Believing him, she calls her parents names out. The akuma was created and just as it was about to attack her, a mysterious whit...

  • Forever Holding On
    8.1K 264 22

    This is a D. Gray Man Fanfiction with my OC Ivory Louise Bookman Ivory is fifteen years old and it was about time she had finally decided to come to the Black Order. Her attitude towards everybody at first has an effect on some people, all except one. That person, is Allen Walker

  • little noah (d gray man fanfic)
    37.3K 1.3K 23

    a lost girl with no family/ her. her mom a finder for the black order was killed one day when little ami was out playing. 3 years later ami is found by allen walker and taken to the black order to become an exorcist. but when ami's father is revealed will she be able to stay with her friends or will she have to go wit...

  • D. Grayman Fan Fiction: The Destroyer of Time
    715 39 3

    Allen Walker now abandoned by the order must struggle with the Fourteenth hidden within. With every passing moment the Fourteenth is gaining strength and Allen's grasp over his own body is waning. Can Allen survive or will he be extinguished.

  • Are We Really Safe? //D.Gray-Man fanfic\\
    256 4 1

    It's snowing, snow meant all kinds of things! Like laughter and snow ball fights outside for children and relaxation for the parents but, for one girl, it meant she had turned yet another year older, and it's another cold year without her loved one...

  • Our World...Our Rules (A D-Gray Man Fanfic)
    2.7K 66 15

    The millennium earl has a new egg and is making even more and stronger Akuma. The black order is still looking for more exorcists some aren't exactly human but most of them are stronger then the new Akuma. But at the same time central has be experimenting with the innocence and this time not all of their lab rats were...

  • Black Order Academy: A D.Gray-Man Fan Fiction (ON HOLD)
    1.7K 57 3

    Allen Walker was once a hopeless child, walking with no future. That is, until he meets Mana Walker. "Through adversity, keep on walking," was what he told the child. Eight years later, Mana is gone, and Allen leaves to boarding school. At first, it's utterly miserable. People bully him because of his abnormal white h...

  • What am I Really?
    8.1K 220 6

    Allen's past is revealed to him alone. But when the order gets their hands on the information what will happen? Why are they suddenly able to welcome him back, as if nothing ever happened. Can his friends really except him back this easily. Wait a second... WHERE'S LAVI?!?! (A/N: takes place after chapter 218 in the m...

  • Koukyo no Yuuyami (D. Gray-man story) *Being Edited*
    3.6K 74 14

    Please just read it. Ok, I am not going to update this version. So wait until I post the newer version. Everything be different compared to it now. The newer version is Paint the World Different Colours. Just go ahead and read it kk?

  • D Gray Man and FullMetal Alchemist Crossover
    1.2K 35 2

    The characters of d gray man get a mission to go to resembool

  • YOUR HIS SISTER?! *A D.Gray Man -Allen Walker- Love Story*
    13.2K 463 9

    Hello my name is Misuto Tenshi. I don't have the same last name as my brother because we are half brother/sister. Anyway I'm best friends with Allen Walker and I'm currently looking for my br- Wait. Why am I telling you this if you can just read it? NOW STOP READING THIS AND READ THE DANG STORY!!!

  • The New Road of The Bookman Apprentice (D gray man fanfic)
    805 23 8

    (does contain spoilers for anime and manga) Lavi is now living as Jason, a simple man who lives in an apartment with his grandfather in an inn, working at the Asian archives in China. Even though Lavi has changed names multipule times before he can't seem to get his mind off of "Lavi". How will Lavi fair when Komui an...

  • Exorcists (A D. Gray Man Fan Fic)
    9.5K 200 17

    It's been a year since Allen Walker and his friends saved the world from the evil forces in the world, now two new exorcists are joining the Black Order in hopes of becoming exorcists. Hikari and her best friend Jazzy are best friends for life and they soon learn of their new powers when they battle fierce Akuma and d...

  • Fake Mission (Allen Walker One-shot)
    1.7K 45 1

  • D. Gray Man: Broken Wings (DISCONTINUED)
    1.8K 57 3

    The arch angel Faellon is exiled from heaven to protect her from the Earl, but it puts her in more danger. Swordsman Yu Kanda is ordered to protect her at all times, which he dreads. Slowly, Faellon helps Kanda open up more, and the two fall in love. But when the Noahs get their hands on her and reveal the truth about...

  • Ch219, Continued
    1.1K 51 16

    Apoclyphos attacked Kanda and destroyed Timcampy? The Earl is fighting Allen and Johnny. 'Mana is the cause of everything' The Earl states. What does he mean! this is pretty much a 'what happens next' story. please give it a try, if you don't like the first chapter, you can stop. if you do, and keep reading, you have...

  • D. Gray Man~Secrets of The Order
    49.7K 1.4K 28

    I'm Akira Walker, yes, I'm related to Allen Walker, not by blood though. He found me on the streets. I'm about to join the Black Order. Allen nii-san joined a year ago. I miss him. Since the time he found me on the streets, he's been leaving and then coming back again. Some dude named Cross Marian always leaves with...

  • Vampires are Indifferent
    549 48 6

    Allen and Celty are vampires(Celty is made up). Exorcists call them monsters/vampires/Akuma. Allen still has his cursed hand and eye. Lavi and everyone else are exorcists( I mentioned Lavi first because he's in the first chapter). Rated T just in case of upcoming chapters. And some words.