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  • angels // haylor a.u.
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    SEQUEL TO BABYSITTER inspired by "fangirl" by rainbow rowell - why is she staring at me? did i do something wrong? do i even know her? - should i say something? is it wrong to just keep looking? will he be fine if i don't watch over him? - // fiction; haylor //

  • Affair (Haylor) On-Hold
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    Sequel to Arrange Marriage They were happy. So happy that it hurts. Taylor and Harry had been married for 10 years. They have a little 8 year old, Darcy and 2 year old baby boy, Andrew. They thought everything was going good between them. They have a healthy happy family. They love each other but what was keeping Tay...

  • On-Set With Styles (Haylor Fanfiction)
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    "Who's the actor?" "Harry Styles." --- --- --- "Who's the actress?" "Taylor Swift." --- --- --- She was left broken. He left with regret. She tried to erase him. He held on to their memories. She wanted revenge. He wanted to run away. Because both were world-renowned artists that had a past unknown to the world. A pa...

  • Blank space » Matthew Daddario.
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    "I don't date. I just think it's pointless if you're not in love, and I don't have the energy to be in love right now. So, no." [Matthew Daddario & Taylor Swift - Social Media Fic]

  • Saddest fear » Alec Lightwood.
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    "How do you turn off your emotions? How can you live if the only person you ever loved will never feel the same for you?" "I don't" "What?" "I don't live" » In wich Taylor Bane keeps telling herself that she will never love someone else, until she does. [Shadowhunters - Season 1]

  • Paperdoll (Haylor)
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    "Nobody ever loves anything that's broken." [©taylorswifts]

  • Bad Blood
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    - أتعلمين ... -نصفك يطاردك .. ولاكن يحميك - من هو نصفي ... - الذي يخدعك .. و يكسرك .. لاكن يحبك - لا أفهم .. - سوف تفهمي قريبا

  • Let Her Go : Louis Tomlinson
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    Well you only need the light when its burning low. only miss the sun when its start to snow. only know you love her when you Let her go.. Sometimes on our life there are the people we let them go for there own happiness.. It was hurt when you think that they will leave cause they did not need you anymore ... B...

  • Forgotten Love
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    Taylor is a 17 year old girl living in San Diego with her dad, grandma and two siblings Scarlet and Lezlie. They loved the beautiful surroundings in San Diego and as their family grew up there, but somehow Taylor was most attached to the city. Harry just turned 18, he lives in Chicago with his parents. He moved to Chi...

  • Catastrophe|| Bad Blood (Taylor Swift&Harry Styles)
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    Taylor "Alison" Swift isn't your typical girl. She's sweet as sugar, cold as ice hurt her once she'll kill you twice. Taylor Alison Swift works as a secret agent at Phoenix, a private secret intelligence agency. Her first mission was to spy on Harry Styles, a notorious fugitive on the run and a gun-for-hire. Styles w...

  • Never Forget/Haylor (sequel to 3:15)
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    sequel to 3:15

  • 3:15
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    harry styles is a forced Criminal, taylor swift should be spying on him. But she can't. they are forced into a marriage that neither of them wanted, until they found out that "George " and "alison" are really the fake names of the loves of their lives

  • The Billionere and Me (Louis Tomlinson)
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    Sometimes love can be blind, but loving him its waiting for someone, that will never comeback loving is painful, past, present and future loving him is like a permanent marker that will never be fade.

  • daydreamer.
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    Taylor is a innocent poet whose passion is writing on her poem blog, that no one but her two best friends read. But when she notices another reader who is utterly obsessed with everything she writes, she has to talk to him. At least once. *this is an au*

  • Fearless *UNDER EDITING*
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    Taylor Swift... country pop sensation. Louis Tomlinson... the goof of 1D. Taylor... the girl who can't keep a man down. Louis... the guy who's too busy cracking jokes to have a girlfriend. Taylor is still getting over a terrible break-up with Jake Gyllenhall when Louis runs into her life. Can Louis get over his g...

  • Dock
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    Taylor is a nerdy dork. She's never been less than a straight A+ student. Her frizzy blonde hair and glasses make her a bigger dorky girl. Never once had any liked her; she didn't intend on anyone ever liking her. Louis is a soccer jock. He is star player and the best of his age. He doesn't have the best grades; but w...

  • Crossing Paths [ Laylor + Haylor ]
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    It was a december night of 2010 since Harry left Taylor to join an band everyday Taylor hurts too see Harry famous with girls she wanted revenge she went for audition to model and that's when she grew and become famous Harry regretted everything but Louis his mate gets in the way...... but when time plays with their l...

  • Falling Hard : Laylor and Haylor
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    Well.... Louis left Taylor one year ago because Taylor told him that she was pregnant with his child she then moved on and started a relationship with a famous young heir of a company Harry Styles , well... Louis was also rich he was also a business man .... but what he doesn't know is that Taylor is engaged to Harry...

  • Blinded [Laylor AU] Louis Tomlinson & Taylor Swift
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    "One thing is certain and the rest is lies, . the flower that once blown . . . forever dies." -Omar. K

  • Verbalize [Haylor AU] Harry Styles & Taylor Swift
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    If you ever find yourself stuck it the middle of the sea, . . . I'll sail the world to find you.. -H. Styles

  • Breathe [Haylor / Laylor AU]
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    (HER POV.) I can't believe that the love I have for him was a perfect chances of bad timing... ****** (HIS POV.) I can't breathe, I can't breathe without you, . . . but I have to... ******

  • One Night l.t au
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    One Night can change everything, change your life, change the things that you can't fix the way, its used to be.

  • The Story of Us: One Shots
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    one shots about Laylor Louis Tomlinson & Taylor Swift

  • All by Myself
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    "Why you didn't tell me? " I hear him ask, as tears flows down, like a water on a river flowing continiuesly. "You don't need to know, I don't want you to stay."

  • Photographs { Taylor Swift }
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    I had never hurts you, but why you always hurts me. Love can be hurts sometimes, but its the only thing that I know.

  • The CEO's Wars
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    We hates eachother But we ended up together

  • Time
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    Love can never be fair its is always be unfair if you truly love someone you will let them go if they don't feel the same you will wait for them to come back even you didn't know how long cause love is unfair

  • This Love
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    This love is alive back from the dead. Copyright 2015 © by crookedlove__. All Rights Reserved.

  • Secret Little Rendezvous
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    Harry Styles and his mates in one direction were headed off to America for there american part of there midnight memories tour. There first stop was in Los Angeles, California. But when the show is about to start... Harry sees a red lipstick wearing blonde eating a slice of cheesecake backstage. Harry has just fell in...