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  • Let Her Go : Louis Tomlinson
    13.9K 1.2K 43

    Well you only need the light when its burning low. only miss the sun when its start to snow. only know you love her when you Let her go.. Sometimes on our life there are the people we let them go for there own happiness.. It was hurt when you think that they will leave cause they did not need you anymore ... B...

  • The Story of Our Song ||Laylor||
    49.4K 1.7K 43

    Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. The media couple, but it was all for publicity. The contract ends and they 'break-up'. Taylor and Harry are still best friends and they hang out, in secret of course. When both Taylor and the boys of One Direction are in town together, Taylor wants to hang out with them. Taylor and Louis...

  • The Billionere and Me (Louis Tomlinson)
    2.5K 205 11

    Sometimes love can be blind, but loving him its waiting for someone, that will never comeback loving is painful, past, present and future loving him is like a permanent marker that will never be fade.

  • Fearless *UNDER EDITING*
    21.3K 545 24

    Taylor Swift... country pop sensation. Louis Tomlinson... the goof of 1D. Taylor... the girl who can't keep a man down. Louis... the guy who's too busy cracking jokes to have a girlfriend. Taylor is still getting over a terrible break-up with Jake Gyllenhall when Louis runs into her life. Can Louis get over his g...

  • Dock
    12K 802 54

    Taylor is a nerdy dork. She's never been less than a straight A+ student. Her frizzy blonde hair and glasses make her a bigger dorky girl. Never once had any liked her; she didn't intend on anyone ever liking her. Louis is a soccer jock. He is star player and the best of his age. He doesn't have the best grades; but w...

  • Crossing Paths [ Laylor + Haylor ]
    1.2K 43 12

    It was a december night of 2010 since Harry left Taylor to join an band everyday Taylor hurts too see Harry famous with girls she wanted revenge she went for audition to model and that's when she grew and become famous Harry regretted everything but Louis his mate gets in the way...... but when time plays with their l...

  • Falling Hard : Laylor and Haylor
    3.5K 184 17

    Well.... Louis left Taylor one year ago because Taylor told him that she was pregnant with his child she then moved on and started a relationship with a famous young heir of a company Harry Styles , well... Louis was also rich he was also a business man .... but what he doesn't know is that Taylor is engaged to Harry...

  • Blinded [Laylor AU] Louis Tomlinson & Taylor Swift
    1.4K 134 6

    "One thing is certain and the rest is lies, . the flower that once blown . . . forever dies." -Omar. K

  • Breathe [Haylor / Laylor AU]
    8.4K 395 18

    (HER POV.) I can't believe that the love I have for him was a perfect chances of bad timing... ****** (HIS POV.) I can't breathe, I can't breathe without you, . . . but I have to... ******

  • One Night l.t au
    1K 78 8

    One Night can change everything, change your life, change the things that you can't fix the way, its used to be.

  • The Story of Us: One Shots
    2.8K 342 17

    one shots about Laylor Louis Tomlinson & Taylor Swift

  • Begin Again (Haylor/Laylor)
    20.2K 633 21

    Taylor Swift and One Direction Fan Fiction. Past Or Future... Louis Or Harry... Can you love someone you once loved so much again even if they hurt you, or do you start over with a new guy and find love with him. Do you Begin Again with old boyfriend or do you Begin Again with relationships with a new guy. Can Taylor...

  • First Glance ~Laylor~
    1.4K 102 4

    At first glance, I knew he was the one.

  • blank space l.t au
    143 12 2

    He loves the players, and she loves the game.

  • Fifty Shades of Tomlinson
    774 60 4

    Basically like 50SOG okay. But Laylor style. (louis tomlinson + taylor swift)

  • The Outcast - Haylor
    167K 7.1K 41

    Taylor's Dating Liam the Popular Football player that all the girls drool for. When a New kid enrolls into her school he suddenly becomes the center of attention.

  • Superstars Meet Again (On Hold)
    5.6K 124 7

    No one knows that Louis Tomlinson moved to Hendersonville, Tenessee for a year when he was in high school. Only Taylor Swift and her friend Abigail know who Teardrops On My Guitar was really about. Taylor and Louis meet again. What happens?

  • Trouble (Laylor AU)
    13.8K 541 15

    Trouble trouble trouble. That's what they all call him. Him being Louis Tomlinson. They tell me to run. Say he's dark and dangerous. But they don't know him like I do. They don't know the real Louis. He can be funny and kind. He can be compassionate and loving. They don't know that. But most importantly, they don't kn...

  • When You're Gone [Sequel to SOOS] [Laylor]
    25.8K 925 32

    She left him broken in the streets, with their song in his hand. She left him shattered with nothing to hold. And he's never been the same. He never smiles, the only ones he shows are fake. The laughter has left him, because he can never love again. She took his heart and twisted it until there was nothing left. And...

  • The Story Of Us: Haylor or Laylor
    10.1K 447 17

    A complicated love between three superstars: Taylor Swift, a Hollywood sweetheart yet known for dating guys, Harry Styles, a rising teen heartthrob who is famously known as One Direction's playboy, and Louis Tomlinson, another member of One Direction who is funny yet charming guy and also Taylor's ex-boyfriend. While...