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  • Lunar Whispers
    7.4M 361K 89

    (BxB) *Completed* Jacob has been shy almost his entire life. He is reserved, has an introverted soul and struggles to communicate in this stereotypical society. He has a deep issue that he has tried so hard to keep a secret from the outside world. Feeling alone and scared he considers giving up his battle. Will all t...

  • Triple A Tri-Action BoyxBoy
    193K 1.9K 5

    This is a few boyxboy one shots starring Alex from my story Three's a Crowd...or is it?, Alec from CrissyCalabria's story What have I Done? and What Am I Going To Do Now?, and Alec from ArrestedData's story Freshman. All three of us will be writing them in our own characters P.O.Vs Warning: These will be VERY NAUGHTY!

    Completed   Mature
  • Tragic Magic [boyxboy]
    732K 21.9K 17

    Cody James is a sixteen year old California native who is allergic to the rain. Unfortunately for him, due a mix up at the agency which was in charge of planning his summer working abroad, he's ended up au-pairing in rainy London for the affluent Darlington family, complete with adorable little girl and sex god big br...

  • The Older Man (BoyxBoy)
    3.1M 95.9K 33

    “Good, you’re early. Perfect. Come with me.” From the tour Don gave me yesterday I knew he was taking me to the kitchen. I guess I’m about to find out why. “Make me that wicked cup of coffee you spoke about.” God, his accent. “As you wish, sir,” I said with a mock British accent. “And what flavor do you prefer?” I ask...

    Completed   Mature
  • Restricted One-Shots
    327K 4.4K 5

    [ManxMan] ... It starts off with liking someone, they're amusing. It leads to wanting to be with them, they have this sort of charm. The desire punches you in the gut, you want them need them even. The lust begins to gnaw at your core, they are just teasing you because they want you too! And the love? Sometimes love i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rate Me R (BxB)
    953K 7.4K 10

    Countless volumes about guys banging each'm serious.. (includes plots)

  • One-Shots
    232K 2K 23

    Content of these one-shots/drabbles will be dominantly slash with a hint of this and that.

  • BoyxBoy One Shots!
    1.3M 15.8K 21

    I'm new to writing so I want to test out some of the pervy scenes here. So I'd like as many comments as possible, good or bad. Anyway's this going to be a collection of short boxboy stories. If you're not into the whole two guys expressing their love for each other thing then don't read this will probably contain alo...

  • Boyxboy Oneshots!!!!! Super Smexy!!!
    258K 3.4K 6

    Enjoy our super smexy, super hot, boyxboy oneshots! If you don't like boyxboy hottness, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! If you do like boyxboy ENJOY!!! I can not write on request...sorry. Ill upload when able

  • College Life
    8.1M 195K 42

    Jesse Jackson is lost and hopeless in his own little world. His mind is full of dark secrets about his past, about the person he lost. That one night changed his whole life. It made him who he is today; An arrogant, clueless jerk who doesn't care about anyone but himself. His life suddenly changes when he stumbles up...

  • Dorm Room 212 [One-shot/Mature/BoyxBoy]
    130K 2K 1

    *BoyxBoy action, read at your own risk* Description inside ;D Enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling In Love With Jonathon Evans (BoyxBoy) *Complete*
    731K 15.7K 25

    “I will make you love me.” He said before forcing himself onto me and kissing me passionately. I know that I shouldn’t have liked it but I did. I craved it and didn’t even realize until his lips touched mine. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and his hand slid down to my pants. He unbuttoned my pants with one hand an...

  • Model House
    751K 23.9K 26

    After being kicked out of his own home and rejected by his parents River is finally following his dream of becoming a model. He's now the client of one of the most well known Modeling Agencies of his time, D&G Modeling Agency. They're giving him food, clothes, a job and even a place to stay. All he has to do is share...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Last Time, Freak? (boyxboy)
    61.1K 1K 2

    (boyxboy) (one shot) (it's a one shot so no DUH, completed!) (Rated R for obvious reasons :D)

    Completed   Mature
  • One Shots *Random And Request* **ON HOLD**
    109K 1.1K 4


  • One Shots! (boyxboy)
    436K 8.3K 11

    Boyxboy one shots! Read at your own discretion. I take requests.

  • One-Shots & One-Shots Again [boyxboy]
    2.9M 29.4K 53

    ALL of the one-shots from my first two series, handily available in one place :) Included are boyxboy stories, a handful of girlxgirl stories, some incest/twincest, a smattering of teen angst, some lemony goodness, and lots of fluff ^.^

    Completed   Mature
  • Oneshots ~BoyxBoy~ (REQUESTS ON HOLD)
    1.6M 20.3K 52

    A book full of oneshots. All are gay, boy x boy, yaoi, you get the idea. Almost all of them contain sex so DON'T read if you can't handle or you can just skim. Also, I take requests if you have any.

  • Otherworldly Experience [Book 1]
    393K 14.1K 25

    The son of Poseidon is done staying in his kingdom surrounded by the same things every day. Hale persuades his father to allow him to leave for while...under one condition. When he comes back he is to marry Naida, a water nymph that has been chosen to be the new Queen alongside of Hale. Hale isn't okay with the marria...

    Completed   Mature
  • Otherworldly Mates [Book 4]
    1M 29.8K 47

    Life for years have been easy for Nicholai. He doesn't have to worry about much. He has cars, girls, and all the attention he could ever want. Because of his family he has never wanted for anything. When he turns nineteen everything changes. Secrets about his family that he never knew and things about his life he find...

    Completed   Mature
  • Teach Me To Be Gay (BoyxBoy)
    6.1M 131K 33

    Justin and Kade. Two very close friends, who are both (supposedly) straight. Until one kiss equals a bunch of uncontrollable feelings and a confession from both sides.

  • Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]
    5.7M 188K 25

    Riddled with adolescent angst, lavished with profanity, and adorned with more cheese than your favourite take-out pizza, Top and Tail chronicles the life of Ash Jamieson as he haphazardly navigates his way through malicious schoolmates, whackjob teachers, disillusioned parents, imbecilic athletes, audacious girls, and...