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  • Started With A Kiss
    3.4M 82.3K 21

    "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry!" My face burned from the embarrassment of tripping over flat ground, and falling on top of a complete stranger, smashing my lips against his in the process. "No problem at all. It was the best kiss I've ever had," He smiled back at me, his beautiful eyes crinkling kindly. ...

  • Wonderland
    167K 11K 71

    ❝We found wonderland You and I got lost in it And we pretended it could last forever❞ - W O N D E R L A N D Copyright © 2014 BubblyPenguin

  • Along For the Ride
    24.8M 586K 54

    Completed. Connor Jackson. These two words make every girl go crazy, screaming and begging for a chance to meet him. He's the world's most popular pop star, and has finally made it to where he can headline his own tour. Katelyn Jackson. Nobody has ever heard of her, unless you're in the soccer business. She's a lean...

  • This Nerd Is a Badass (ON HOLD)
    417K 11.1K 26

    There's nothing worse than when someone doesn't understands you. Actually Ms. Holland Wood is the perfect example for that. Nobody can relate to what's going on her head. She is literally by herself in the lonely journey of what is high school. A complete outcast she is.. Until one day her best friend had a fabulous i...

  • The Millers
    344K 8K 31

    Running, it was always a passion of Maddison's but now the only running she can do is from the past. Maddison Heart was the reason her mother was pushed away from her family, Maddison was the offspring of a love affair that in the books of her grandmother were sinful. She always pushed herself to impress the people w...

  • Breaking the Boys
    106K 3.8K 22

    Ariel Evans was rejected. No a guy didn't stand her up on a date, she didn't lean in for a kiss and he leaned out nope she was rejected from the soccer team. Which consists of the boys, the five guys who were known to break hearts and bones if it came to that. 5 boys , 5 days and 5 pranks later. She was done, enough...

  • Here We Go Again ✓
    1.6M 32.1K 46

    Tyson Williams has demons to battle with. Growing up in a run-down neighborhood, he learned to rely only on himself. The sole person he enjoys talking to is his childhood friend Angel; everybody else he simply disregards. That is until he runs into a cocky foreign brunette, whose provocative attitude makes it impossib...

  • Not Your Average Football Girl
    900K 21.4K 40

    Kaeleah looks like the type of person you would consider a cheerleader. Everyone expects her to be on the cheer-leading squad, or the dance team. So imagine the type of shit she went through when she made the football team three years ago. It's Kaeleah's fourth year at Caramel Heights and almost four years later she i...

  • Ella Was
    28.9K 2.4K 1

    Ella was beautiful. Ella was fast. Ella was gone. Ella was never coming back.

  • Curves are Beautiful
    10K 311 4

    Kingston High is like every other high school there is, basically the same drama (bullying). Sadly for Chance De-Leon and Sonia Phan they get that everyday because they're plus size. What happens when a new girl, Passion Young comes and is also plus size the only difference is that she has the confidence and style ne...

  • All Boys Have Cooties (ON HOLD)
    5.2M 185K 29

    Jane Trevors was the tomboy of her town. In kindergarden she was the first one to climb up to the top of the play ground structure. In sixth grade she beat up a boy who had a crush on her. After that no boy had a crush on her again, or told a soul if they did. In seventh grade she joined the boys lacrosse team. Even t...

  • Help Me
    4.6M 140K 55

    Riley Thompson has always been the quiet girl in the corner. The girl who never talks to anyone. The girl who has no friends. But what they don't know is that she is also the girl who is abused at home. - Then there's Ashton Slade. The boy everyone lo...

  • Miss Understood
    325K 12.4K 15

    Miss Understood.. Get it? Ever been in a room full of people but still feel by yourself? Story of Harmony's life from age eight until. Harmony lost her mother at age eight due to a house fire. After Harmony's dad getting re-married to Davida Harmony's life instantly came tumbling down. Harmony has a passion for art bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • One of the Boys
    1M 31.9K 21

    Ally has always been one of the boys. That is, until she realizes that she has feelings for her best friend, Zac, who happens to be the hottest guy in school. He’s chased by many girls and doesn’t date anyone for more than a month tops, most definitely not Ally. He only sees her as his best friend, his little siste...

  • The Call
    410K 16.6K 37

    Zaph Phelo likes to define herself as being a "willing introvert" due to constant changes in her life. She isn't one to trust easily, and is a girl used to being independent and tackling her own problems easily. When she begins getting frightening texts and calls from an unknown number that seems to know her every mov...

