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  • Dear Me...
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    Write a letter to your past, present or future self or write a letter to all 3, tell them everything you think they should know. Then send it to me and I'll post it.

  • How To Begin Again
    13.9K 3.7K 31

    This book will take you for a ride on the emotional roller coaster many of us call love. Based on a true story, the love of a young teenage girl begins to take a turn for the worst as she spirals into the depths of despair. #htba

  • The Fallen Queen (Winner of the Write Way Award 2013) #Wattys2015 #MyWattysChoice #Featured
    538K 11.3K 31

    Marie wanted to be as good as her mother wanted. Since her older brother was diagnosed with autism, she is considered the family's "normal" child. She thus feels she must be perfect in every way, which soon turns out to be a haunting task. Desperate for love and to make sense of her mother's contradictory behaviors an...

  • Her Last Words
    2.8K 342 15

    A story of Depression, Self-Harm, Suicide, Cutting, Despair, and Death

  • Quotes And Poems For Self-harmers
    4.9K 372 40

    This book is full of Quotes&Poems For Self-harmers or Non Self-harmers. I'm making this book for all the self-harmers, or non self-harmers, to help and make you see to not pick up the blade or object, to try and stop self-harming. Or if you were about to pick up a blade, don't do it. Cutting is addictive, and it's ve...

  • Random Demented Stuff
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    Collection of poems or rants that I write. Very suprised at how many views and votes I got on this, thanks to all my readers ALSO Finished with this one, if you want to see more of my poetry look at my profile for the new collection.

    Completed   Mature
  • Unspoken Words
    7.4K 419 18

    When words have been left unspoken, why not turn them into poetry? Have a read and judge them for yourself :)

  • Anxiety
    224K 12K 152

    Anxiety is not a joke. This is based on Anxiety, some poems and what not. So, enjoy. Some of these aren't mine, the owners get the credit. (Most came off this website; with the Anxiety hash-tag) I am using other people's poems and words because its hard to describe. And these poems honestly nee...

  • Thoughts in Company
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    Poems about my thoughts, opinions & experiences.

  • zero
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    Quinn scribbles tainted emotions across thin layers of white paper. But to who? To someone who blinks once, sees her, and blinks again--just to make her disappear. To someone who sees her as a symbol of the ocean. To someone who thinks the ocean is disgusting and hideous, filled with trash and pathetic wandering fish...

  • Hello, Just Me Here
    1.6K 157 84

    Just some writing to get my mind off things, not all are good but they're there.

  • is it still a joke now?
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    The utter most inner thoughts and feelings of one who has but no other way to express them and therefore without a pen a paper she very much may spontaneously combust in an explosion of secrets bottled up for far far too long. : )

  • Depression Poems and Quotes
    733K 25.8K 233

    A book of poems that I have written, and some of my favourite quotes. For people with depression, self harm, self hate, and suicidal thought. These poems and rants are for you. They poor out my heart cause I'm going through all of those things too! *I do not own the quotes, but I do own the poems and rants*

  • Our World
    412K 23K 57

    This book contains poems about mental health. Mental Health is a real issue. Please respect those who are victims of it. If you don't have kind things to say please keep them to yourself.

  • The Depressed Life (Book of Poems, Quotes, and Rants)
    492K 15.6K 273

    This is the sequel to the book 'Depression Poems and Quotes'! *ONLY READ IF YOU  HAVE DEPRESSION, YOU SELF HARM, ARE SUICIDAL, ETC. OR IF YOU'VE HAD EXPERIENCE WITH IT* I wrote all of the poems and rants unless said otherwise! But the quotes are found on the internet! *Warning, this book isn't intended on helping...

  • "What's depression like?" He asked.
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    I'm sorry if this story is bothering you. But if it is, it's clearly not meant for you. "What's depression like?" A friend once asked. I didn't know what to say. Because when people ask you things like "What's wrong" and "How are you?" and "Can I help you?" I never know what to say. I end up lying. I end up answering...