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  • Dear Prudence || 5SOS
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    All she wanted was to witness a miracle.

  • sexting || 5sos
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    "I'm horny" "You're always horny" "Yeah but I'm extra horny"

  • Eighteen and Unpredictable // 5SOS
    1.5K 69 13

    Two girls; Stella Summers and Ariel Winters. Two boys; Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford. One thing in common, music. Will music bring them together? Keep reading to reveal their ups and down, their scrapes and bruises of their choices. In the end one question will stand. Will they end up together or not? Wri...

  • She's The Man [5SOS]
    24.1M 732K 58

    "Julie, truth or dare?" That was the question that started it all, really. I was dared to dress, act, and nearly BE a boy for a month, me getting cash out of it if I succeed. But will I fail because of these four boys?.. COPYRIGHTED © BRITISHBUMS

  • band texts 》5SOS
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  • Hero // 5SOS
    6.4M 180K 34

    Diana Phillips. What was weird about her? She was Christian, she believed in God. She wore the same knitted sweater over her dull outfit. No one ever knew anything about her, because they never cared enough to. Five Seconds of Summer. They were on the edge of punk and pop music, mixed together. They had everything, wh...

  • The Metal Boys ➳♡ 5SOS
    10.5K 607 7

    Those four boys that lurked the halls in dark clothing and mischief lining their lips were as smooth and cool as metal—and many believed that was what they were made of. Whoever made them, they also believed, forgot to put in a heart. It was because of this that they resided by the name The Metal Boys. The thing about...

  • » famous // 5sos «
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    "Don't you know who I am?" © irwanks 2014

  • Girls // 5SOS
    13.6M 412K 76

    ▪ "Have you guys ever considered competition with other bands in the music industry?" The interviewer asks the boys. "We aren't really into any competition actually, we just like to have fun most of the time and we just like to do our thing." Ashton shrugged, but it was an obvious lie to the four lads. ▪ There was one...

  • asylum ↬ 5sos
    136K 5K 10

    ❝We're going to pretend as if we fit in here. We're going to fit in, act insane and not let anything ruin who we are.❞ [on very long hold]

  • savagery ▸ 5sos
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    One by one, they'll all be dead. [unedited]