  • Paint Strokes
    37.5K 1.1K 17

    Pair Summer Owens with a sexy Leo Santos who is always up for some fun and has a healthy splash of Spanish God in him to keep things interesting it's a recipe for a good time. Keep in mind there is a difference between a mean girl and a naughty one. Summer just so happens to fall into the latter which gets her into a...

  • Next Level Player
    3.1M 91.2K 36

    COMPLETED Attention Ladies... Want to play a game? Leon Stone "The Legendary Player" who toyed with girls hearts, played them into his bed and then dumped them like they were trash, heard of him? Have you had your heart broken by him? Fell for h...

  • The Bad Boy Stole My Notebook
    8.2M 327K 25

    Lilah is the plain, simple girl that no one notices. She's just another face in the crowd, nothing more. Her world is very different from the ones of her two best friends, which causes them to rarely see each other. So, they share a notebook. They write their feelings and their secrets in this notebook and it is only...

  • The Masked Singer | Book One ✔
    6M 215K 80

    • Previously Featured on Wattpad • Everyone dreams of becoming the next big thing in the music industry because who wouldn't dream about enjoying the luxuries of fame? The most common issue is that period of waiting, waiting for someone to discover you exist in the big world. However, that problem doesn't apply to Ri...

  • Not all Blondes do Backflips
    16.3M 327K 28

    Stereotypes. I hate them. On my first day at my new school, a girl in a blue and white cheerleader's uniform told me I 'looked like a cheerleader' and asked me to come to tryouts. I almost decked her. Blonde hair and blue eyes do not a cheerleader make. Cheerleaders can be bitchy and mean but they can also act all hap...

  • Caught In the Storm (boyxboy)
    286K 14K 23

    A rivalry about a decade old plagues the halls of Regis High School. Soccer players versus football players. The hate for each other runs deep, and it has gotten so bad, it is strictly forbidden for anyone on either teams to be friends. But what about lovers? After Ashton Little, soccer goalie, is forced into a reckle...

  • Nerd With Benefits
    246K 6.3K 9

    "Just," he pressed his lips to mine, "this one time." I breathed out, leaning in to him at the feeling of his touch. "You've said that the past three times," he chuckled, pressing my back into a wall. He lifted my legs and wrapped them around him, muttering "Let's face it, you're my little sex nerd." "Just becaus...

  • Stole the BadBoys Heart
    2.7M 55.1K 33

    Amber is a normal, cliche, everyday high school teenager. Good grades, 1st in her class, respectful and loving. Seriously, every parents wet dream. Logan is the complete opposite. Bad boy, troublemaker, stealing girls hearts one by one. Not only do they go to the same school but they're also window partners. Will Amb...

  • Burning Red
    21K 442 38

    "Sometimes, being perfect is not good." Cara Donovan is in a relationship with Red's lead singer, Rayne Scott. They mostly describe their relationship as close to perfect. But when things start to crumble down-Rayne getting busy with the upcoming album of his band, tours and guesting-Cara realizes that sometimes, bein...

  • Anxiety Attack
    17.9M 688K 58

    In which a girl can't go a day without an anxiety attack and a boy can't go a day without noticing

  • Pizzeria Boy (#1)
    2.1M 159K 35

    ❝Hello, this is the Harrison Pizzeria, how m-❞ ❝LOGAN, LOGAN! GUESS WHAT?❞ ❝Ma'am, this is not Logan, I'm Marv!❞ ❝Uh... no hablo inglés.❞ ---x--- Copyright © 2014 Ishaana [mercurially] [ #1 in Short Story ]

  • Chances
    150K 7.4K 26

    Copyright © Ketara Renée Coleman

    Completed   Mature
  • The Suicide Call
    54.2K 2.3K 3

    When seventeen-year-old Lydia Good ends up getting drunk at a party and performs the biggest prank of her lifetime, her parents aren't too happy. With the Mayor threatening to press charges and refusing to take her fathers offer, her parents decide the best thing for Lydia to do is give back to the town and show every...

  • Finding Love | ✔️
    22K 1.9K 26

    /and the loveless never find love, only the loving find love./ - D. H Lawrence ♡ Meet April: A sixteen-year-old girl who's spent the last six years of her life in an old, struggling orphanage in the little town of Patrickton. She's a rather privileged orphan, aside the strict disciplinarian Sisters - a good three mea...

  • Nina |c.h|
    3.2K 150 9

    he loved her more than she could ever love herself. she loved him more than she could ever love herself. she hated herself.