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  • Mother's Day At The Orphanage: Stories Without A Home
    81.1K 955 21

    Mother's Day At The Orphanage is collection of semi-autobiographical short stories about odd jobs, fake businesses, mistaken identities, close shaves, and near misses, written by David Leigh Abts and Michael Shattuck, edited by Leslie Blodgett, and with the Foreword by Courtney Taylor-Taylor (Frontman of The Dandy War...

  • Hush Little Baby
    10.3K 192 2

    A mother's love knows no bounds. When Kayla's husband brings home divorce and custody papers the carefully erected illusion comes crashing down.

  • Community Service
    639K 20K 15

    "'Caution. Hotness at work. May spontaneously combust.' I read Ross' neon shirt with something akin to disgust, brushing back my hair and shooting him a glare. 'Really? Really, Ross? I hope you realize that no one's going to find you attractive when you're picking up trash from the ground with a stick.'" When Ross Al...

  • Dark Blue
    166K 6.6K 18

    "Because I really don't have a future. I don't believe in myself. I'm not sure if I know myself anymore. That's why I come up here, because I am scared." ~ What would you give to not have to tread on eggshells everyday, scared off tipping the balance? What would you give to be able to believe in yourself just once? Wh...

  • Maybe You Can Go Back
    49.8K 794 1

    A short story about love and reconciling.

    3.9K 59 1

    Pilot Markson's space transport ship is on the return leg of a regular run when he gains a personal insight into the laws of entropy.

  • Fired!
    90.7K 2.3K 5

    A smile crossed Death's cold, skeleton face. "Looks like you're out of a job," he told her. The angel looked up at him, shocked. "I-it's not as easy as it looks," she insisted. [A compilation of short stories that are sometimes about life, but mostly about Death.]

  • Thousand-Year Cat
    55.8K 1.6K 1

    Once upon a time, a cat fell in love with an ambitious man.

  • TGIF
    174K 3.7K 2

    Sophie is the love of Damien's life, she's kind, funny, caring and beautiful. One Friday, during their weekly trip to the pier to ride the ferris wheel, Damien saves Sophie's life - grabbing hold of her seconds before she plummets to her death. To Damien's horror, he wakes up the next day and it's still Friday. Then t...

  • City of Night
    140K 980 6

    A Wattpad featured short story collection. Six tales of love, death, revenge and punishment.

  • Sample
    56.1K 1.2K 35

    Micro fiction / Updated when inspiration strikes ...

  • Short Stories by Hugh Howey
    133K 1.7K 9

    A collection of short stories by Hugh Howey

  • This is How You Die: the Mini Death Tales
    159K 3.1K 5

    Introduction: Would You Want to Know? This is How You Die: Hematoma This is How You Die: Murder This is How You Die: Under Collapsing Shelf This is How You Die: After Many Years, Stops Breathing, With a Smile on Face

  • Gloss
    67.5K 574 1

    When a missing childhood friend is found dead, a woman begins to understand that she herself is lost.

  • Persephone
    35.3K 2.1K 7

    A wife goes mad on the night of her marriage and her husband is left alone in an empty house. Filled with despair and longing, he sets out on a dream-filled voyage to find her. This text was written while listening to the first three minutes of Beethoven's Symphony No.7 in A major op.92 - II, Allegretto. In each secti...

  • Samantha75
    10.8K 449 1

    This short speculative fiction story originally appeared on the Canadian website, Ascent Aspirations way back in 2007.

  • Common People
    37.5K 1K 19

    Common People is a collection of flash fiction, fragments and short stories inspired by London, memories, and the works of Lynda Barry and Lydia Davis. Updated at least once in a blue moon.

  • Wherever the Records Take Us
    1.1K 32 1

    While chatting with a boy over music preferences, a seventeen-year-old girl discovers she can teleport into vinyl records when confronted by her abusive, drug-addicted step-mother. *** "You'll never believe it if I tell you." Maybe it's because of his taste in music, or because he's not screaming that I'm a freak, but...