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  • Railgun Online: Hollow Fragment
    4.6K 215 15

    A new alternate storyline based off the video game series that started with Hollow Fragment. What would happen if Mikoto didn't defeat Heathcliff on the 75th floor of Aincrad. What if all the characters of Railgun Online showed up in the same game? Mikoto Misaka continues her adventure with Kirito and Asuna in the fl...

  • Railgun Online Accelerated World: Book 3. Gun Wars
    3.1K 152 8

    A Great Event has come to all those who find thrill in VR gaming. The Sci Fi Connect Tournament. A Tournament between the greatest VR Sci Fi games of all time. And there is a prize in this game.. a prize unlike any anybody has ever known. A Sword.. but not just a virtual sword.. no.. The True sword... The True Sw...

  • Railgun Online, Accelerated World: Book 2, Courage.
    8.4K 458 20

    After Mikoto sacrificed herself to save everyone from Zant and his dark master Diablo. Her Fluctlight has been trapped in Zant's place of origin. The game Hyrule Online. Kirito swears to save her, and along with Yui and Midna, they dive into the game in search of her while the 7 Kings of Pure Color finally begin the d...

  • Railgun Online, Accelerated World: Book 1, Awakening
    9.5K 592 20

    She awakens.. naked.. afraid.. confused.. within a large transparent pod.. She feels cold.. shivering and wet as the cryogenic sleep wears off.. "K-Kirito?.... S-Sinon..? A-Asuna...? Touma!?" She calls out the names of her friends one by one.. hitting the inside of the pod with her fists. "Anybody!?" She then notices...

  • Railgun Online, Book 6: Alicization Invading
    11.3K 556 21

    After Eugeo's death, and the defeat of Quinella.. Mikoto has become broken in both body and spirit. Sinon in the meantime, is attempting to find a way to contact Haruyuki Arita in the future, who may hold the key to stopping the real world Viros Invasion.. Alice and Kirito in the meantime, fights to protect their brok...

  • Railgun Online, Book 5. Alicization Running
    12K 593 20

    Mikoto, Sinon and Kirito have been living in the Underworld for 2 years now. Both Kirito and Mikoto, along with Eugeo, have become Elite Sword Masters each with their own Valet. Kirito has obtained his sword from the Gigas Cedar, the Night Sky Sword, while Mikoto has obtained the River Spirit Sword and dual wields it...

  • Railgun Online Book 4: Alicization Beginning
    15.1K 719 20

    One bright sunny day, Mikoto Misaka and her cousin Shino Asada decided to meet their friends Kazuto and Asuna at a diner in Academy City. While there, they are attacked by a mysterious magician named Vento of The Front, who gives them a cryptic warning about something called Alicization.. moments after avoiding the at...

  • Railgun Online SS: Dead Space Online
    1K 49 2

    Some time after the Death Gun incident, Mikoto and Shino hear about a new VRMMO that's the first SciFi Horror of it's kind, Dead Space Online. It is added as an extension of the GGO server, so those who play GGO are free to play using their avatars, weapons and equipment.. and as a special event, those who complete on...

  • Railgun Online. Book 3, Phantom Bullet
    20.5K 979 20

    "I don't do stupid little Fairy Games." That's what Accelerator would say every time Last Order begged him to play Alfheim Online with her. But the truth of the matter was, Accelerator wasn't that kind of gamer. Heck, he didn't even play video games. Then a friend of his Shino Asada, asked him. "What if the game was a...

  • Railgun Online. Book 2, Fairy's Light
    25.3K 1.1K 20

    Academy City. A city of science, of fact and powers. Here, humans can come to develop supernatural powers of their own and become Espers. Mikoto Misaka is the 3rd most powerful esper.. however, she currently feels powerless to help her friend Asuna, who is still stuck in the virtual world, created by the mad man Kayab...

  • Railgun Online. Book 1, Never Forget
    34.4K 1.4K 20

    She woke up one day... in a world she knew nothing of. She woke up not knowing her name, or who she was.. all she knew, was that the world she currently resided in, wasn't real.. Who was she? Was she just a phantasm doomed to haunt a virtual world? A program? Or something more? Was she a player, stuck with a gaming de...