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  • Desire (RoyalChaos)
    55.5K 46 1

    Unpublished: Chapters 2-10, in process of being edited, POSSIBLE DELETION

  • Chilled, I love you
    21K 652 11

    Ze needs comfort after his girlfriend leaves him in pieces. When he searches for it in chilled, he gets more than he expects

  • •One Dare• ♂A RoyalChaos Fan Fiction♂
    35.4K 1.4K 24

    Oh how I would have loved if that one dumb, stupid night didn't happen. It seemed like it started just the four of us having the best time, but that one dare had to ruin the whole night, may it even ruin my life. Or, could it have made it better? Whatever it might have done, it is still fresh in my memory, even after...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amanda (Sequel to ZeRoyalChaos)
    8.2K 420 21

    It will make more sense if you read [but you don't have to] ZeRoyalChaos before reading this, thanks! Life for Amanda has been complicated since being adopted by her two fathers, Steven and Anthony. Can she survive through high school or will she follow in her parents foot steps of drama, romance, and…old enemies?

  • ZeRoyalChaos
    6.8K 224 4

    Hi! This is just a short fluff story of ZeRoyalChaos. It might turn out to be a longer story if I get into writing it more! So, if you read it, watch for updates :3

  • ZeRoyalChaos
    55K 1.9K 30

    Steven -Ze- is going through tuff times. The only person he can trust is his best friend Anthony -Chilled- Later he discovers he has feelings for Anthony. Will this make or break his situation?

  • Shit Storm (A Phan Fic)
    1.3M 66.6K 33

    swiggity sway these blokes are gayy.

  • In Between // phan
    418K 23.9K 23

    Book 2 in the Grim Reaper trilogy! After Phil gets rejected by the Highers in his request to be a Reaper, him and Dan decide to live in the human world together. But when Dan's friend, PJ, tells him that the Highers want him back, and are willing to accept Phil, Dan is honestly quite happy to be going back. After the...

  • Grim Reaper // phan
    545K 30.3K 15

    Book 1 in the Grim Reaper trilogy! Dan's just like any other person out in the world. Except he's a Reaper, someone who decides whether or not a person should die. He's had this job for as long as he remembers, and is never bothered by what he does. But when he is sent to judge Phil Lester, his life becomes harder and...

  • SparkAnt: The Princes new Slave
    78.4K 2.2K 23

  • The Boy from the Bench (Phan)
    9.9K 490 14

    18-year-old Dan Howell had been roaming the lonely streets of London carelessly day after day. But it wasn't until one day that he stumbled upon a boy who was sleeping...on a bench. Dan decided to help this boy, who he just so found out to be 23-year-old homeless Phil Lester. Could this simple act of kindness turn int...

  • Feels like Magic - SetoSolace
    108K 3.3K 45

    Brice is selected to be taught Sorcery by an individual instructor. The first few lessons are fine, but what happens when Brice looks at his teacher in another way?

  • P.S I Love You (A Malfie Fanfiction)
    27.8K 560 10

    Hello, my name is Alfie Deyes and I'm in love with my best friend, Marcus Butler. The moment I laid my eyes on him, I felt something. He was absolutely perfect. Any other word was an understatement. At first I ignored it. I was positive he wasn't gay. Until the day him and Tyler Oakley came out as a couple.

  • He Loves Me... Not? || Jaspar Fanfic (Caspar lee x Joe Sugg)
    1.5M 43.3K 59

    "Friends can cuddle, right?" I asked, inching closer to Joe. "Yeah." Joe said, opening one eye adorably to look at me. "They can kiss too?" I whispered, his scent alone sending chills up my spine.

  • My One True Bacca{A Merome/ASFcanadian Fanfiction.}
    171K 3.1K 30

    *This story is NOT about their minecraft characters. Just wanted to say that :) You may now continue reading mah description.*Mitch has been thinking a lot about Jerome lately, and misses him dearly. Breanna and Tyler were good company at times, but they don't compare to Jerome. No one will ever compare to his one tru...

  • Only You. A Merome Fanfic
    260K 4.9K 29

    When Jerome finds out Mitch is dating Ashley, he tries to break them up. Will Jerome take the chance to tell Mitch? Will he try to stop Ashley ruining their friendship? Find out in this Merome fanfic!

  • I Still Love You *Only You sequel*
    81.7K 1.6K 14

    After a misunderstanding between Mitch and Jerome, their relationship started to grow again. With someone getting in the way of their relationship, their relationship started to fall out and crumble down.

  • The Bullied One (PewdieCry)
    120K 4.7K 23

    Ryan or Cry as he is called is both beaten by his dad and bullied in school. But Cry gets closer to one of his bullies; Felix. They become friends but one day something happends and Cry vanishes. After five years he returns but a slightly bit different... He is no longer the bullied one... (I'm awful at descriptions) ...