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  • Offline ✧ joshler [sequel] DISCONTINUED
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    After everything Josh and Tyler have been through in such short amount of time, they were finally able to be in peace. Together, they face whatever comes there way. But sometimes things get too hard to handle. [sequel to Kik. if you haven't read it, i suggest you do, so you wouldn't be lost] [THIS BOOK IS DISCONTINUE...

  • The One I'm Not (a Twenty One Pilots fanfic)
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    Yøu're not aløne. Y ESY OUA RE Yøu are løved. NOY OUR ENOT. Never give up. GI V EU P. Yøu're strønger than him. Tyler Jøseph was at war. He was always fighting his øwn insecurities, by whøm he named B L U R R Y F A C E. He later meets Josh, a guy who understands him, and knows what it's like to feel rejected a...

  • A Million Miles Away -Joshler
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    SpookyJim has entered chat J: Yo my hoe Ty: I am not a garden material I stg J: But I can still use you ;))) Ty: I STg